: New Items - Sterak's Gage and Titanic Hydra
I assume Titanic Hydra will be melee-only? It doesn't specify it in the description despite the Tiamat-style items having this attribute, so just checking. Also, will Sterak's Gage have an internal cooldown? It would be really disappointing to see a tank take 3600 damage and get the 30% HP shield twice.
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
This is going to be somewhat long, but bear with me. I'll try to comment on everything I've experienced (gameplay-wise) in the games I've been in thus far. The AI on the bots is a bit iffy. Just finished a round on the 5-bomb difficulty, the bots were nowhere to be found on the map for about 3 minutes, letting us push through and blow up the nexus. In fact while a teammate was pushing top, the bots didn't retaliate until he got the inhibitor. They seemed to be so focused on pushing down our towers and thus extremely vulnerable to backdoors and splitpushing in general. Now for some complaints; the raw power the bots bring makes fighting them while they're grouped literally impossible, making the game entirely about using whatever roundabout, often underhanded tricks and tactics you can to win (splitpushing, backdoors, early game cheese, kill lanes, heavy poke compositions, etc.), as they work incredibly well against bots. My team went 9-30 in that 5-bomb game, if that puts it into perspective. You can interpret their power as good design for the difficulty, but the scaling they get is ridiculous to the point that it makes junglers entirely inefficient. You could have a raid-boss jungler (Udyr, Nasus) farming the jungle for 30 minutes (both jungles, mind you) and they'd still struggle in a 1v1 against any bot (although they'd still be a lot better off than their teammates, so upon re-evaluation maybe the jungle can be seen a safe haven from laning against the bots?). Not to mention the poor top laner having to 2v1. That being said, here are my comments on the doom effects: - I appreciate that you still let us see the map with the paranoia bonus doom. - Fiddlesticks' clones are basically global waveclear, making splitpushing extremely difficult (which is a tactic many resort to in this mode) - Annie is just purely not fun to lane against. Between igniting towers, a circle of fire every time she casts, and a huge range on her Q, literally everyone can't hold their own (except Ziggs). - That being said I love the giant Tibbers. - The untargetable thing on Karthus when he uses his E is horribly unfair. A mini-Thresh ult and rapid-fire Q's I could handle, but that period of untargetability makes all of his weaknesses as an immobile caster disappear. (Not to mention these guys already build Zhonya's and Seraph's) - I'm unsure if this is a rare occasion or not, but while playing on the 1-bomb difficulty I went for an early dragon which was met with a TF-ult-esque animation appearing (just as the dragon was getting low) and 3-4 members of the enemy team porting in to steal it. This never happened in any other difficulty, any other time I tried to do dragon or baron, or ever again really. Working as intended? Was it because they're programmed to ward the dragon pit now, saw me do it, and came to steal it? I'm just confused since it only happened once. - The Garen effect is a huge pain to play against in the top lane for obvious reasons. - 5-bomb difficulty. Jesus christ. 10 bonus doom effects, usually with the same effects on more than one bot. Fighting two or more of them at a time is basically suicide. I get the difficulty aspect but man it seems like overkill when put on top of already enhanced champion abilities. All that being said, I really like the new game mode but still feel it has some improvement/toning down to go before it hits the live servers.

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