: Chinese Players
As a Chinese, I'm ashamed of them that be rude, PBE account is too easy to get in China, the cheapest is only 2.81$, some of them that be rude are not well educated, some of them are kids, they even don't know English , they read English by translator.from time to time they even don't know what you guys talking about,they just think that you are swearing. they talk about you guys like what you talk about them in group chat, Noob、Negative、AFk,to be honest sometimes I have a no idea about who is Chinese , who wasn't. it' far from PBE server to China, all of Chinese loler must use game accelerator if they want to play in PBE, everyone here plays in PBE is under 160ms-230ms ping, but is still playable is game accelerator is stable .but some of game accelerator is unstable , this is why some player AFK for no reason.
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