: About how they release a champion stronger then nerf after, that sounds fair enough. But {{item:3123}} is ridiculous. It reduces heals from abilities, potions, natural hp regen, for just hitting someone with some form of physical damage. Compared to {{item:3165}} which requires the champion hit by a spell to be under 35%, it seems ridiculous to me. Would I prefer healing have no counterplay? Obviously not. I just think it is way too easy to trigger.
: Not trying to sound like a douche, but you're telling me you guys didn't realize camille was ridiculously busted but somehow AP warwick is too good? And healing is the last thing you guys are concerned about, considering the fact that you let an 800g item completely knock healing-tanks out of the game. So then, what do you think of executioners? Knowing that champions like mundo and to a lesser degree aatrox get shafted so hard by a single 800g purchase, how are you guys planning to change the item/design champions with heals as a core part of their kit?
Well in their defense, they did admit that Camille is overloaded and knew they were releasing her strong, but preferred to release her strong then nerf her to try to get her in an okay spot vs over nerfing her pre release. CT also said that he feels WW might be too strong and is trying not to release him too overtuned And {{item:3123}} isnt that strong :/ it doesn't even stop healing just limits it or would you prefer healing having no counter-play
: Warwick issues
Just to help out since reds seem a bit scarce; - His Blood Scent refreshes around every 3 seconds, it's not immediate. - His ult can miss. If you're saying ur model hit her and she wasn't surpressed you will have to commennt on their bug thread they seem to respond there- http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/LEujgb75-warwick-pupdate-bug-thread - Idk but mashing the keys might be messing up the input once again bug thread ^
: Warwick Update Feedback Thread
Hi Just wanna say Warwick is my fav champ on my main acct i have max champ mastery. I have played him in customs and here are some of my feedbacks; I like the kit and his abilities I really love how he looks, though I think you focused a tad bit too much on keeping him simple and similar to old Warwick, not much of a problem though. My main concern is that you kept one thing that always really bugged me, and it's the fact that all his skills do magic damage. While I dont mind this on his passive at all (gives some synergy to Wit' End [even though it's not that viable]), on the rest of the kit, it really feels like it limits him worse considering the fact that they dont even scale with AP. It's limited because you get almost no interaction with armor reduction {{item:3071}} and lethality {{item:3134}} ( and i would love if dirk could work on him seeing as he seems to now scale well with the out of combat movespeed. It feels the only reason why him doing magic damage with his kit is because it was there on his old kit, and I don't think that justifies all that is lost with his skills not doing physical damage. You say you want to make him beginner friendly, why not help players learn about scaling easier? EDIT: Also can we have the attack speed loss on his W decay instead of just instantly going away?

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