: [League client update] Briefly visiting the PBE for a pre-alpha tech test *Ended Mar 22*
In my opinion is this great that you guys are more working with visual updates. But please, please dont changed the lobby the old menu that we now still have (not champion sellect, just the screen while logged in) is still better, you have more vision about what you can do and see. The new menu (alpha) is too much blue and the play button isnt in the middle anymore and i really disagree with that. Also the old menu fits more in the game then the new one, the colour. And just the old lobby had more look and vision about it. It's just better i dont have a good feeling about the new one. For the aram update, its great! Maybe better then ranked, i really like it, but i still prefer the old results screen (after the game) Sorry that i cant explain it really good but i disagree with the new lobby PS. I still have a Pbe account, can i use it for alpha?
: Meddle with your settings. Things like hide eye-candy, turning off anti-aliasing, turning off vsync and turning off shadows usually helps a ton. PBE is perfectly playable from Europe
: Login Queue
yep same for me, normally it doesnt take long but now IM FKING WAITING A HOUR for the login queue, its keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps going, im getting tired of this, need too wait for 5000 logins, around waiting time:1,5 hours!!! jeez pls... pls fix this, im everyday waiting for a hour long, and i cant go on euw..... its not funny any more, i want to test the new graves, but i cant wait this long. ruined my night already. by the waiting thanks pbe!
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: Not getting any IP after matches
Its PBE, you need to do it with your 40,000 rp and the IP you get after unlocking all the champs, Also 1 skin cost 1 IP i got like 99999 IP dat enough for me So i dont see any problems in it, but its normale not getting IP i think
: Slayer Jimx review
Nice review i agree with you about the price, im also JINX main and i know what you mean. Riot also needs to stop making alot of 1350 skins, they are Nice i know that, but riot is making too many 1350 skins in a short time, (demon vi, spirit fire brand, Zombie NuNu, and Slayer JINX) They earlyer they started making more 750 skins, like the accedamy skins, also in a short time, they are now doing the same on 1350 skins
: PvP net.client laggy refreshing every purchase
Yea same goes for me, annoying laggy in the cliënt after purchase or purchasing


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