: cannot start a custom game
I have made a thread about this already. Somehow, it seems that when you add bots , the game crashes. Hope it gets fixed
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: This game mode really sounded interesting. But I just tried a match and nobody in the game even finished. We didn't surrender, We weren't even losing (even turrets, KDA was close)... everybody just disconnected from boredom or the feeling of futility or whatever. It doesn't even really feel like a challenge, it just feels like one of those 1980's console games where end boss is the same as all the other monsters, only he has 99% damage reduction. Now, if human champs got the URF buff, then this game mode would at least be fun.
i thought of that too, but wouldnt it be too easy? urf buff, i think i would be too much easier
: Dear Riot, This game type is so much.... DOOM! I can't help but to laugh in terror at how amazing this is. The pure fear and adrenaline I have when {{champion:115}} randomly pops out a {{champion:35}} clone and he ults, my oh my the ult, and 5 smaller ults erupt. The panic I feel when there's a random {{champion:86}} spinning to win or {{champion:120}} bringing forth an onslaught of shadows. I can only {{item:3070}} up when I get a kill only to be thwarted by {{champion:34}} 's rebirth. This is all meat by the wonders that is {{champion:1}} 's Tibbers man handling me around summoners rift, not to mention that she puts a {{item:3068}} around my own turrets, there's no where that is safe. The ten minute "everyone has {{champion:4}} 's destiny" to dragon is pretty impressive. The fog and darkness of the map is to die for, not even a {{item:3026}} can save you. Getting to the point, I would like to know if there would ever be a chance that we could play with the abilities of a doom bot? The chaos of a 5v5 team doom match would be pure DOOM in its finest and purest state. While I understand that it would be hard to be able to fit all the doom bots abilities into a measly 4 buttons, but I have faith in you. I have faith in the once and always great Riot. Sincerely, best of regards, kindest wishes, take all my money, with all my love, Dreaery
you are right , im jealous too, i wanna play with those OP abilities too :)
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
{{champion:1}} omg this monster can beat 1v3 wtf
: [Bug] Jax AA Sounds don't work
same as ezreal at least on my computer aa sounds , i cant hear them.
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: Gromp Can Attack Lane Minions
Wow! dude that farm. Btw that bug also was on Euw. i attacked the wraths and tried to escape and it started to do the same as gromp
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