: Slight improvement to Akali's W to improve jungling
I think this is mostly a fundamental/mechanical issue; after all, what are the monsters supposed to do if they cannot declare an attack on Akali? None of them cast AoE spells aside from Baron, but they all have to be attacking a designated target or else they will reset. Having 5-7 seconds of free time to regenerate health is already strong when other champs have to fight head on or burn CC. As a downside, having to deal with resets is frustrating but it is simply a side-effect of an ability that is incredibly powerful in other aspects due to a mechanic choice.
: Pool Party Gangplank
Will GP be getting any Chromas with this skin similar to Caitlyn and Zoe, or is he kinda barred from it since another one of his skins received a chroma? I wouldn't mind getting some funky looking watermelons or at least a decent outfit change if he could get a few. Otherwise I love the skin and concept, water effects are always cool and the watermelon barrels/water balloon ultimate are nice touches!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Hextech Poppy!
I think this skin looks and animates pretty well but uh... ANOTHER Blue skin for Poppy? Her first release skin was blue and was all sparkly and pretty. Her Second release skin was admittedly more whitish, but still had plenty of blue since it compliments winter so well. Now her 3rd skin after rework is...more, darker blue? Don't get me wrong it is by far my favorite color but I feel like this is overkill, especially considering none of her other skins have any color difference, only a few shield design changes in stuff like Lollipoppy and Blacksmith. I heavily think that this skin should be shifted to another color, such as purple, and possibly overhauling the colors on some of her older skins if possible. I feel like it's pretty poor that not only does she get a skin she doesn't need while champs like Urgot go without skins, but that she's getting one that's just overkill for skin colors/choices she ALREADY has, on top of releasing on a patch with 5-6 Blue-themed champs. I'd legit just rather buy an "evil" chroma of Star Guardian poppy if I wanted Darker blue effects. It also doesn't feel very 10 gemstone worthy... Nothing really expressive or powerful compared to something like Dreadnova Darius. It is by no means bad but like, SG poppy is just sitting in the store for 1350. If people want a blue Poppy skin it's right there, same (if not more with some of the star effects) level of visual effects and slightly brighter blue colors. You really need to tune up this skin if you want it to be worthwhile. Or atleast rebalance the f*ck out of the Gemstone store. Maybe a more heavy feeling/looking/sounding Q and E, like you are really bashing someone in with a giant crystal? Or a better hextech design when tossing the shield/AA/Q/E? Overall, I like the design, though only the iris should be blue. Animations are okay, could be better with tuning up, but the color really needs to be shifted to another cold color like Purple or even Green, another blue poppy skin post-rework is just overkill.
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: Swain W feedback
It definitely needs a small buff in some way, either a little more Damage, shorter (20-40%) CD, or making it proc faster.


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