: I'm going to bump this instead of making a new thread. I completely agree with this, and I'm not certain why they went in this direction. It's not just that it makes sense in a vacuum, it's that the current Essence Reaver does not serve the majority of the champions it would otherwise, and it doesn't seem to be great on many champions in its current form (Yi, Jayce, maybe Corki?). Take the poster-child for "spellslinger" champions for example, Lucian. The stats are great for him, the passive is excellent for him, and yet the item feels terrible for him because it doesn't synergize with his ult. Lucian ults either as poke, wave-clear, or to finish off an opponent when his basic abilities are down. There's no situation where you channel a full ult into someone then dash in and fight for 8 seconds, as no opponent is going to stand around while you do that. On the flip-side the Essence Reaver passive isn't powerful enough to waste a 90 second cooldown just to proc it, and even if it was that powerful the passive has a 30 second cooldown so it feels like you're wasting the item if you can't proc it efficiently. Unfortunately, Lucian is far from unique in this regard. Currently the item is niche in the hackneyed way Sterak's Gage is niche (something Riot has expressed interest in changing), where you buy the item because you can exploit one aspect of it (Base attack) while not caring about the other (the shield). Essence Reaver seems like you'd pick it up because you love the stats (Sivir), or because you can exploit the passive (Yi), but rarely both. It seems like the difference in power level between someone who could exploit both and someone who's forced into the item because of stats is too wide for the item to be balanced.
: The Sterak's change is going to be a pretty big nerf to Tri-Force champions who don't have insane bonus AD ratios (which mean pretty big nerf to all of them as if they had insane bonus AD ratios then they'd be building bonus AD and using that to kill you instead of building Tri-Force and killing you with their base damage). Tri-Force procs do 200% of your base AD. Steraks increases your base ad by 50%. 50% * 200% = 100% so Sterak's increases the size of Tri-Force procs by 100% of base base AD (i.e. 100% of what your base AD is without Sterak's). 120 base AD is roughly the base AD at level 16, the time they would be guaranteed to have Sterak's as that is roughly the three item point and it forms part of the three item core of Tri-Force Titanic Sterak's. So this is the damage that will be lost per Tri-Force proc at that time. You'll probably get off about 5 Tri-Force procs in a fight at that time. That means you'll lose 5*120=600 damage over the course of a fight. Imagine a champion lost 600 damage off of their lvl 16 ultimate, or 300 damage off of a basic ability at max rank that gets used twice per team fight. That would be a pretty big nerf, wouldn't it? I don't see how the new items are meant to fix that. Spear of Shojin is for champions who build a ton of bonus AD which as I said isn't Tri-Force champions as if they build a ton of bonus AD to make use of bonus AD ratios then they'd be building bonus AD already instead of Tri-Force. Atma's Reckoning seems like something you'd build after Tri-Force Titanic Sterak's instead of a GA but I don't see how its so much stronger than GA, especially the buffed GA that will be going out on the same patch as it, that it would make up for the loss of 600 damage from Tri-Force procs.
That's the whole point. Trinity + Sterak's is just too strong right now. Champions like Irelia are just popping off with it. However, champions who don't get Trinity but do get Sterak's would be hit by this change at all, so this is a good thing. Actually, it helps a lot of champions with bonus AD ratios, like Kled.
Uhh... a lot of pros are STILL getting Void Staff over Deathcap these days... Maybe you just aren't fed?
: WHY remove The Ultimate Hat ? 0.o
One of the reasons I think is that it felt kind of counterproductive. It stacked multiplitive instead of additive, meaning the more CDR you had, the less effective it was. Its place was also **kinda** taken by Presence of Mind. It's also just boring in general. It just gives flat stats, which the enemy can't even see/feel.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Shurelya's Reverie
The item feels a bit too boriing. The speed buff portion is already fulfilled on tanks through Righteous Glory, and while it could be useful on AP supports, Protobelt also can kind of take its spot too in terms of engage potential. Hell, you can also make the argument that predator + ghost also have the same affect. It just doesn't have a unique identity in my opinion.
: Rengar Changes Feedback Thread
If you want to make AP Rengar viable, why not add an AP scaling on his E? I mean, considering that the "full assassin" (lethality) deals more poke damage than the "mage" Rengar.... ---- The big problem with AP Rengar though I think is that it doesn't have much counterplay, its very fast to double tap R compared to Rengar (old) double Q.
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: As far as I know, randuins got the crit reduction damage from the item removed.
Didn't they change Randiun's so that it now builds from Thornmail and then added the crit reduction again? Or at least they made it so you deal more damage on crits with thornmail.
: I agree with the concern, but making it an active will just make it worse in ALL cases, because you won't be able to pop the shield when you want, you'll also have to trick the enemy into using it first.
Yeah, making it an active won't solve the problem.
: These changes look pretty bad, im normally what happens happens in balance but the gutting of randuins and ga not being worth it for ap user is not great not to mention how confusing this all is for player who build items as they need them and dont look at the patch notes much. and with the way that some things are covered (i.e. masteries in the assassin update) there is gonna be a lot of confusion.
Not many AP champions have been going GA, as Zhonya's is more cost efficient. A rioter has already explained they tried an AP GA, but it didn't work out.
: These item changes are awful. They just take away the possibility of building items on certain champions. Like Banshee's Veil, no longer will AD champs be able to get it to block a brand W, or Malphite/Zed ult, so they basically just lose for going near these champions meaning they can't ever kill them. Guardian Angel is a big one, a build I use very often is Trinity Force, Steraks, Guardian Angel, the items have a nice synergy with each other, taking away the MR ruins the build which is best on so many champions. Skarner, Jax, Irelia, Vi, Udyr (Of whom already is getting big nerfs) and so many more. I mean this update makes squishies slightly tankier, and supportive tanks might be okay since they provide more utility but this change is just a big fuck off to Fighters. I don't see +40 MR being added to any of the champions I listed, not even any compensation really. I also don't see any Banshees replacement for AD/tank champions. We can probably live with the Banshee's change since there is so many AD/MR items and one of them has a simular effect but the GA change is beyond garbage, it feels like CEO of Riot has been on an Adc playing spree and is just trying to get an edge by making the item more beneficial to him. Even the new item that doubles your hp, since it kills your damage it means any tank using it becomes unthreatening and gets ignored, but if you're an Adc out of position, it's like another type of GA yea you can't do damage for 4 seconds but you gain so much more out of it because your value is much higher to the enemy.
AD users have enough MR items. Yes, they don't all have spell shields, but they already have Maw, Edge of Night, and Merc treads. AD users are not the problem for Banshee's, its more of how good the passive is on a squishy combined with its amazing stats. The GA change is experimental, but what they are trying to do is make it worse on tanks. It does make the fighters a little less tanky, but they still get what they really buy it for, the passive, which like you said in a previous post makes enemies not try to focus you. I don't think it will be bad, but we will have to see first.
: Switching around Banshee's and Abyssal's stats is mega confusing :/ I think if they wanted to go through with this, they could simply move the passives around and call it a day. Seriously, making the tank item a mage item and viceversa is extremely confusing imo
I don't really see the problem. It's just two items.
: Midseason Durability Feedback
Banshee's changes looks honestly broken. For champions like Fizz or Annie who can't really get rid of the shield (Fizz's only ranged ability is his ult, otherwise he has to get too close, Annie needs to keep her stun up, so she can't blow any abilities), once they build it, they become useless. Banshee's also provides so many good stats. Potentially, I would increase the cooldown to maybe 1 minute or something? Or possibly 1:30, and then every level reduce the cooldown by a bit. This way, a champion's ult (Fizz/Annie) would be off cooldown before Banshee's is off cooldown, so they can try again. This makes it so there is a time where the champion won't have a spellshield, making them back off, which gives more counterplay.
: Why don't you make randuins build out of wardens and kindlegem? That might make it feel more appealing to build, and differentiate it from dead man's plate. The only downside would be encroaching on frozen heart's niche.
Yeah, it would honestly just turn it into another Frozen Heart. Deadman's plate gives mobility, Frozen Heart gives CDR (and a bit of mana), and Randiun's gives anti-crit. That was what was supposed to happen, but now they are removing that from Randiuns.
: 300g cheaper at the expense of losing its role as the anti-crit item and the active duration being cut in half which is a huge nerf to its teamfighting strength vs the item that gives me more mobility I think I know which item I'm going to use.
Yeah, I agree that not giving Randiun's it's own unique identiy as the "anti-crit" item is a bit of a problem. However, there are champions that don't need the mobility, such as Tank Fizz, where Randiun's would be stronger.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: God Fist Lee Sin!
For some reason, he looks a lot like Brand. It's too bright in my opinion. You can't see any of the finer details. Everything is yellow. That's all you really see.
: Why is PBE Patching So Slow ?
You live in Turkey. It's a California (NA) server. Of course its slow.
: Galio knocked Quinn into the sky
Doesn't Poppy also have some sort of bug like this?
: Tweak to meet Galios Magic eating Fantasy.
I don't think absorbing health would be a good mechanic, but I believe you could do something like Jax E or old Galio ult where it does more damage the more it absorbs. Maybe make Galio W more like Galio old ult?
: Hextech crafting allows you to craft skins you already own.
Pretty sure this happens on live servers too, doesn't it? I think its intended.
: Miss fortune E too fast
This only applies to MF support I assume? And even then, she doesn't build that much AP. I really don't see it as a problem.
: You should be able to flash in the middle of reworked Galio's E
Why not, I suppose? Increases his play making potential by a bit, sounds fun!
: Warlord's Bloodlust
Since when is Yasuo and Tryndamere abusing Warlord's a problem? Fervor has been strong on both of the champions for a while now...


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