: The cooldown on it is still pretty long. It doesn't seem to be a problem to me. Plus, AD champions still get to build {{item:3156}} , {{item:3814}} , {{item:3111}} and {{item:3139}} . The only armor items for mages are {{item:3157}} and {{item:3047}} . Zhonyas feels pretty overrated since games last about 8 - 10 minutes even with the one minute cd. Using your own argument, we should remove at least maw cause that shield and buff removes a lot of kill pressure from ap especially with it being a passive you can just forget about.
I was speaking mostly for the majority of ad assassins because the biggest offender imo is the invulnerability of zhonyas. Maw being removed would be pretty fair. Like with zhonyas, the only reason to build it is not dying because there are much better offensive or cdr items. It doesn't really help the purpose of the game mode imo. Edge of night provides a spellshield which can be used against all champs although i wouldn't be against tweaking the numbers on some of the defensive items. Most assassins lack the cc to make good use of merc treads or scim. Assassins are also particularly adept at dodging skills with their mobility so i dont see this being as much of an issue. If the enemy team has say a pantheon, elise, ahri, kennen, and rengar, I can see those being used as niche items even if they tweak the stats and price a little bit.
: Zhonyas is really important for AP itemization. :( So I don't think we'll be doing that (plus sick Zhonyas plays are fun :D)
First off, as a Talon main with almost 900,000 points across my accounts, I'm super excited for this assassin tailored game mode but I have a few questions regarding Zhonays. In a game mode about blowing people up, Zhonyas kind of sticks out. From what I understand, Zhonyas is meant to deal with the burst assassin, or high damage output enemy in a normal summoners rift scenario which also allows time for the team to follow up or shorter cooldowns to come back up. But because every champion in the is game tailored to the one-shot style, wouldn't it end up negating 75% of champions kits and making the game less about general assassins and more about AP bursters? As far as AP damage and itemization goes there are still a number of solid choices (even ones like protobelt for getting less burstable or providing mobility). Maybe I'm overthinking this and perhaps the item will end up being used in one fight and not be up for the next subsequent fights but it seems really anti productive to have that item for a game mode all about killing as many people as possible as quickly as possible. I feel like in this mode that lacks tanks, you wouldnt want to be building something like black cleaver or lord dominics to cover the enemies ninja tabi/Zhonyas rush build (and instead opt for flat pen) when the theme of the game is to burst the enemy squishes before they burst you.


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