: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dawnbringer, Nightbringer, and Sugar Rush Chroma!
Hi, I need to comment on Dawnbringer Riven Parangon Chroma, I love what you guys did there but please you need to fix the glow of her back wing like things that come out of the shoulder-pads, it's really important, without more glow it feels like a much cheaper version of a 'Legendary Skin', the colors are really nice, all the changes including R1 transformation look great, but that lack of glow on those wings makes me feel like playing this skin with the chroma is not as great as without it. To me chromas are supposed to add to the base color scheme to make a skin even greater, but this detail makes it feel bad man... I hope you can do something about it, making it glow a lil' more is just tuning a setting so it's not a lot of work to make the chroma be as great as all Riven players deserve and want it to be. Please, please don't let it go live looking like a kinda cheap version of the original. {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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: Hellow Katey, how is all going? I Will be sincere, i don't like this skin, simply is not my cup of tea, but well, it has good things The Good: -Her floating shoulder armor are really representative of Arcade, and i am happy she use them as controllers on her recall too -The sound effects are really well chosen, you feel the retro game vibes. -Q VFX and E-powered basics looks really well, as the R Dash does. -The passive mark shape is beautiful, like a butterfly, i like it The Bad: -The passive mark colors, specially for the full charge, are underwhelming, doesn't feels good to stack it fully, KDA and Bullet Angel has a lot more noticeable mark. I think a Green gradient and a Little brigther can fix it, or only bright it a Little, but needs to be tuned up. -As the passive, the ult área is difficult to see, specially in low resolutions, where only the pixel sparkles indicate you that is active (i Think the KDA área is very easy to see, Prestige is too bright even). -The ult shield is too faint, a brighter color (and the same gradient of the dash if is posible) Will be enough. -Her hair, as some note, is closer to Vi than Kai'sa, she looks a Little bulky. -The color scheme of ther outfit is weird, 4 different colors, the red shorts, the Golden boots, specially when you see her back and the shoulder armor is more noticeable, looks like a mess. And also a thing i think is a bug -sometimes, for her top desing and her shorts, her hips looks broken, like her upper body were a different block (like Orianna's one), can you make her stomach are wider?, i think her waist is too thin, and thats creates that problem That is all, it has very strong points, but i really believe can be better, its only my opinion though. Good Luck!
I totally agree. - The passive mark is underwhelming - The ult area is kinda hard to see - The ult shield is too faint Please Riot fix this, being able to see the marks and the ult area and shield is really important for proper gameplay. I disagree about the hair, lots of champions have many different hairstyles in lots of skins, including Kai'sa, her hair in KDA and the prestige edition are totally different from the base skin and from bullet angel, and in the IG skin she has really short hair, the hair is fine, it looks really nice in the base and in every chroma (I checked all the chromas in game). Last but not least, Riot please tell me who the hell is that in the splash art???? that is not Kai'sa, I'm not talking about the hair, man that face is not Kai'sa's. I don't know exactly what it is, maybe it has something to do with her cheekbones, and her eyes being like asianized (nothing against Asians but she doesn't look Asian in her other skins, doesn't make sense), whatever it is fix it please. As a Kai'sa main I'd like to say I love this skin and I'm definitely buying it and the chromas but I would hate to go into every game for years and see this other chick who is supposed to be Kai'sa (but she's not) every single time, let me ask u one more time please fix the splash art. {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}


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