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: What determines what form is available to Kayn first?
Damaging melee gives darkin form damage to range charges assassin form
: [5/28] Taliyah really only needs buffs to help her against mobility
Her E needs to start slightly behind her its really hard to memorize where every individual dash in the game ends, wukong ends in front of you Akali ends behind you, Diana ends directly on top of you its an endless cycle of memorization.
: Against Triforce Change
The item is supposed to be a one stop shop damage item for bruisers most bruisers are going to prefer CDR and attack speed which has more consistent damage output and scales much better with other bruiser items and kits. The crit chance is meaningless on most bruisers who are rarely going to auto enough to make use of it. Caster ADC's are going to suffer slightly but if you tell me corki and yas can't take a hit and still come out in the a/b tiers.
: As a Yasuo main I feel trapped.
Honestly yasuo doesn't need access to sheen passive its far to powerful on him. you should be happy the trinity force changes are probably going to subvert the need for a more significant nerf in the future.
: Honestly after the Mage update, they should work on the supports. There needs to be changes where support is more exciting to play and more rewarding as well in game or out of game. Out of game, if someone fills a support with a support champion "tag", they should get bonus LP or IP for playing that role if they win or less LP lost because the team can't carry themselves. I say support 'tag' to avoid lane swaps in champ select if someone doesn't get the role because we don't want someone butting in and stealing someone else's role because its more rewarding in LP. And it should only work in 1-4 premade. Didn't include 5 because everyone can go mid for all matchmaking cares.
I find support to be a fun role when my adc isn't a dick. The issue with forcing them to play a champion with the support tag is that it punishes players for playing off meta supports and riot has said multiple times that while they design with the meta in mind they will never actively enforce a meta. The extra rewards should be reserved for those who queue as support primary rather than fill into support. More problems will be solved that way if it actually works with more people queueing up as support the demand for supports should stabilize which would increase the number of alternative roles that comes through for dedicated fillers. I'm not saying you will get mid every time you fill but you will at least get top and jung more frequently instead of just support.
: Support Role in Draft needs tuning ASAP
Very few people want to play support it is the least popular role by a significant margin. So until that changes the algorithm behind matchmaking is just going to make you play support almost every-time if you select it as secondary or choose fill. There is nothing riot can do to the algorithm to fix the problem that won't cause queue times to skyrocket. The only way for this problem to be solved is to make support a more popular role. Riot could incentivize the role by giving everyone who picks support as primary double IP or lowering the chest score threshold to an A for supports or in ranked you get extra LP if you queued support primary and subsequently lose less in a loss. There are a lot of incentives that they could add to the game to make support more appealing.
: Taliyah feedback thread
I'm running into issues where I frequently end up on the wrong side of my wall because I either dismount wrong or I get hit with damage I don't see coming and I pop off on the wrong side. I feel like Taliyah doesn't have the tools to deal with the nuisances of her own ability. I feel like taliyah needs some way to get from one side of her wall to the other. Terrain creation is already risky as it can back fire on you or your team as easily as it can help ({{champion:59}} is always helping with his ult.) I feel like Taliyah needs a way to mitigate the risk at least on a personal level.
: Personally, I feel like giving her more mobility would take away from the utility that her passive provides. Taliyah excels at being able to walk around walls because of her passive. If her W could do this, her passive wouldn't be as useful.
Her passive is for covering long distances when roaming or returning to lane being able to hop a wall isn't going to change the function of her passive considering that she is mostly going to use the wall hopping portion of her e in conjunction with her ult to make sure she is positioned correctly.
: While it is a neat idea, there is a possibility that it will give too much power into her kit. Her ultimate has the ability to go over walls already.
But considering that she literally makes a giant wall I feel like there are going to be times she ends up on the wrong side of it either because of the way it casts and other factors. she needs a way to play around her own wall and i think adding a small situational delayed dash to her e is the way to do that.
: This would change the ability a lot. Currently it can work as self peel if the enemy is right on top of you but with this change you would throw yourself with the enemy you want to knock away which would just feel terrible. Also if you don't recast for a direction it just knocks the opponent up which with your idea would cause you to get knocked up as well and thats just something you never want to happen.
The delay is too long to use effectivly for self peel in a situation where you would both be hit. The vector casting could use a little bit of work, but Taliyah is clearly designed to be input heavy so people who are capable of playing her well aren't really going to have a problem with knocking themselves up but it would be pretty easy to make it so that if you don't use the second cast it won't affect you personally. This would solve both of the problems you described, if you are using it for self peel just ignore the second activation and they get knocked up while you run and you can't knock your self up for no reason.
: Taliyah is amazing, but her Q zones stagnate laning very quickly
The trick is to make one q zone near the edge of the lane where it won't obstruct anything and use that q zone to last hit. I think riot needs to refund half the Q cd and more than just half of the mana if she uses it for the one shot so she has a good last hitting tool other wise she ends up blowing ground to last hit. Also the zones need to be much more visible.
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: [Elemental Dragons] Buff description should be visible from the beginning of the game
Make it so that you can hover the icon on the pit wall to get all the information. That way no one can argue that it will clutter up the buff bar or create a clarity issue.
: Thats an issue since the phantomhit mechanic first hit pbe, and atleast with devourer, AAtrox shares the problem, just that his W last infinit so he often has patterns where the 3ed hit is on his bassic rather than the ohantom hit, while diana usually starts at 0 on both passive and sated and thus most of the time has her passive proc on the ohantom hit. It feels just lazy that this still hasn't been adressed...
Shhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone but I know its just laziness. I've made half a dozen posts about it in gameplay I was just hoping that riot would actually look at a bug post.
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: Is it an oversight not making BotRK and Enchantment: Bloodrazor have the same passive?
They fill the same build space and Botrk is prohibitively expensive for a jungler, so I don't think its going to be a popular combo considering other items are going to create a much more potent combination such as the new rage blade.
: Rageblade feels like too much "hidden" power
I actually left a similar post with a clarity solution a couple of days ago a lot of people seemed to like it. Basically I think they need to take the wolf from the old Devourer and tack it onto the new rageblade. Every other item with major direct gameplay impact but with low visual value such as runnans, abyssal scepter, aegis of legion etc. has a very obvious visual indicator that it tacks onto the character model. They could take the wolf from the devourer and have it follow rageblade users have it get larger with the rageblade stacks and then when you hit 6 stacks it merges with your champion like sated currently does. Most of the time you keep track of champions that have impactful items. You tend to remember if someone bought thornmail or if champions with a classic powerspike got their item, so its pretty likely that you will remember when vayne gets her guinsoos so if she comes running out of the fog of war without her wolf buddy you know instantly that you need to burst her or run. but if she has her wolf buddy you know that she isn't fully ramped up. I'm not a programmer so I'm not sure how hard it would be to take a pre-existing visual effect and tack it onto another item but i can't imagine it would be too strenuous to hook up.
: No I'm sayign you just finished farming so you are at 8 stacks instantly switch to engage and win.
If you wait for the enemy vayne to finish priming her guinsoo's on your minion wave before you engage you kinda deserve to lose...
: but even then this is an adc who would be farming for a lot of the game when haven't they been getting stacks?
I don't think you understand how it works. It works like guinsoo's currently works you build up stacks on every auto the stacks don't help you deal additional damage they just give you increased stacks. After a certain period of time the stacks fall off.
: assuming 2.5 attack speed it will take a minimum of 3 seconds for any champion to get the passive ---------------------------------------- {{champion:96}} Hi
Yes with 2.5 attack speed it will take Kog at least 3 seconds to get the passive. If he w's he isn't at 2.5 attack speed anymore. My logic holds true within the terms I outlined.
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: Guinsoo's and Vayne (and other champions)
The difference is that the phantom hit effect on guinsoos is going to be gated behind the stacks. The phantom hit will proc for the 1st time on the 8th basic attack so assuming 2.5 attack speed it will take a minimum of 3 seconds for any champion to get the passive. I think that if phantom hit can exist in a balanced state in lol this is going to be the best bet. For vayne specifically the item will never be 100% gold efficient on a pure stats level because she has no ap scalings so it is unlikely to be picked up before a major attack speed item and a lifesteal item.
: Dont like Zyra's new Q shape. Miss the Circle
When you combo e and q now they can only dodge one of them if you put the enemy in the cross section the shapes synergise really well.
: What do you think about the the 4 elemental buffs? Air needs a buff.
Yeah I really noticed the in combat difference between the current 3rd buff and the wind dragon. I think with the removal of boot enchants there is room in the game for more flat MS especially since ADC's don't have furor anymore for kiting. For the fire dragon riot should put the amount of AD and AP gained from the buff in the info box when you mouse over the buff icon. Earth just made the tissue paper turrets problem worse, no exaggeration here with Rab, runic echos, Nashors, lichbane, and double earth+elder i 0koed a turret in 3 hits(with lich bane procs) on Diana. You literally cannot defend your turrets if they can get minions in range. Water feels really nice especially if you can get it early in the game its laning power is immense. I think we may see junglers that can solo early dragons become popular just because the buffs are immediately strong there isn't the same ramping power over the game anymore. So indirect buffs to {{champion:20}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:106}} and any other spawn dragon junglers in the game.
: I see a lot of mix feelings about who thinks what is strongest between fire, water, and earth which means wind just needs a buff to like 10/20/30% out of combat movement speed rather than 15/30/45 flat In the current scheme I think Water, Fire, and Earth are the most contested equally and killing Wind is just to get a chance for 1 of the 3 good ones; but a lot of pro players do not value regen so they will weigh more into Earth and Fire since Earth lets you kill Baron faster and Elder Dragon faster allowing that team to have even more threat when alone on the objectives
I think a lot more focus is going to shift into dragon in general. The more dragons you have the more control you have over the game, the more control you have over the game the more dragons you can collect. If you took dragon on spawn every time it came up you could have a potential of 6 dragon buffs which would pretty much be game over when you got the elder dragon buff (if not immediately). Since it is possible to collect that many buffs and even probable that at some point someone could collect 3 or 4 in a game, I wonder how RNGesus would respond to choosing which dragon to spawn if a team already had 3 of the same buff. Would it automatically remove that dragon from the list of potential spawns or would it still have the same dragon.
: > [{quoted}](name=20thCenturyFaux,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=dGijBlXB,comment-id=00080001,timestamp=2016-04-19T21:47:16.301+0000) > 4. When Zyra begins casting Q or E, all seeds that will become plants flash for her -- enemies don't see this currently. If it turns out they do need that clarity to be able to fight Zyra, we can certainly add it for them too; we haven't yet mainly because Zyra puts lots of stuff on the screen as is, so we wanted to keep particle clutter to a minimum. I would like to mention that I did not notice this flash when playing as her. Also, it seems to me that it would be more useful (and, from a technical standpoint, no different) to put stuff like that into the casting indicator, rather than as part of the spell animation.
It wouldn't work for smart casters if you did it like this. It could be added to the cast indicator **in addition to** the cast animation just fine though.
: Re: 3, we're going to try a version where passive seeds will wait while Zyra is hiding in a brush, spawning when she leaves or casts a spell / attacks.
Will this build up multiple charges of the passive that all just kind of pop out when she stops hiding, or will it just pause the passive and immediately drop a 1 seed when she leaves? Also I've been playing Zyra a bit an i notice that sometimes more than one seed will spawn when her passive activates is this intended?
: What if her ult spawned her old passive plant if placed on a seed, letting you fire the bolt with a second activation, or autotarget like heimer turrets
That's going to take more consistent power out of the rest of her kit to create a complicated unwieldy interaction as a misguided homage to the worst passives in the game.
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: Ya 1v1 is he really strong but team fights he is weak as AD Malz. Can solo Baron with 2.5 items as Jungler Can solo RH is you dont let it reset. Can do this at any lvl.
Thats what split pushers do they don't team fight they sit their asses top/ bot all game and force someon to come deal with them giving the rest of their team a numbers advantage if they actually send enough people to deal with Malz (i.e. at least 2 but i think malz could 2v1 if he dropped his voidlings and ulted before they proced his passive.
: And once the ADC is zoned out the plants will still go for anything that is in range do so attacking minions attacking the farm from my ADC and pushing the lane. The Q has a massive range to spawn the seeds even those pretty far away from the ADC i am trying to poke and zone out.
Then build a relic shield and stop bitching. The seeds aren't supposed to spawn in the perfect location everytime and early game her plants last half as long as they do currently so if you are using them right they might have a change to hit the minions one or 2 times max before they dissappear.
: MYMU - Zyra discussion
With her new passive her w ability seems kind of flat now. The ability to place 2 seeds where i need them is certainly strong but by mid and late game I feel like i spawn at least 2 plants every time I cast a spell. I have a recommendation make the seeds she plays from her W ability 'master seeds' basically in seed form they would be functionally identical to her seeds on live, the would give vision reveal champions when "squished" the whole deal, but when they get squished instead of just dieing they spawn a random plant or deal a small amount of damage and a short decaying slow to the squisher (this part is not core and probably would have some problem I'm not thinking of). And if you grew the seed into a plant the plant would have 6 health and last for 8 seconds like on live (potentially have like 30% additional attack speed or higher AP scaling than the normal passive plants). This would keep jungle Zyra from being screwed over by the plant health changes and make her W seeds more meaningful. With the damage reduction on the Q and her wave clear nerfs because of the shape change (I like the new Q a lot but it is worse for wave clear now) I feel like there is definatly room in her power budget for a little boost to her active seeds and plants (this would only apply to her active W seeds her passive seeds would remain unchanged)
: W says it increases the HP % of plants. Does this mean that they have regular HP now, instead of their # of hit based system? If so, I am concerned that you may have just absolutely gutted my main jungler -_-
She can still jungle can confirm as a fellow Zyra jungle main her clear is actually way easier now. Also can take a much earlier dragon and solo harold. just make sure you stand right in between gromp and blue before your 1st clear so you get seeds in the best possible locations standing inbetween the blue gromp and wolf camp worked for me as well but the rng made it risky. I ended up with all my seeds next to the wolves so i had problems with my blue buff one game.
: So, some thoughts from a 4 year Zyra main. I want to say, I really like Zyra's update. There's a lot of potential in her kit and is very flavorful, but I find that her mechanics are a little buggy, and a little lacking in the amount of flavor that the update hyped up. I'm mostly posting this here just to spark some discussion on her, as I feel she is very underplayed. I've played her about an equal amount in mid as I have support, so I have a feel for both angles for her builds and playstyles. So, here are some of my thoughts. My positives: * Her passive is interesting now! (Thank god. I mean, Thank Riot :D) * Her plants actually feel like they get better with Zyra, rather than just directly scaling off of AP. It's a lot easier to see the power curve. * Her identity is kept very close to the same. I don't feel like I'm playing a different champion, and that is very, very important to me. * Her damage is still up there. It's hard to say how it will play out with the new items so soon, but it looks good :) My negatives: * Her Q is.. Alright. It doesn't reach as far as it used to, so it's not as useful for poking. I have her ranges so engraved in my mind that I always feel like I'm reaching. This is a fairly minor complaint however. * Visually, I would like a nerf on the size of her Q, mainly because it feels so bulky for her. Her E is a somewhat narrow ability, her W is a tiny seed, and her Q is now this giant monster of an ability. Visually does not fit in with her kit. If it was as wide as her E, but longer range to compensate for the reach, I think this ability would be perfect. * Her plants are activated waaaay too far from her abilities. I understand it's to compensate for the seeds being random, but it just feels completely unnatural and I end up wasting a lot of my passive seeds. Some further thoughts: * The random seeds are a nice concept for feeling like this plant queen, but plants are anything but random. They group and spread. I do not think they should ever split off as far as they do when they're grouped as 2. * Plants want to live, so they shouldn't be growing in the highest traffic areas where they are sure to get stepped on by champions or minions (Direct center of lane, river, etc.) If they hugged walls a little more (Not to the extent of Illaoi), it would make more sense logically and look better. * Similarly, they shouldn't be so eager to spawn underneath enemy towers. These plants are spawning under enemy towers and in the center of the lanes right next to enemies. They have a death wish! * The one thing though, that I would take over any of my proposed changes however, is this: **If plants expire (Not killed), they turn back into a seed.** Please, please, please make this a thing. This is what a perennial does, and considering the massively shortened lifespan of her plants in the early game (and how easy the are to stomp), this would be absolutely amazing and really increase her identity towards being a control/plant mage. Even if it was your w seeds that are perennials, that would be more than enough. So, these are just the opinions of a 4 year zyra player. I didn't mention any of the bugs that I have found yet, because I want this to be more about the discussion of the mechanics of the champion rather than the bugs. Zyra is in a really great spot, and these changes are definitely refreshing, but I did have a couple of issues and really want to see her be the plant lady that she deserves to be.
> Her Q is.. Alright. It doesn't reach as far as it used to, so it's not as useful for poking. I have her ranges so engraved in my mind that I always feel like I'm reaching. This is a fairly minor complaint however. You can spoof the new vectors on the q to get a higher range than you could before. It takes some practice and the area you are hitting is smaller but you can increase the range. It basically works like velkoz q on a smaller scale.
: I am worried about her passive. As it spawns seeds constantly randomly you have very little control over where plants would pop up. This plus the increased ranges on plants spawning means lanes will be pushing far more often. This taking either farm away from the ADC cause you tried to root the enemy ADC for a little poke and you spawned two plants you did not plant but still go to town on the creeps. Or you try and farm up mid a bit and try and poke the enemy with a Q but end up with several plants and the lane keeps getting pushed cause you did an ability. Just I love the idea but I overall see more trouble then it's worth atm cause of how random the seeds are and how massive the plant spawning range is.
You still have your w seeds. You still can control where you place some plants if there is a critical spot they need to go in the passive seeds are just a massive bonus. You can control what your plants attack and if you are support zyra you should be setting your plants up to hit the enemy adc to zone him from farm. If you are playing well you should rarely push lane as support and mid zyra wants to push lane so she can set up a larger control zone.
: coming from a support zyra player, I don't really like this rework. Her passive is so random, her seeds can no longer act as a short ward, the plants lasts way too short and the seeds that come from her passive pushes the wave disrupting my adc's CS along with her q. What bothers me the most is that her old passive is gone that was something really unique to zyra changing into her true form, a giant flower looking to take someone down with her. It also seems so much harder to ambush someone with zyra if you're trying to burst someone while waiting in a bush and they see a seed spawn and just backs off. so what i want to know is, is her old passive confirmed to be gone forever? will she have to stick with the random seed spawning passive?
If you are dieing enough on Zyra for the passive to actually be useful you probably shouldn't be playing mages because you clearly don't understand basic mage principles like positioning or kiting. Stick to Garen and Yi buddy.
: that only works if people are dumb enough to walk in a bush they clearly see seeds near though
At which point they have to walk the long way around. Unless you are just cheesing the ambushes are generally used to zone out the enemy team from trying to contest or protect objectives. If they see the seeds and walk away you still did your job. and if they decide to risk it and walk through your garden enjoy the penta buddy because that damage is redonk.
: It's not that bad, the seeds spawn enough and the RNG seems to be weighted heavily in your favour. I've often found that wherever I want to dump a seed there's already one there 80% of the time.
Yeah especially late game there are seeds pretty much everywhere.
: Counting her old passive as a dimension is a streatch
^ I've literally gone 3 games in a row before where I never used my passive.
: Hi! I like the rework, it's a great fit thematically for Zyra but it will take some getting used to, I think. What I love most is that I feel like I'm playing a plant mage now. I'm not so keen on the idea of a random passive as it's just something I can merely 'get used to' rather than something I can master which is upsetting for an avid Zyra player who'd like to master every aspect of her. I wanted to ask about Q numbers and whether they are WIP. I feel like you may have nerfed her Q damage a bit too hard, that combined with the fact that you've made it harder to hit appears to be a very harsh nerf to her Q Out of curiousity, why did you change the interaction between her ultimate and her plants? I'm not sure what is stronger, the extra attack speed or the new buff but I'm just curious as to why. The vision removal on her seeds is something I'm unhappy about but I understand why you did it. Maybe just reinstate vision only for her W seeds and not her passive seeds and create a visual distinction between the two? This would eliminate the problem of having too much vision with her passive but maintain the vision functionality on live. Is there anything that can be changed about her passive seeds giving away a potential ambush? Maybe prevent seeds from spawning while she's in a bush or make passive seeds invisible if enemies don't have vision of Zyra? It's something that's so core to her as a champion and I think it's a great shame to remove the possibility of ambushing enemies. Finally, I think the passive spawn radius is too big. Too many seeds are wasted. Perhaps cut the radius in half and increase the timer on the seeds spawning? If you reduce the radius of seeds spawning quite dramatically then maybe you could put the vision back as if it's a smaller radius most of, if not all of her seeds will be spawning in her lane. Overall, I'm happy that Zyra is getting some much needed attention. thank you for reading!
I think the Damage nerf is justified considering she has so many plants now. I haven't felt like I lacked damage at all the opposite really.
: What if the old passive effect still exist? But anyways she is pretty good.
meh old passive was trash at best. Zyra is a pretty safe champion if you position well so unless you were bad you probably weren't using your passive much at all. I've had 5 or 6 deathless games on zyra and I rarely go over 2 deaths.
: Aren't you afraid that the new passive will push her further into the same issues Illaoi has? I mean according to lolking zyra already has a higher winrate at the lower elos,and this passive clearly has the same pattern of Illaoi where "She is really strong if you jump on her,but doesn't really have much of a way to make you jump on her",it would appear to me that lower elos would just play into her strengths and get crushed,whereas higher elos will play more around them,causing the same problematic pattern Illaoi currently has.
The difference is that zyra has always had that kind of playstyle she is the counter engage mage. She hass issue getting into position to use her ult to engage but if you position yourself on top of her she's set. The difference between Illaoi and Zyra is the fact that zyra is inherently squishy there is a potential reward to jumping on her because it isn't hard to kill her fast enough to remove her threat. There is never a reward for jumping on Illaoi. Assuming you don't go with some silly cheese build she's going to be able to take a hit so just kiting her out, poking and avoiding an all in is going to be more effective. Beyond that Illaoi has no way to force people to stay with her in her zone which means that a full tactical retreat after her ult can compltely counter her. Zyra on the other hand has a aoe 1 second stun on top of a root and lots of slows from her vine lashers meaning that if you don't kill her you have to keep playing in her garden for quite a while.
: AD Malzahar is so broken
I think hybrid/AD malz is going to be played as a hardcore top/jung duelist/split pusher now. He will just tp in for drag and solo baron for his team while they exert pressure. You can't duel him its just not possible his passive makes him burst proof so you have to deal lots of sustained damage to kill him but he can wreck your ass with voidlings and ult you have no real options.
: > [{quoted}](name=Drafar,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=dGijBlXB,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2016-04-19T20:52:59.131+0000) > > Current Zyra plants can't survive a single tower shot. Since towers instantly attack champion minions does the increased plant health upon leveling allow her plants to survive at least one tower shot? The plants actually start at 2 health and with the passive get back to 3, so they don't have more health than normal. That said, we did try a version like that--it ended up pretty painful for Zyra's enemies, given that she has so very many more plants than before. If Zyra can roll up to a tower and drop 4 plants that each soak two tower shots, then have two more ready by the time those die... yikes xD
Would it be possible to reduce the damage that the plants take from minions and monsters back down to where they are currently? I play a lot of zyra jungle and the increased seeds help but my plants keep getting killed instantly by every camp but gromp often after only getting 1 attack off. The general jungle technique is to spawn a your 1st plant and use it to tank the camp long enough for you to take down the small mobs then spawn your second plant to beat the large monster. Right now I need 2-4 plants to deal with the small monsters which is either possible because the random seeds spawn close enough or its not possible because they randomly spawn over a wall from where you need them. I can't clear the raptors at all until I can one shot the small ones with a q-e they clear my plant before it can even attack once. I understand the need for enemy champions to be able to deal with them but the reduced life span and the reduced plant HP is too big a nerf to her jungle. I understand that jungle Zyra is very niche but as it is not a super toxic playstyle or build I would like to think riot would be willing to support it.
: I've played probably a thousand games of Zyra or more. My visceral reaction to the passive update is just unbearable disgust. It looks so ugly. I don't care about strength or power. It feels wrong. Why would a sentient plant be so wasteful and random with seeds? Ew. Ew. I cannot say this enough. It makes no sense. From a tactical perspective passive seed spawns appearing out of brush not giving away Zyra's exact position is rather moot. The fact that a Zyra is nearby will ruin any 'you think this weak little ADC is here in bot lane all by himself' ambush attempts. Also rather disappointed W did not become a real ability. Denying vision on seeds takes more skill out of considering whether to use as a ward or hold for in lane fights. Is there still time for you guys to re-do this? What if plant spawned on Q/E intersect, new ability on W, new non-Illoai passive. Please, not like this.
> Why would a sentient plant be so wasteful and random with seeds? Ew. Ew. I cannot say this enough. It makes no sense. What have you been smoking. From archetypal standpoint plant (and to a larger extent nature magic in general) is always much more random and wild a magical sentient plant like Zyra is going to want to spread her children/seeds and her power by extension. Plants aggressively occupy as much space as possible they don't care where their seeds land as long as they grow. You don't see plants putting thier own seeds in a specific patch of dirt they'd rather strap them bad boys to a mini-helicopter and let em' fly, or hook them on to a wild animal to go on a ride to the great thither.
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: That's because they're bullshit and no fun to fight against. As usual with reworks.
Then stay off the PBE even if there are no bug's we need to play and play against reworked champions so we can give riot feedback on what feels "no fun" to play against. Riot can make re-adjustments before release if there is a real counterplay or gameplay toxicity issue but they need the data and feedback to do anything about it.
: His turrets aren't traps. I believe having more than 3 turrets wouldn't be balanced (not saying it wouldn't be fun:D ).
Its urf balance goes out the window. Hiemerdinger is incredibly binary from a balance standpoint, he either counters you and you lose, or you counter him and he loses. Increasing his turrets in urf really wouldn't change that dynamic the champions who counter him because they can deal with his turrets from range will still do that and champions who he counters won't be any more countered.
: Hexakill, and why it should be changed back to Summoner's Rift.
If they adjusted the gold and experience earned up it would be fine. The cramped map is part of what makes hexakill on tt fun, its a constant blood bath team fight like aram but it has enough map space for positioning to actually come into play so champions that need to make flanks to succeed can do so. The issue is that it takes so long to get levels and items with the gold and experience being cut in half that you basically have to play extremely gold efficient champions that are not reliant on their ults. The issue is that there is no way for anyone who needs to reach an item or level power spike can do so without getting shit on by early game champions who snowball the game out of control before anyone else have a chance to get some foot hold.
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