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: Fiora Feedback Thread
I played a custom game and I killed a bot with my ultimate at level 6 with only 100 HP and a Doran's Blade. The heal at the end got me to nearly 100% HP. Also, by the time I got my full build, my ultimate healed for 375 HP/second, which is 1875 HP in total. And since some champions (mostly tanks) build a Spirit Visage, it will heal them for 2250 HP instead. In my opinion, I feel like Fiora will be a massive pain in lane if she gets pushed out like this. She can easily 1v2 if she gets ganked at level 6. And I can't even imagine how terrifying it would be to play against a Fiora+Soraka team. I propose that the heal duration is lowered to something like 3.5/4 seconds so that you aren't completely screwed over by Fiora and her team in a team fight or laning phase.


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