: I agree, When the game becomes all about getting that one objective, URF fails to achieve what it’s supposed to do. The buff is so game breaking so all that matters is killing it. Had some games where my team was far behind. Then someone stole the drake and we started winning. Wonder what the win rate is for the team that takes the first elder... The buff doesn’t make fights skillful anymore. For instance I played Ap Ezreal, was doing decently well. Then we got elder. I fought a Lux, missed all my skills except E and gunblade and a few autos. When URF is not about outplaying your opponent, but instead getting a buff, something is wrong if you ask me.
clearly u dont understand that URF is literally suppose to be snowbally ASF. SO elder turrets and baron are there to do what they are suppose to. GIGA SNOW BALL THE GAME. Use ur brain. If RIot wannted to make a game where u scale and secure obj then they would, and they did. Its called normal league of legends.
: Dear Riot Games, about CLASH and Ranked Team
no lol. bad idea. no one literally ur gonna gather 5 of ur friends to afk, because no one is going to play this kind of style in the long run xD.
: None to Random URF ban please.
there is a reason why the None ban is the none ban. Because the person doesnt want to ban any champ. use ur head pls.
: Buff Aurelion Sol and Anivia in URF or Revert Transcendence to Help
Aurelion sol is so fkin broken. How do u not go 20 0 is 10 min. ANd if u want to play anivia dont play urf.
: Urf Fiora a bit to strong
literally not the champion but the player, u are just bad.
: Why is my account blocked 为什么我的账号被封禁了
: URF Low tier / Underused Queue
Terrible idea dont post it anywhere because no one really cares. XD


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