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: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Riot, can you ban a guy named Forsaken Hero, he's going around crashing games on purpose by trying to activate in-activateble items
: New Audio Engine On PBE - Continued Testing This Week!
I was playing lee sin and sounds from using his skills were delayed
: [Client] 1 hour+ queue time
I feel like a challenger player
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: [major bug][yasuo][ult]cannot move/auto attack after yasuo ult
I was playing Yasuo in normals 5v5 the other day and sometimes after I ulted someone they would just stand still, I assumed they just gave up or something but after reading this I think it must've been the bug. I'm not sure what could have caused it though..
: Please make a barrier on 1v1 map
: There's one more problem in Showdown though, which is mostly in the matchups. On a single-lane map like Howling Abyss range already reigns supreme. But in Showdown it really can just come down to whoever has the better poke. For example, one match I did was Hecarim vs Annie, and the results should be pretty obvious. With the champs starting at level 1, it's very easy for the game to ultimately come down to whoever has the better poke, and if you're a melee champ you're screwed because if you try to close the gap, the enemy can just run back to their tower and keep poking. I've only done 1v1 myself, but I ultimately didn't find it very fun.
Not really, I've been playing Lee Sin and almost always vs a champion that has more poke than me but I usually end up winning.


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