: Introducing chroma packs!
Honestly these should be available for IP. Some of us on live have or nearly have all the runes/champs/runepages that can be bought with IP. The game is 5 years old, we need a place to sink IP at this point.
: Sorry, i just had to laugh at Bug Mac
its not just a mac bug, it is happening on my husbands pc as well.
: I believe there is a fix for this that will make to PBE with the next deploy!
this same issue just happened to me on Live, actually. I never connected, crashed to the extent that I had to restart my computer, then was able to reconnect. I got the warning and the "I agree" thing as well.
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: [PreSeason5 Jungle Feedback] Razorbeak camp (wraiths) does a disproportionate amount of Damage
: Game Changes my Mouse Settings
Yep, I first reported it [here](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/oEH31J1i-mac-mouse-acceleration-bug-game-crash-changes-mac-settings-not-in-game-settings). It has happened off and on, on live and on PBE, for several months. I first noticed it on Live, I believe.. any way, several patches ago, when I first noticed the bug, my settings changed every time I crashed. Now it is only occasionally that the settings change.
: >"man, I really want to make this river purple" Possible secret reveal of the top river turning purple when baron is slain and the dragon river a different color when it is slain?!? I would sacrifice as many Teemos as it takes to get that. {{item:3005}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{item:3005}}
: Some of the other changes we're experimenting with can assist in the "carry potential" of individual players - for example some of the changes/buffs to Mejai's and Sword of the Occult. However, at it's core League is a team game. That's the core experience, working together with other players to achieve a shared objective. I don't think the changes overall push League more or less in that direction, I think it'll stay pretty consistent with how team focused the game is currently.
If the focus is on the team aspect of the game, there truly needs to be a better way to communicate. You guys didnt want curse voice, thats fine, but there needs to be an alternative that doesnt involve stopping to type and pings. Communication is really important in team games and sometimes things happen so fast that there isnt time to type or ping. If you cant give us voice yet but will Soon (TM) - then you also need to wait on the team aspects and give us more solo carry potential until we have better ways to communicate as a team..It becomes just too frustrating to be at the mercy of others whom you are not sure have seen your words typed or whose pings dont make sense etc
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: [Mac Client] - In game crashing
happens to me once every game. Happens on live as well. Its almost becoming uplayable .
: [Visual] Flickering Shadows
same. I play on a macbook OS X 10.9.4 - i crashed during a game on the new rift and when i reconnected the shadows were flickering..
: Azir + Banner?
was wondering this too, time to test
: Ranked Restrictions
You can add me to the test, I emailed as well.
: I like the idea and it's a much more interesting take on the "Super Duper Uber Cool Special Gamemode" or the "Super Duper Uber Cool Special PBE Only Testing Gamemode" but the Teamfight Practice one is pretty redundant. It's practically the same thing as loading up Howling Abyss in a Custom Queue and adding a bunch of bots. It's not like the bot AI would get any better for this gamemode either so it would be pretty worthless. The Last Hit Practice is the better idea of the two in my opinion. However, regarding both teamfight skill and last hitting skill, experience trumps all. I think focusing on mouse precision would be a better use of your time than a new game mode. Have you ever heard of "osu!"? I actually heard about this program while watching some "pro" streams. Here, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hE_KwSOl_U8
it is nothing like bots. bots dont practice proper positioning in teamfights, etc. I envision it as a draft 5 v 5 mode ..you would have bans. you would pick champions the way you would in a ranked or normal summoners rift game - with the same types of champions chosen with the same thought and care you would take in a regular game and you would have an opportunity to really analyze how to best fight - who initiates, who peels, who tanks, who to focus, when to shift focus, etc etc etc. you see, this is one aspect that is really not well understood - especially in lower ranks, where ppl say things like "we have no tank, gg" or "wtf Vayne, why focus Renekton" or they go in one at a time with no real concept of how to layer ults, how to engage and when to disengage, or even what a tank is supposed to do when you have a tank - and what you as a squishy should be doing when you have an initiating tank....its all stuff that you learn as you play but many people have trouble learning it because everyone splits off and pushes side lanes and never groups or they group and fight in ways that are really poorly orchestrated. ARAM cant help this because its too random, and its not very easy to get 5 people together to play another 5 people who want to practice teamfighting unless you already have a team and know a team. So this is a way to have team type of practice that is an area that is hard to practice in games where ppl split to grab wraiths or farm while the others engage 4 v5.. It would help tremendously I think to explain the grouping up part of the game as well as power levels and what your role in the team is...bots just can't do all that.
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: Bring "Sandbox" To PBE
My ideas for the sandbox involve mini games: 1. Draft 5v5 Teamfight/Teamcomp practice on the howling abyss. This would be good because you would go in to this with the mindset of practicing positioning in team fights, picks and bans, and the limitations of your team comp verses another team comp. 2. Last Hit practice. The game could be made to look like a tetris style arcade game, where minions at varying levels of hp fall towards your champion and you must only hit the ones that need to be last hit while dodging the other minions. This would be good because it would teach people how to recognize when to last hit and how to dodge skill shots, as well as last hitting under pressure.
: Add Forums Link in Client
This would be really helpful for newcomers. When people get pbe accounts, they often dont know what is being tested or how to find info about things like rp, etc. So, they join the public chat and ask. There are several questions that get asked often, and the answer is usually "go to the forums" or "read the patchnotes at surrender@20" - so if we could just have a link pinned to the top of the public chat that can be easily referred to would be helpful to newcomers trying to navigate the pbe. Yours Truly, Wild Teemo
: Yep, just patched, on a Mac, can't join a cue.
im on a macbook pro as well
: Are you guys still unable to queue?
yep still unable
: **Potential Bug: turret not dropping aggro, even through zhonya's. ** I don't have a screen shot of this, unfortunately, but I was fiddle and was laning with fizz bot lane and both fizz and I had issues juggling turret aggro. To test it in game I even zhonya'd under turret and the turret didnt drop aggro through the zhonyas. I will try to get a screenshot if it happens again, but wanted to get this out there so others can watch for it as well.
yep, i was the fizz...in the zhonyas you could hear a "clink clink" sound like fiddle was still being targeted. Normally the turret would have changed focus to a minion once he zhonyad, but it did not. Also, when the zhonya duration ended, the turret was still attacking fiddle. Dont think a screensot of this would even be possible, it need to be video captured somehow, so hopefully folks with video capture capabilities can look for the bug and help us confirm its existence.
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: Spectate live doesn't work anymore.
I was just about to post the same until I noticed your post on the subject
: Hi all, Just wanted to confirm that typing "thereisnourflevel" will work and isn't some weird hack or troll. When we REALLY want to keep you out, the firewall will prevent you from logging in, no matter what you type. :) That said... I would really advise that you never use this on the Live environments. If we are mid-patch or in the process of dropping/restarting services, you CAN actually get stuck in a really weird state. It could make odd errors show up, or worst case, break your client and force you to redownload the game. Thanks, Fei
: you took the word right out of my mouth Wild Teemo... no really you did but my was very short and yours is long. other then that i think i like how you word it better :D
They say that great minds think alike <3
: The irony in that is ranked is also the place where many people troll or afk.
People troll and afk on live too. Dealing with trolls and afkers is as much a part of the game as killing the enemy nexus, so its best to just look at it as an obstacle in the game that you must learn to deal with in order to win the game. Obviously, you have learned how to deal with it to some extent or you wouldnt have risen in the ladder. Another important thing to note: If you queue up for ranked pbe you have to go in with the mindset that client is a testing ground and bugsplats and dc's can and will happen because maybe I'm on a mac and it keeps crashing due to an issue with the patch...and it is also important for people to understand that maybe someone on the team will be testing out a champion they are not that great on and just because they are testing a champion they are not that good on doesnt mean that they are trolling, they maybe are just new to a certain champion, a certain role, or the game it self.
: Sona PBE Update
**How many games have you played on the Sona Update?** roughly 5 I think **What sort of game was this? (Doom bots, Summoners Rift 5v5, Standard Bots, Howling Abyss, etc.)** Ranked SR 5v5 and Doom Bots **Did you feel in danger when granting allies aura tags?** Yes **What was your laning experience like?** I felt like it was difficult to make plays, I had to play very passively, it was difficult to zone, it was difficult to keep my adc safe, perhaps I just suck... **What was your team fight experience like? ** Awful, i felt like I had to be melee pretty much. I was wildly out of position, the ult was too hard to see,... * I need to test more with items, In doom bots i build her pretty tanky and on SR 5v5 I was too poor to build a lot of items because we got crushed.*
: You make a valid point. That also contributes to the idea of if we let that champion go through then it'll hurt our chances of winning. A mindset that contradicts the point of PBE.
i actually think it is silly when people ban out champions that need testing, but if it is really a problem and things arent being tested enough, the issue could be resolved by removing bans for ranked only on pbe, or by making it so that champions needing testing can not be banned. That said, it is sometimes telling if a reworked or new champion is too strong and needs toning down before hitting live if it is banned, since sometimes the banned champions on pbe hint at what is going to be op when the patch hits on live. So, the bans themselves could be ways to test balance, if that makes sense. But care should be taken because the other type of ban we see is that when people play their favorite champions and become known for those champions, the persons champion will be target banned..its like a boutique ban and it has nothing to do with the strength of the champion, just the strength of the player.
: (At least) On the mac, after the game finishes, the victory/defeat screen does not show up. I have to manually quit via command. Is anybody else experiencing this?
: New Match History
It is not user friendly at all. while it would be nice if it didnt have to link to a website at all, I realize that such a large amount of data might be difficult to store on the client, so I propose leaving the basic info how it was and then just have a link that you can click if you want to see the deeper stats. right now it feels like match history is one big Pop Up ad and it really is a nuisance. also, i dont really get the point of having to choose to share normal game stats. are people really that concerned about what the stats of their normal games reveal? its just a bit strange to me, but that is just whatever.
: Sona Update Feedback and Bugs Thread
Hello, I have been testing sona a bit and she feels ok, but I find that it is hard to see her ult. I actually prefer the way the ult looks currently on live. I will keep looking for bugs, but right now the client is so buggy it is tough to figure out what is causing what to splat/ crash, etc. Re Sona shield on W - I have to be honest and tell you I am not liking the direction you guys are going with all the shields and heals and nerfs to damage. I feel like this meta should be called the Nanny meta because its so protection oriented. Giving so many champions and now even items blocking/shielding / healing abilities is making games last far too long and it takes away the uniqueness of champions with shield in their kits..its becoming to homogenous. Sona's heal is fine. Its enough. The shield isn't necessary. I don't need a shield on W to play her. There are too many shields in the game at this point, it is becoming boring to play verses shields and impenetrable walls - its basically dodge without calling it dodge, in a way. I will probably get down-voted, but hopefully the good folks reading this will see that constructive criticism is not "hating on" something, it is merely my humble opinion. Thank you.
: Lucian should not have 500 range
yeah, its a silly change and a bad direction. Please dont nerf his range.
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: This is happening to me on the Mac client. Versus bots It was fine but it seems to trigger on the updated map.
same. the only way i can reconnect is to shut down the lol client and log back in. For some reason though when i do that the bugsplat/league crash turn on mouse acceleration on my Macbook, which is really weird since normally that only happens when my computer restarts. I always turn off mouse acceleration with a command line in Terminal, and I just find it so odd that a league crash is affecting something on my computer like that.
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: PBE Unplayable?
same for me, very frustrating
: Even with my game volume on 45%, some of the Doom bots are creating a loud, static sound when activating multiple ults and passives. This sound is like 200% the normal sounds of the game.
same. I keep hearing janna tornados really loud a lot too
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
First let me say I love the new map, great job!! Also, I did not have the issues others have had on my Macbook Pro running OS 10.9 I noticed are that on the mini map it is difficult to spot ward placements - there isn't enough contrast. Also, it seemed that jungle fiddlesticks was really destroyed trying to drain baron - we had to back off baron as a result.
: Yes! More CDR on support items! Now I can feel even worse when I'm at 70% cdr because of how much I wasted!
Yeah, its like total cdr overload..I would really like additional ap items that also have defensive stats..
: [Planned 4.10] Item Changes (Attack Damage / Attack Speed / Warden's Mail / Support Itemization)
I despise every one of these changes on paper. I look forward to seeing how these changes feel in practice... It really seems as if you are just pushing numbers around arbitrarily, though, to be honest.
: Duo Queue Restrictions
Hello, Over all I think this is a good idea, but I do have a concern that Silver and Gold (and potentially platinum) leagues will be over run with smurfs that are kept at a low level in order to play with lower level friends. I personally have no problem with people duo queuing, though I do think it best to duo with people closer to ones own mmr, but really it all averages out on its own, in my opinion. I'm not sure if changing the system in this way will solve much, nor will it make the people who complain about duo queuing happy..they will still complain..and I truly wish that the good folks at Riot would realize that they can not keep trying to please everyone who complains - it only makes them feel validated in their complaining and it causes them to complain more. So, Riot, while your heart is in the right place, please stop in trying to appease everyone, because catering to the most vocal complainers is turning league if legends into a bit of a nanny state... Respectully, Wild Teemo
: You're definitely over thinking it. She's toxic, or if you really care that much for a better term; harmful to the well being of poke meta, for the simple fact of. Her spears have no negative repercussions, deal massive amounts of damage at intense range, have a large hitbox, cost 90 mana, and is on a 4 second cooldown (33% cdr) This is a massive pain in the ass for most recipients of the nidalee onslaught, and there's very little counter play to it. Currently - and i say this as a frequent and successful nidalee player, so you can't call bullshit - the only counterplay to nidalee, is to either shit on her in lane. Or if that failed, rotate bot lane to mid, if they are comfortable to do so, and down the tower and force her out of lane. Capitalise her relatively shitty early. Another method involves out rotating her and taking objectives, with your team, but this applies to most champions really, so it's not all that relevant. But other than these macro movements, there is very very very little micro, that you can do to help play against nidalee. Other than the infamous saying of. "STAY BEHIND YOUR MINIONS"
Ive lost many games as nidalee and aside from the occasional spear deleting me, I cant say I've ever played or witnessed someone play a game that was won solely because of a nidalee spear. "harmful" ????? ..I am sorry, but isnt the concept of a lol champion based around a simple truth that you will be choosing it to go into a game where it will be fighting and potentially inflicting massive amounts of damage that could indeed cause harm and even death to one's adversaries? Nidalee has plenty of counterplay and counter itemization..and the cost of the spears is mana. And dont forget, in her live state for the average player it is hella hard to farm with her pre-6 and it is difficult for an ally jungler to help via ganking pre-6 gank - so nidalee is at a disadvantage pre-6/laning phase in her current live state - so an enemy jungler camping her lane is another great type of counter play. Magic resist, health, (banshees veil) - counter itemization. Standing behind minions, sidestepping, etc etc ad naseum ....all counter play..so your statement that she lacks counter play is totally invalid imho.
: Here's the deal with live AP Nidalee. Her playstyle is one that I find incredibly toxic and I know I'm not alone. Her entire kit essentially revolves around throwing spears to get lucky every once in a while. I'm not saying it doesn't take some skill to hit them, but it's superbly ridiculous to have over 1k damage on a 4 second cooldown, without costing her anything except a small amount of her typically huge mana pool. She can continuously throw spears with no repercussions for missing them. And even if you are incredible at dodging spears, there will always be that lucky one to half health you. Furthermore, if she has half a brain and gets even close to any kind of trouble, it's incredibly easy to run from almost anyone. Seriously. You will not catch a cougar form Nidalee running through the jungle. So yeah, unlike you, I really don't find it rewarding to hit a spear because you end up just throwing them out there every 4 seconds, and you're obviously bound to hit one eventually, no matter how bad you are.
Dear Sir of Madame, Please know that I am not trying to be rude..I appreciate your response. However, I require more enlightenment on the matter of a "toxic play style" - the definition escapes me. I'm not sure that a play style can be described as toxic. I keep seeing people attempting to describe play styles as "toxic"...but if you look up the meaning of toxic in various traditional and urban dictionaries, its meaning varies from poisonous, as in a toxic substance - to addictive, as in a person can be like a toxic substance that causes one to become addicted and INtoxicated by their mere presence... we can speak of toxic players..these are people who poison the game and make the atmosphere untenable..but a play style of a character in a game..i mean, unless you are twitch or cass or singed..actually spreading make-believe poison because of your kit being poison-based - I do not understand what is meant by "her playstyle is one that [you] find incredibly toxic"...her kit has nothing to do with poison or intoxication..or any of the standard definitions of toxic/toxicity/toxic personality. I am left wondering how people stating that nidalee is toxic even understand the implications of what they are saying. Is it merely a case of latching on to some boo hoo train because they cant dodge or hit skill shots? What is the reason for the current obsession with posts asking for nerfs of champions - some of which have been played since the start of the game? its all so boring and I must admit that it makes me throw up in my mouth a bit every time I read how "toxic" the playstyle of {insert every fun champion here] has become... So here is my plea: Dear Riot, Please stop dumbing down this game. Thank you. Signed, *Your loyal fan, who is a scrub and a noob who cant dodge or hit most skill shots, but sure enjoys trying..*
: My one question is whether or not Nidalee will be getting the armor and magic resistance back in cougar form that she lost last year. I like the changes i'm seeing here a lot, but her current stats leave her too squishy to go into cougar form without building your own resistances. Maybe she can get what Jayce has at level one? 5/15/25/35 armor and magic resistance corresponding to the level of her ultimate.
good question..inquiring minds want to know!
: > With these changes, what will stop people from playing her exactly the same as before? I think the reduced effectiveness in playing this way will mostly likely cause people to adjust their playstyles. There will still be spear throwing, but a much larger number of her kills will come from getting in your face.
But what if I dont want to play "in your face" ??? I like how she is currently because it rewards a person for hitting a skill shot. What is wrong with being able to play her ranged and being rewarded for my ability to kill you because I hit a skillshot? I guess I dont understand the point of changing her. I like nidalee in her live state, and I dont mind playing against her because I know she has counterplay - dodge the dang spears...side-step..build health and mr..wtf is wrong with everyone that they cant build accordingly and dodge spears? I'm not particularly good at nidalee, but I have enjoyed playing her a bit. I enjoy the occasional rewarding feeling when I actually land a spear, because its not easy to land a spear..not with my ping at least..so I am saddened by the changes.
: Heimer Swag Not Correctly Executed
they obviously didnt read this...makes me sad too
: Heimerdinger is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
I feel like Riot abandoned this discussion. The patch notes released, and no comment on the too bouncy walk and other visual annoyances re: new heim is really disheartening for me as a tester. I would have appreciated acknowledgement from a Rioter re: the MANY posts regarding visually and vocally unappealing changes that were made to heimerdinger.
: [Bug] Heimerdinger Visual Bug
Can confirm on snowmerdinger..same happened to me.
: Can you grab your logs out of your installation folder and attach them to your post? C:/<where PBE is installed/Logs/Patcher logs/ There should be a few files in there titled something like: 2014-03-03T12-35-50_launcher.log
this keeps happening to me too..it usually takes 3 or four attempts before the patch completes..i dont seem to have a way to attach a log unless i create a new discussion..i am happy to provide logs if you will explain how to post them in this discussion..otherwise i can create a new one i guess
: [Feb 28] OS Compatibility Test
The constant crashing when patching is really annoying...
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