: Sounds good.. Except.. What if everyone selects never to play support ? Aren't we going to have the same issues as before? I'm just curious.
The thing is that this change can only increase the number of support players in the queue. People who were already willing to support won't start excluding it, and people who don't want to support are already not playing support. There are many players, like myself, who don't mind supporting but don't want to do it constantly. However, given a choice, I'd rather support than AD, so I would queue as top/jungle with AD excluded. I wouldn't end up supporting as much as if I selected support or fill as primary or secondary, but I'll probably get it once every 4 or 5 games, which is substantially more than I was before.
: "I think a more healthier way to reduce it would be to reduce the cd by 1 second every time you manage to land an auto attack or a spell against an enemy champion." Only problem i see with this would probably be {{champion:96}} .
I think the Furor in Battle mastery is ultimately going to be much better on Kog even if Thunderlord's Decree worked this way. And if it was, you could just make a cooldown on the reduction effect to cap how fast it can come back up.
: How to Create a 4v5
The person can reconnect if they log back in. People prob just gave up tho.
: Yasuo's ult working towards the Oppressor mastery
It would, but... The other mastery in that tier is 1% increased damage for each unique champ you kill. As yasuo, you'll probably kill 2 different people by midgame. That's 2% ALL THE TIME, not just your ult. Once you've killed everyone once, that's 5% more to all your damage, including your ult.
: Idea for Fill Option for TBD
: Champions Select takes too long
I think the biggest thing causing dodges is having to lock in not just hover a champ to pick
: Jumping over a Caitlyn trap with Jax gets you trapped(is it a bug)
Rioter Comments
: What was your build, it would be interesting to test it?
Rageblade and Gunblade are the two important parts. I'm trying to figure out if I want or need a sheen item because trinity force didn't feel very good. I want to try Death's Dance to supplement all the healing. Nashors or Lich Bane could be good. The build feels a little wierd in that you don't do a lot of damage from any one source, but if you hit q's, autoattack, hit w, use E for damage, all continually, I think the damage output from this build is really high. It's also a good mix of physical and magical. It's a wierd set of items, but you end up proccing a bunch of stuff on your Q. Also having the aoe from the rageblade on Q's and AA's as Ezreal is pretty nice. The other important part is to take the Fervor mastery.
: Titanic Hydra + Guinsoo Rageblade
Right now the Guinsoo's 8 stack passive isnt working at all, at least it didn't last game.
: Ezreal Feels a bit Lackluster since he isn't terribly great with crit chance.
I tried hybrid ez with rageblade... it might be viable. just gonna throw that out there.
: MAJOR: [Caitlyn] Cait loses Trap and Net headshot passives
Me and a friend went into a custom game 1v1 nobody else, we both had passive on net and trap trigger one time and then be gone forever. This was directly after an entire game where the first proc I got was the only one that ever worked.

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