: [Assassins] - Mini Updates Discussion
Hi! Zed main here! I have tried Zed for a few games now on the PBE and i feel like this nerf is a little too much for him. The ult AD % will 9/10 times not make up for his w ad% removal. Sure he still can do DMG with the new item stats lategame but compared to the other assassins he feels very weak. Also, because he is shit early game now it really is hard to get your lategame power.I feel that it is strange to nerf a champion that was already balanced this much (lower ad ratio on Q + W ad% removal). And also, since the "pop" effect on duskblade got removed doesn't his ult "pop" need a small buff again since that is what made it a little too strong before. But i really like the update ovarall with all the assassin/jungle changes! Will probably have to pick up talon as my second champion now tho since he is soo much fun now! /Nassor {{champion:238}}


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