: Final update, before shipping (2/14). It's past midnight, but I think all the major bugs are fixed. Please let them be fixed... Here's notes on the ones you've all likely been noticing. > Fixed a bug where completing the Kha'zix quest would give rengar negative AD. > > Fixed a bug where Rengar Sense (the sounds and screen overlay enemies get while he's nearby in R) wasn't staying on enemies. It would pop on and immediately pop off after a couple seconds. > > Rengar can now stack bonetooth to 5 on Twisted Treeline. After killing his 3rd unique champ, the hunt list will be purged and he can nab stacks 4 and 5 by getting 2 more kills on different champions. Thoughts: No more bug-bugs. Thanks Kha'zix Rengar sense propagates to all enemies nearby (within 1200 range) of your closest target (the guy with the eyes over them). How to know who can sense you? If no one has eyes then NO ONE can sense you. If someone has eyes, they and all their nearby allies can sense you. That's at least how it should work. Hopefully I'm not surprised with more ult bugs. Some peeps were mentioning bonetooth can't stack in Twisted Treeline. Agreed. Now he can get 5 stacks on that map. For stacks 1-3 kill all 3 champs like normal. After this point your hit list will be reset. Kill 2 additional unique champs for stacks 4 and 5. Thank you all SO MUCH for the continuous streams of feedback. Appreciated. 12 hours to build lock. Home stretch.
Can we get a look at nidalee for some changes to make her a laner again?
: Super Galaxy Nidalee Spear Hitbox issue.
It isn't exclusive to the skin it's just a bug nidalee has had for awhile.
: Nidalee can clear now, but you may have overdone it on the AD buffs
If they end up being to much then they need to nerf her damage to jungle camps like they should have done in the first place. If these AD buffs don't go live with the new runes lane nidalee will be completely dead. It also decreases her cat Q for AD nidalee's since we will be losing out on AD runes. There is no reason nidalee shouldn't have base stats to make up for the loss of runes.
: I mean, you can kinda choose? It's determined mostly by the items you buy during the course of the game. With some exceptions in the hybrid category, you can control pretty well if you purposefully go into AP or AD with your item buys. But, I also acknowledge that's not really direct control, which I think is what you're really suggesting with your feedback.
That is what I am suggesting. As an example I play mostly Ad nidalee top and with the removal of the old runes she just can't get enough ad and attack speed to make up for the loss however if she could start dagger instead of doran's blade or long sword it might balance out but if you start dagger you get AP from adaptive not AD so it's still pointless. Also thank you for the reply I really appreciate it.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Would it be possible to change adaptive runes to let you choose if you want AD or AP? there are some cases were you want one stat but get the other instead.
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: Runes Reforged and Rune Page Limits Testing
Will there still be base stat increases to come? I'm still extremely worried nidalee will not be playable at all in lane without a buff to her base ad or attack speed. Her jungle clear also feels weak as a result.
: i havent tested her in lane... (as much i would LOVE to be able to mid top and support with her again... its just not viable anymore even on live) but even in the jungle her clear is horrid now the reduction from around 26 ap from runes to 10 is devastating even adding 10 AP and maybe 2-3 more armor would be enough to fix her clear after her first clear he new runes seem like they would work well with her. but that first clear is WAY to devastating. if you cant even clear the jungle as an early game jungler. your are never going to get what u need to be relevant
They can make it viable tho and fix her jungle clear at the same time by buffing her base ad/attack speed and giving her back her auto resets. It's worth a try in the pre season imo because they will probably never try to balance her properly this time. They should have reduced her passive or damage to jungle monsters in the first place instead of killing her lane phase.
: Nidalee's armor increase 10/4/17 (and other form changers)
She needs base ad and attack speed increases and she will probably be viable in top lane with the new runes. Idk about her being a menace to balance because of mixed damage. She was in a really really good spot right before they changed her passive to work on jungle monsters. They could also make her Cat form Q do physical damage again if you are building AD that removes the whole mixed damage thing.
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: Maybe, she's never been the same to play since they removed the auto resets. I'd very much like to get those back, helps her flow a lot IMO, there are still times I press R and stand around like an idiot waiting for the auto attack. A base AD increase would also really help her out significantly in the jungle clear. Also I really do miss lane nidalee. Sure it is playable on live atm, but it has not been nearly as good since the nerfs due to her jungle prowess. Hopefully they can do something cool to make both feel better, but I doubt it to be farther than a stat increase for a while.
If they atleast do the stat increase it would be nice. You never know the new runes might be what nidalee needed to be playable in lane.
Nidalee was originally a laner tho lol and high damage one at that. She isn't going back to any roots that are support focused with the kit she has. 1 heal does not make her a support just because riot wanted her to be played at worlds. Also her mid isn't any better she needs alot of help to be viable in any lane. There is also no reason they can't adjust her so she can lane and jungle at the same time they were really close before I'm sure they can get back to it.
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: Runes destroying jungle clears?
I just tried some nidalee out on with the new runes (as a laner tho) I feel she is going to need a significant buff to her base ad and attack speed otherwise lane nidalee will be 100% in the ground. I'm sure buffing these will also go along ways in helping her jungle as well. Maybe now is the time were we can get riot to balance both lane and jungle nidalee around the same power. Giving her back attack resets and lowering her cooldowns on cougar abilities.
: If you think nid cant be played in lane you're probally just bad with her
Ok sure she can be played in lane but so can AD hiemer. Does that mean its even remotely good? No. Even RF Legendary says she is terrible in lane.
: I have played a lot of both Riven and Nidalee. The reason I enjoy the characters is the large amount of skill both of them require. One of the large factors to that skill was the animation cancelling. It's quite obvious now that riot sees Riven's animation canceling as a part of her identity but not as a part of Nidalee's. Personally I would love to see the animation cancels added back into nidalee even if that meant reducing her power in other areas. It is satisfying knowing that I am inputting the maximum damage possible, even if that requires me to do much more commands than maybe necessary. That's the appeal of Riven to many players, and was the appeal for me to Nidalee as well. When they made her a jungler, I swapped to a jungle main. Not only because she was better in the jungle, but because she was really enjoyable in the jungle. When I realized how OP she was in the jungle it made my heart sink. I was REALLY enjoying the new jungle nidalee. It was smooth, enjoyable, diverse, and strong. Having your main be top in the meta is both a blessing and bane, and seeing the aspects you enjoy about them changed to make the aspects you don't less overbearing is just frustrating. I went from playing Nidalee wherever I could from season 3 through season 6 to barely playing her at all anymore because a large amount of my enjoyment has been cut out of her kit. I'd love to see Nidalee get some love as she seems to be a forgotten champion in the current meta. If that means turning her back into a laner, so be it. I just want to be able to play nidalee and not feel like I am bringing my team down. Right now that is exactly what I feel like no matter how or where I play her, and I have tried to make it work. For a bit after Ivern was released, I tried a build similar to his where you would be a vision and heal bot, it actually worked quite well, but wasn't why I enjoyed playing her. I have tried tanky AD builds both in lane and in the jungle. It feels like I have tried everything, and no matter what I do she is just not as strong as other options in ANY situation. Personally I think what needs to be done is to define her as an assassin or a mage. Her versatility is and has been one of her identifying features but is also one of her biggest weaknesses. Finally pushing her towards one build or play-style will allow for her to better excel at that one thing. Rather than her being this blob that tries to fill the gaps on her team with her build. This was sort of done when she was added to the jungle, where she embraced the assassin aspect, but was promptly nerfed down to where she is an assassin for 1/3rd of the game and them turns into a mage who only throws spears or heals the rest of the game. I thought that one of the big reasons she was reworked was to get her away from doing nothing but throw spears. I kind of went on a tangent, but it all comes down to this. Nidalee needs work. I think that the animation canceling was a fun and dynamic aspect to her kit that allowed her to do more. While this isn't the only problem with her atm, it would be nice to give her a little push while other changes are decided to make her a more healthy champion overall.
She doesn't need to be pushed toward a single playstyle. Nidalee was in a really good spot before they forced her into the jungle. She could go top as both ap or ad and it wasn't problematic. And yes I know there was a couple patches when ad nid was abusive as hell but she got toned down to a good spot fairy fast. I don't really understand why riot has this thing where they want champions to just be super easy for every one to play. If I have thousands of games on a single champion I should have more knowledge and be better at a champion than someone who has been playing that champion for a week.
: You can play Nid in a lane?! :o
> [{quoted}](name=Suppermartyo,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=IYzG01mq,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-03T16:44:21.177+0000) > > You can play Nid in a lane?! :o not anymore! and that's the problem
: Nid was OP tho, Riven isn't, if she was OP riven mains would go against buffs cus that's just perma and not getting to play her for being OP is worse than just having her be a lil weak in the meta. Plus Riven is intended to have this and is balanced around them, unlike nid.
> [{quoted}](name=Invictum2go,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=IYzG01mq,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-05-03T03:08:47.492+0000) > > Nid was OP tho, Riven isn't, if she was OP riven mains would go against buffs cus that's just perma and not getting to play her for being OP is worse than just having her be a lil weak in the meta. > > Plus Riven is intended to have this and is balanced around them, unlike nid. jungle nidalee was op. Lane nidalee who was the one actually hurt by the changes they made over the last few years was alright but not op and got lowered into the ground every time they nerfed jungle nidalee. They never did it in a way that only hurt her in the jungle. They should have listened to nidalee players way back when they gave her the ability to hunt jungle camps. We told them she was already decent in the jungle and that it would break her but they refused to listen.
: Sorry if not directly related to Riven, but why is Riven's animation cancelling being looked as a core part of her kit, but Graves is currently looking at his being removed for 'balancing' purposes?
> [{quoted}](name=Arbucks,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=IYzG01mq,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-05-03T00:06:44.764+0000) > > Sorry if not directly related to Riven, but why is Riven's animation cancelling being looked as a core part of her kit, but Graves is currently looking at his being removed for 'balancing' purposes? because riot likes making the as inconsistent as possible
: 7.10 Riven Changes
Glad you'll ask riven mains about when you plan to make changes but the same couldn't be done for nidalee :V #BringBackLaneNidalee2017 You should just remove them like you removed nidalees auto attack cancels since those were apparently to hard.
: If it was a change Riot would have announced it in some way. Please organize a proper bug report and either post it on the Boards, or use the [Bug Report Tool](http://pbr.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/).
> [{quoted}](name=Catman,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=8FmWzWkE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-04-14T01:07:36.133+0000) > > If it was a change Riot would have announced it in some way. Please organize a proper bug report and either post it on the Boards, or use the [Bug Report Tool](http://pbr.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/). isn't this the boards?
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol!
i got some feed back alright.........................first you scrap ao shin for a star dragon and dont even give us a storm inspired skin? but instead you give us a super generic.....................fire dragon......................is riot becoming blizzard now? so unbelievably disappointed
: New HUD Feedback
i also like being able to see how much mana my team has under there icon please put it back
: New HUD Feedback
please just give us the option to move everything where we like this looks terrible i want my items and champ icons on the left of my screen where they are now
: new ap item available for testing soon!
does the damage proc off spells like jannas shield or ult? really hoping it will


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