: Missing ability sounds in co-op game
Played a custom game with 9 bots. I couldn't hear any champion sounds except my own. I was playing base Taric if that means anything.
: ARAM Improvements Incoming!
How does Mark/Dash actually work? Same as Poro Toss? Most importantly, what's the cooldown?
: I Iike the idea of this change. What happens to The Brutalizer, though? One reason Black Cleaver was remade into a Brutalizer upgrade in the first place was that Brutalizer didn't have very useful build paths for spell-focused AD casters. Will we see an AD-caster-focused Brutalizer upgrade to replace that niche at some point? (Please let it upgrade into Essence Reaver instead of Vamp Scepter, please let it upgrade into Essence Reaver instead of Vamp Scepter...unless that would turn out to be gamebreaking, in which case don't do that.) Additionally--is it possible for us to see a mage tank buster item (one focused on magic resistance as opposed to armor) at some point?
Yeah, I'd love it if Brutalizer stayed instead of the Kindlegem. I like to sit on Brutalizer for some champions and then upgrade it, and this new recipe messes up that strategy.
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