: Aphelios PBE Thread
So I just played him in the practice tool. I really enjoyed his kit overall I think the different utility of each weapon makes him very diverse in how to play him. I do agree that the greens and blues don't fit the lunari theme. He would fit his theme better if they were grey, silvers, dark blues or purples. Just as an idea for quality of life after playing him, it would be nice if their was some way to select what weapons you start with because certain weapons are going to be better depending on where he is being played. Going off this same idea it would also be a cool idea that when he backed he either got his weapons recharged or maybe swap his weapons in the shop that way leaving base Aphelios could have a planned strategy to start. These are just my personal ideas so I have no idea how hard any of these would be to implement into the game to be honest. After playing him I didn't have any issues with his VO wasn't annoying or overly intrusive. Hopefully this helps.


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