: How to get an up to 50% guaranteed chance to play Elementalist Lux.
Lol that is useless to try anyway. All plays only elementalist lux with instalocking every game in any mode. I waited to pick her 2 weeks before i left hope to beat ppl who plays her every game every day. Coz ppl plays on pbe for fun they dont care of testing. Even in ranked 1st pick always lux. Even adc or jungle.
: They've said they're thinking about a system to compensate those who've already unlocked all champions, so don't worry about that. It would take some time, but they're eventually doing it. In regards of the warning, it's just what it is, a warning. It means that you've been reported for offensive language, but it doesn't give any information about the accuracy of the report (it might be true, it might be false). So, if you didn't do anything wrong, you don't have to worry.
Im not worried) Im just ironic. I trust Riot, reports makes community better, i want to believe) If they could make something like - converting champion essense to another essense 100x1 for example, probably it would be nice. I cant buy rp from my country so i wait for crafting , my last chanse to make some skins after old owned ones ) Sorry for my english) Many thanks for response
: Suggestion: gift players 1 chest and 1 key when the system hits live servers
On live almost impossible to make S in ranked)) But i would like to have 1 chest for each champ i already mastered in lvl 5. But my dreams never comes true. And i have all champs owned on live already so if i roll champ shard from chest i guess gonna be useless for me. System doesnt now what toxic behavior is. Last time when i didnt play 2 weeks i had my "warning" for offensive language right after login. So if i say to anyone "leave me alone" i will never have my chest this way? xd nuff said
: People STILL find ways around this new champ select.
I think riot should disable "fill" for secondary roles. I mean if u choose "fill" u will not able to choose one more role. Would be better i guess.
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: Constant Unknown Error message, and getting booted from champ select.
: [Item bug] frost Queen's Claim
Confirm. Many times tried in aram - active doesnt work at all.
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: [BUG] Loading Screen - Missing File
Confirm. Tried to relog few times but still crashes(
: aram hud bugs
: [minor bug] Shop - LeBlanc: Skin names are not shown
Just played hexa right now and ravenborn LB was shown as "bla bla not displayed skin 4"
: Star Guardian Lux does not show up on skin options even thought it is purchased
Also works as usual for me. Its unnamed but available on champ page. So i cant confirm
: 3 years supp main is nothing for u?
Bard is already strong. But without great communication every his spell will ruin teamfight. Try to play him 100+ games on live than speak. And only ranked pls.
: Idk. I highly disagree with this. I'm getting really tired of people saying he's only a "teamplay" champion and only does well with duo or more. I love him to death, and he's challenging as hell but it is possible to do well in solo; just not that often. I wouldn't call him a "teamplay" champ, but with a few tweaks to his kit he can solo q better. (Sorry, very opinionated about him :P )
3 years supp main is nothing for u?
: Untargetable quinn when she is in valor form
Confirm. Just now played aram vs quinn - she was untargetable in ult-form.
: Bard Buff Suggestion
Bard is very "teamplay" champion. He will never comes viable in solo q, coz he needs perfect communication inside his team to realize his potential.
: Teemo speed boots
Tried to check it few times, but cant confirm. Can i have a bit more info? Which mode you played when noticed that?
: Mystery Summoner Icon Null Bug?
: Unlock Mystery Ward bug
I bought 3 mystery wards - worked fine for me.
: [Mark/Dash Summoner Spell Suggestion] Make The Poro icons work In ARAM.
Probably they can add an additional effects on mark for ppl with poro icons.
: [Xerath - Guardian of sands] - Ulti corrupted
Sorry, cant confirm. Works as usual for me
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: [Client Bug] You can no longer read abilities of champions when hovering your mouse upon them
: NEW Skin for Syndra!!!
Syndra was released in 2012, she already has 2 amazing skins, last of them was released in may 2014. No reasons to make more at this time. Many old champs doesnt have new skins 2+ years.
: Game Invite Bug
: [Warring Kingdoms Katarina] Mark from Q stays spinning
Cant confirm. Tried on SR, TT and CS - for 3-5 minutes custom games didnt see same prob even once. Sorry my english.

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