: Thanks for the feedback! We have a tip that informs players of the change the first time you enter the lobby after this change goes live. We are also planning a larger publishing message around the feature, but will be open to making additional changes as necessary if players are lacking the clarity they need.
Thanks for the response about it even though my comment was really hard to read (multitasking rn with worlds about to start).
: Position Preference In Testing
Although I like the new system more than the old one, it doesn't look like it has any sort of info that you can get a role other than your 1st or 2nd. Like if someone misses the news on this being implemented and how it works then they might not get one of the three roles shown and be confused. if this change is considered worthwhile will it look the way it looks above or will it be altered some for the sake of clarity? I don't know if people will actually have issues figuring it out but I always imagined this system to have more of a list view than the 3 icons.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Lucian!
Honestly, my only issues with the skin are his aa/ult sfx and ult vfx. Literally the guns sound like little toys. Pew pew, look at how scary I am. This goes for the ult sfx as well. As for the ult vfx, the bullets just don't really seem like they are visible enough in some cases, but this isn't as bad as the sfx.
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
I was in a game and we saw a bug where my Morde didn't get the dragon ghost. We think it's because if one team's Morde curses the dragon and then the other teams Morde curses the dragon during the first Morde's curse, the dragon ghost doesn't spawn. D:
: My problem with its current state is that it provides free vision on baron and dragon. There is nothing the opposing team can do to get rid of this vision. Otherwise its a great idea. Thanks for your input.
I actually like that it does that since it makes it so that if you are behind, you don't always have to risk your life to try and get vision, however, i think the effects should be toned down a lot. Right now, I played a jungle game, and the added stress from the smite changes, as well as the crab made it one of the most stressful league games I've ever played! If they toned down the health of the crab and made the duration more like 45 seconds I would be A-Okay. I see the crab as something that you shouldn't have to invest a lot of time into killing, a in-the-moment buff, because what i see happening is people spend about 30 seconds trying to kill it after its ridiculous health buff and then using it once or twice and then not paying attention to it at all for the next minute of its duration.
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