: Game crashes at load screen then client auto repairs, no effect.
Hey folks who are getting this, can you give a little detail about your game? It'd be helpful to know what type of game, what champion and skins were involved, what your set-ups may have been, etc.
: Error acessing the Chroma at store
Whoa, thanks for the report! We'll look into it. x.x
: Anyone know how to fix this error
Hey Yobeiker, sorry about the issue! There may be an instance of League of Legends or the League client still running in the background. Please check your task manager and close out any League-related applications you see (League of Legends, League client, or RADS may be options), and then try again and see if that works.
: White Square
Hey SaintHammer, thanks for the report! Could you provide your dxdiag and r3d log from this game?
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: nighthunter skin
Thanks for the feedback, guys! I'll bring these points up with the team.
: [Glitches] Super Galaxy Rumble
Thanks so much for the reports, Neverworld! This is super helpful and your format choice makes it really easy for us to parse everything. :D
: [Hecarim]-Q animation for Arcade Hecarim.
Well. I don't think the shadow approaches in quite the right way here. Thanks for the report, Heckareem!
: Atlantean Syndra bugs and feedback
Thanks so much for taking the time to post this, Chrysippus! For the sphere motion being jerky, do you mean the ones that revolve around her? And can you think of when in particular they were jerky?
: Atlantean Syndra feedback
Thanks for the feedback, ThutrianThell! When you say base, which map do you mean, and what side, if any?
: Kayle's skill icons were missing + Icon portrait was a blue square.
Thanks for the report! We'll try to hunt those sneaky icons down and put them back in the HUD soon.
: Battlecast Vel'Koz feedback
Thanks for the feedback! Please keep in mind that content on the PBE is still work in progress, and not in a final state. Items might be buggy or otherwise incomplete.
: Infernal nasus bug
Hey FiniXt, thanks for the report! I can't seem to repro the issue with the details provided, though. Can you please go a little more in depth as to what you were up to, what was happening in the game, etc? Thanks!
: Infernal nasus's command voice lines do not play
Thanks for the report, you guys, we're looking into it!
: Infernal Nasus voice breaks upon using ultimate
Hey Kaloshtesh, we're looking into this one. Thanks for the report!
: Infernal Nasus Portrait
Contrary to popular belief, he's actually just very shy. (Hehe, thanks for the report, TheLostBoy!)
: Popstar Ahri skin size
Hey appôlon! I just did a side-by-side comparison between base Ahri and Popstar Ahri, and they are actually the same size. Since it could be something with the colors etc, though, I'll bring it up with the team.
: New Zyra run
Hey Hespra, we actually reverted Zyra's run to match what was on Live. Are you sure you aren't looking at her original run?
: [Graves] Pool Party Graves doesn't hold his water pistol properly
Hey Saphixian! This was actually a great catch! Although Graves does generally hold his guns in a similar fashion across skins, major clipping issues like you show in the screenshot are not intended. We've made an adjustment to the skin that should hopefully address the clipping issue. Thanks for the report!
: [Game][Minor] When using Viktor Full Machine Ult there is a big dark square.
Holy smokes, you weren't kidding, Ragiz Ace. Thanks for the report!
: [Shen] - Shen passive has no sound


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