: Aatrox bugs
doesnt really seem like bugs more like feed back on the rework
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: Ranked in PBE Server
The main problem with implementing ranked in the PBE is that, there is too high of a risk of there being exploits people can use to get higher rank then they really should have. Over tuned stats for a single day can make a huge difference
: Well, you made me doubt myself. So I went into some practice tool games and tested with a bot. On live you do not take aggro from thorn reflected damage. I tested as well on pbe, and you do take aggro, even without the Demolish rune. Perhaps it is an intended change to the item, but it is not listed on S@20.
Ah there must have been another circumstance in my live game then. Glad to be of assistance even if I gave in accurate information
: Every game is disconnected
are there any common champs, or skins being used in each game?
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: It's like 230 vs 180, both are unbelievably high CD's for a keystone. The amount of stats I could squeeze out of any other options would far surpass what I'd gain from using that. I could use the warlords rune to get infinitely more chase potential, and even the new thunderlords with its higher CD would still give me 5x more damage with its lower CD and high base damage.
Not saying there aren't better options for damage and chase, but I believe predator is more for that "I haven't warded in awhile oh hi jungler" or "im going to invade and may need a burst of speed with my tier 1 first back boots" situations.
: Tower Aggro Bug - Bramble Vest and Thornmail Cause You to Receive Tower Aggro
As far as I know it has been that way on live since bramble vest has been implemented. Did this to me the other day on live playing malphite top
: I actually just discovered that no matter what it goes on CD. So either the ability is bugged or the description is completely wrong. If it's meant to behave like the description suggests then I can get behind it, otherwise it's a completely and utterly trash tier keystone for being on the same CD as ghost. Can easily just take ghost and make use of better runes or even just get the new version of warlords.
when i used it on khazix if the channel was interuppted it would go on a significantly lower cooldown then if the damage proc went off. i'm not sure what it was but it was a few days ago
: Tank Rengar in 3 minutes RUNES SYSTEM REWORK PBE
i feel like this would be alot more compelling if you showed the runes and itemization for each portion of the video. as it is its just a glitchy kill fest with no valuable information.
: do you know what runes he was using?
Wukong with full build lvl 18 against target dummy with youmuus, duskblade, BC, Rav Hydra, GA and merc Treads does 4079. running Electrocute, sudden impact, eyeball collection, ravenous hunter from domination and coup de grace, triumph from precision. just tested by 1. Pick wukong in practice tool 2. pick random enemy champion, i picked ezreal 3. stack eyeball collection to maximum for the lethality. 10 kills 4. hit test dummy with combo, wukong will automatically auto after ult finishes so in short i agree that it does ridiculous damage but that is intended in my opinion. if you build lethality you should be rewarded for sacrificing early game and be allowed to deal that much damage. also the target dummys only have 50% armor reduction which combined with q reducing armor and black cleaver it and lethality it would most likely be dealing true damage. at 300 armor there is no reason you would be getting "1 shot" most likely it would take 2 combos. would have to test in a custom but i dont have anyone on at the moment to do so.
: E Q R, and wukong managed to 100 - 0 me, his items were Youmuus, duskblade and BC, and i had flashed the last time, (which he just follow flashed) his ult would do nearly 2000 dmg according to recap
do you know what runes he was using?
: Yeah, but the fact lethality wukong can one shot a 300 armor 4k hp tank, theres something wrong
how exactly were you one shot by that? wukongs damage is high but its not 4k health. not in enough time that there isnt counter play like flashing, stunning, even tp can get you out of lethality wukong if you start it right after the knock up
: My feeling about burst rune options
i think it gives alot making it not a mage only mastery, it works really well with anyone that has a long range attack like jhin, varus, or even urgot. I feel its more a certain playstyle type of thing not for every champ
: rune rework and AP junglers/ nidalee
thunderlords has never procd on jungle camps, its always been on champs only.
: My feeling about burst rune options
i think arcane comet can be fun on alot of champs. ryze is the first that comes to mind because it will proc his e on a minion if it kills it. makes it really advantages for him to fight someone in minions if played right. i feel like it hits pretty reliably even if you just land a skill shot on someone like ryze q or malzahar q. granted there are better options for each champion but i think the objective of the new runes is to give more personality to you in game
: Evelynns new ultimate
i feel like even just putting her back into demon shade with a 2 second complete invis( no indicator) would make it alot better. so she can reposition to behind if needed or run back behind minions/ tanks
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: Regarding Item-granting runes
if you have a full inventory and sell or build out an item and free up space it corrects itself tried it last night with biscuit delivery and footwear
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