: [Gameplay] Discussion regarding AR URF Concerns/Suggestions inside.
I see those cute little emoji faces in the contextualization and I can't help but feel bad for SUCH a sweet person. But please bring back normal Urf, AR isn't as fun both modes weren't balanced but at least it one mode was more fun ~normal urf~ Playing a match of ARURF is like gambling, you bet your time and enjoyment and in return are gifted a (BAD TIME 90%) with the offset chance of maybe having a (good time 10%). The rerolls dont help at all either a person finds themselves getting the same 6 champions when they own ALL of the champions why is that? Did you guys alter the chance at which a person could get a zed or a fizz ect? Sure feels like it. Im sure a GIANTS x2handful of people would agree. Please lego, why do you have to be so cute? just why? #bringNormUrfback
: Change Talon's E to a castable point and click?
I also thought too, what if he could cast Rake while in mid-leap. That might be broken, but I think it'd be pretty cool, lol.
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: Unfortunately, we won't be offering refunds.
Can you make any significant updates to "The Magnificent Twisted Fate?" I know it's a Legacy Skin and all, but there should really be some grandeur to it, some honor and prestige in owning such a skin - I was here since Season 1 when only a handful of people had the skin itself. It should really be an enjoyable experience - also - what gives on the champion updates? I know you've remade a select few champions, like Malzahar and Shen, though there are a few deficiencies... 1. Why aren't there any particle effect changes? There have been champions who've had consistent spell abilities until some whopping new skin changes them completely. 2. What about Recall animations? Malzahar and Shen got reworked, haven't had much changed from the latter (Except for Snow Day Malz. ) - is it because certain artists help manifest each skin into being? 3. Can this follow suit for other skins? Such as the older ones priced above 750ish?

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