: Ha, this is a lowkey buff to ADC's Losing 5 armor while gaining 6 hp per lv is a buff to survivability in the long run to them and there is a big issue revolving {{champion:157}}. If the new {{item:3031}} is gonna be in patch 8.10, then he is gonna be busted. {{item:3031}}+Conqueror+{{item:3036}} and you can expect him to shred everyone. It will be too much unless you make sure that {{item:3031}} only deals true damage for ranged champs. Also. You need to prevent {{item:3071}} and {{item:3035}} from stacking because that is gonna make armor even more useless. And seriously, don't try and make every update be a lowkey Marksman buff because people have gotten wise to it.
building armor might as well not even matter after this. let's take darius for example shall we? against, say, a malphite with 300 armor. let's say darius autos malphite a couple times. one auto and a w. this applies his passive which stacks black cleaver up to a max of 24% armor reduction. that puts malphite down to 228 armor. not bad, but not great considering malphite's whole deal is stacking armor. darius gets inherent 30% armor penetration from his e passive. tack on 35% from LDR, that;s 65% of armor completely ignored, which brings down his armor value to 79.8, which is about 1.7 armor higher than his base armor value AT LEVEL 13. at a certain point, it's literally to your detriment to have over 100 armor. hopefully what this means, along with the removal of giant slayer, is that stacking health can actually be viable again, as long as there's a way to deal with bork abusers.
: Hey, Axes how will the new essence reaver interact with Yasuo q and e? Also won't this change make mobile marksmen like Vayne and Lucian uncatchable because of the constant dash cooldown reduction? these changes might make juggernauts obsolete because they can be kited much more easily
first of all, the internal item CD is 30 seconds, so even if an adc can bust out a bunch of ults in a row, it'll still need to account for that. second of all, the best option to counter those champs being outliers with the item is simply to increase their ult cooldown. it's a simple fix.
: What about making runan a non crit item again?
please? i wanna build this on kayle and teemo without feeling dirty.
: Riot didn't intend him to become a jungler. Take the short-lived Ezreal jungle for instance. Riot clearly intended for Ezreal to be an adc, so they quickly nerfed his jungling potential
: What champions are intended to be primary users of this Keystone?
that's my question. is it supposed to be a supplement to lethal tempo for champs who just want a shit ton of attack speed all the time? is this supposed to be for fighters? assassins?
: But i realy like that 50% crit is out of the game. At 50% you and your enemy both assume you just crit every second auto but either you gonna get upset that you just crited 1 or 0 attacks out of 4 or your enemy gets upset that you crited 3 or 4 attacks out of 4. Now we have: {{item:3086}} :20% You should not expect to crit much, there are chances but these would be real luck. {{item:3046}} : 30 % Other than your specicated zealpassive be it ghosting and dmgreduc, bolts or lightning nothing your enemy should fear. {{item:3086}} + ( {{champion:157}} / {{item:3031}} ): 40% Again you and your enemy should not assume to crit most of your attacks. {{item:3046}} + ({{champion:157}} /{{item:3031}} ): 60% Now both of you can assume you crit more as every second, still luck dependent. {{item:3086}} + {{champion:157}} + {{item:3031}} : 80% Expect to crit much but luck can be still unfaithful to you in favor to your enemy. {{item:3086}} + {{item:3046}} + ({{champion:157}} /{{item:3031}} ): 100%, no rng. Randuins also now 100% effective :) ~~120% crit~~ doesn't exist so doesn't matter. Also about compensatin as like it seems you fear for to much Damage and strangely list Yasuo: You realize that with the removal of {{item:1018}} he will get now 100% crit far later and for this have a weaker early game as he realy needs to finish an upgraded zealitem and either ie or another zeal. So either {{item:3046}} {{item:3031}} stays meta or {{item:3046}} {{item:3087}} could become new meta on him ;)
if yasuo wanted true damage crits he'd take conqueror, and i never got why shiv used to be core on him. sure it guaranteed the crit lightning, but isn't clearing minions the last thing yasuo wants to do in a fight? minions are his mobility.

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