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: Unable to login
I am having the same issues. I am even running it in the admin mode...
: Public Chat is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in my life.
Just do what I do, block the spammers. Problem solved.
: > [{quoted}](name=W4RH34D,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=6pIuo3IB,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-07-11T20:08:12.746+0000) > > The rules I am stating is the rules put in place by **_Riot._** > [{quoted}](name=W4RH34D,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=6pIuo3IB,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-11T19:55:30.408+0000) > > If you cuss I'm sorry, when was swearing against LoL policy? Last time I checked people from Riot outright said that you SHOULDN'T report for that unless it was directed at someone in a hateful manner(so in clearly non-joking ways). Shit, if you even read some of the lore there's swearing in it of people getting called "bastards", "damn", "god damn", etc. so to say that all of your rules are put in place by Riot is completely false.
It states as a tip on the loading screen just because you can turn off the language filter is not a reason to cuss. There are children and minors that play this game. Would you like it if someone was cussing around your child. I can't stand it at all. Obviously I understand cussing in a manner that is not directed. I don't mind it. My issue is when the cussing and harassment is directed. That is what I report. Also if someone states an extremely derogative slur/comment, even if it is not directed at anyone, they should be reported.
: Fiora 2nd E AA crits towers
I wasn't sure if this was intended or not. I can confirm as well.
: Fiora and Inhib/Nexus interaction.
Yea I just found it as well. I destroyed the Inhibitor in 2 seconds and the Nexus in 3. Lol so awesome yet broken af. Riot I love Fiora now. Minus the bug ofc.
: I totally get where you're coming from with your post, but it's really easy to say that somebody who disagrees with you is a "rude veteran" THAT isn't fair.
Disagreeing with me is perfectly fine. I encourage it. Did you not read the tone that summoner took? They were rude and confrontational.
: Same problem happen to me yesterday while playing, these two pbe testers were just cursing up a storm and telling my team mates to go kill themselves, i already reported them, but im sure it wont be the last i see of them though.
Thank you for posting and it does happen more often then not. I am happy you were able to report them and hopefully those testers will receive the appropriate punishment from Riot.
: I agree with you, people should really stop toxicity on the pbe. It's just for testing and not for flaming or something. Thank you for this message anyway W4RH34D
Thank you I appreciate everyone's input both positive and negative.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zair Silversky,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=6pIuo3IB,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2015-07-11T23:03:11.407+0000) > > I'm going to guess you're one of the noobs to the PBE then. Ok, you can give your opinion, but couldn't you write it more nicely? I mean there is many ways of writing, so Why do you even start with this sentence. It just makes people rage at you, since it sound really aggressiv. I got your points, but still try to explain it nicely, polite, without attacking someone, or give people the feel being attack.
I know I felt like I was being attacked by that comment.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zair Silversky,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=6pIuo3IB,comment-id=000600000001,timestamp=2015-07-12T05:09:50.278+0000) > > > I also never said it was okay to be an ass. I was simply stating WHY a lot of them are asses. It's not uncommon for some one who's grown tired of trolls to be a bit ass hole-ish when people are trolling some more or people are playing horribly. It's always annoying when your teammates are god awful, especially when it's every single game. It's been weeded out a bit, especially the trolls, but there still needs to be some fixes. People who are playing on PBE come from different divions, so if for example you are platin.-player on live server, her on PBE you might play with bronze/silver/gold/platin./Master/diamon/Challger/non-ranked players and since PBE is for testing it doesnt matter with who or which division they are, you just need to keep in mind that they might not be that good. So reporting them here for being bad is not a reason. However, if you clearly see that they are feeding intentionaly, you can report them, but still I do you know when to report someone, people just report other people for everything and sometimes they aren't the problem. For example, if someone after 5 minutes just stays at the middle of his lane, like top-lane. HE doesnt move or do anything, how can you tell he is trolling or he is having connection problems...? that's the problem, you can't tell it. The only person who knows is the player himself..., he could respond, but what if his chatbox doesn't work... So on PBE, since it is for testing, reporting people for their skill is irrelevant. So just play your game try to have fun and don't rage. ^^
I completely agree with you Shellya.
: sry but i don't thing that your post will change something... nice try :/
You are probably right, but I want to be as proactive as possible.
: I'm going to guess you're one of the noobs to the PBE then. A lot of us veterans had to deal with the era of 'IT'S JUST THE PBE, I DO WHAT I WANT', then the person proceeds to purposely feed and AFK. That was back in S2, early S3 since the entire PBE was completely open to anyone. You could make your account at any time and it wasn't uncommon for complete noobies to the game to hop onto the PBE, then beg Riot for RP and IP so they could buy stuff, even going as far as lying on these very forums that they didn't get their stipends for the weak. So when you complain about veterans being rude, it's because we've been DONE with all these 'It's just the PBE!' types and the people who use the PBE to test out champions before buying them on the Live servers. It would be one thing if they're testing out new champions or updated ones, but they're not. They're almost always testing some off the wall champion and bitching the entire game how badly the champion sucks, etc. PBE is for Testing CHANGES, not for testing out things you haven't gotten on Live. As for you though, to make a thread on the forums threatening to report people for being verbally toxic? I don't even know how this gets upvotes. You're achieving absolutely nothing by being here. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The toxic players will be toxic and they won't be reading the forums, nor will they be caring about when you say 'Reported'. 'This is PBE' is their logic. It will always be their logic. And you saying you're going to 'report' them is just being all White Knight about it. You shut up, you ignore what the person says, you report them at the end of the game. You don't waste your time typing, you don't waste your time on here, you don't do anything but continue to test what you're testing and at the end, you throw the person under the bus.
Wow a perfect example of a rude veteran. Thank you fro proving my point. As for being a "noob" to PBE. That matters not. I find it hard to test the changes when people are toxic. You, for example, flamed me for posting this thread addressing the toxic issue that seems out of control. How about the old saying, "if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all". I appreciate your input but don't be rude.
: Um yo look I agree with you and all but it really isn't your place to clog up the already overfull PBE forums with a pointless thread? Just report the flamers and leave it at that. Don't make a big show as a "social justice hero" or whatever the hell you're trying to be. Let Riot do their job and stay in your lane.
Actually since it has become a massive issue, making a forum seems to be the only way to respond appropriately. Especially since people think they can do whatever they want on PBE. Therefore completely necessary. A lot of people do not report others on PBE because they do not know, or do not care, about the rules and proper reporting procedures for reporting bad behavior.
: ...League of legends is meant to have fun not be controlled buy reporting anyone that says one thing that is against this rules "you put in place." How is that fun? I agree that PBE is meant for testing but league of legends is about having fun and finding bugs along with having fun. Just because you don't have fun like the other way people do, you have to control the chat? That's not far to report someone for saying one thing that is against these "rules" but do what you want I'm mainly here to say that I'm not talking in chat until there is some type of freedom.
I am not saying take away your freedom. I am saying have fun without flaming anyone. I am saying have fun in chat without abusing it. There are many people that take the public chat for granted. I for one do not want to lose it again. There are many people who flame and then say," It is PBE. What is riot going to do?". Have fun but be mature is what I am saying. We are all people and deserve to be treated as such. Flaming others may seem harmless but is actually extremely detrimental to your health. I just want a clean environment. The rules I am stating is the rules put in place by **_Riot._**
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: All games seem to lag out permanently around 15 minutes in on the new gamemode.
My game lagged out at 12:20. It said attempting to reconnect. When I alt tabbed the client wasn't even showing me in game.
: PBE feels a bit pointless tbh.
PBE is far fro pointless. I understand your frustration. We are here to test and yes give feedback. However, just because Riot does not answer does not mean they don't listen. Just do you best and have fun. I have been here long enough to know that riot does listen.
: [Zeke's Herald] Cassiopeia get 5000 AP
: A Guide to the PBE, v2.0
I dare say it Amy. This looks better than Lunar Revel's. Amazing job and thank you for making a new one!!!!
: restore ping counter
Or at least have it available when you press tab. I would like the same for FPS please.
: (Bug) Chat Text Box disappears while typing.
I had the same issue in my last game. I was playing BMB when the chat box would disappear. What I typed would be sent to the parties intended but I had to type the rest of the sentence. Not a game breaking bug, however it is an annoyance.
: PBE (New HUD)
I love the new HUD but I agree. I would like to see what other players have for KDA.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Butcher’s Bridge ARAM
I just played my second game of Butcher's Bridge and I love it. I have noticed two issues though; 1) The mouse cursor blends in with the colors on the deck and surroundings. When you are using a large screen like I am that is very difficult to keep track. I think maybe tweaking the cursor color or making the deck a little brighter might help a bit. 2) There was a major glitch where 4 of us disconnected on my team. We reconnected immediately afterward. Other than that GREAT JOB RIOT!!!! Keep up the good work.
: Remove crystal scar.
I think that you, Sins, need to realize that the universe does not revolve around you. Just because YOU don't like something doesn't mean it should be changed. That is like saying you don't like the Moon so it should be removed. Before you post anything else please think of what you are trying to say. I agree with Mega Garchomp and Lunar Revel on this. If you don't like it then don't play it. You are now at 16 down votes. That should tell you something. Also this has nothing to do with PBE so take this discussion to live.
: There is a difference between trash talk and being toxic.
Trash talk leads to toxicity most of the time. The only time it doesn't is when you are playing with friends. Even then sometimes it can still lead to Toxicity. You don't know the other people so how do you know if they can handle it? Trash talk to you could be super toxic to others. This is why trash talk is not allowed. Think of it this way, if you are at work or in school and you trash talk your supervisor/teacher will you be punished. The answer is yes. So why should Riot allow it here. Just don't do it. You want to trash talk go play COD or something. This is a team oriented game. Trash talking only upsets others which will change the course of the game and hurt the 4 other people on that players team. So to TL;DR, Do not trash talk. Don't be toxic. This is the core rules of Riot. If you cannot follow this then please don't play League. There are people here who want to have fun and unwind from a hard day at school or work. They don't want to put up with that crap.
: league of legends is the only game out there that punishes you for trash talking
First of all the fact that you posted something like this says a lot about you. Are you a toxic player? If not than don't worry. In today's, day and age people more than ever feel like they can say what ever they want online for reasons I know not. Just because it is a game doesn't make it right. Bullying and harassment is still bullying and harassment. Honestly I think Riot should be more strict on people who harass players. I am not saying don't give them a second chance. I think in most cases it is appropriate to give a second chance. However there are extenuating circumstances when harassment should get you perma banned and that player should never be allowed to play League again. Any who, to make a long story short I have 2 responses to your post. 1.) This is for PBE please post stuff like this on Live. 2.) This is an optional game and if you are unhappy with the way Riot treats rule breakers and toxic players make a stink on live or if you are toxic yourself just stop playing. Yes harsh but League is only becoming more toxic and Riot is doing an amazing job at combating this issue. We as players need to be more proactive than ever to report and leaving documentation regarding the toxic player.
: A in-depth look at Ekko's issues
I kinda of agree but you missed one point. All you have to do is stun Ekko and he can get bursted very easy. This is like all other Assassins. Like all assassins they deal massive damage but get killed easy when stunned. I agree that he is over powered but 1 stun and he dies. So their is some couter play to him.
: Star Guardian Lux Recall
I personally love it. Remember that this skin is based on Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon and other 80's anime/cartoons were loud and noisy. It just blends well with the theme.
: ekko ult clone not showing up
: Remember to report toxic behavior. We've got tools in place to try and keep PBE as healthy as possible, and that helps. Overall numbers have dipped a bit, we've not had login queues or custom restrictions for a few days now.
I agree with Lunar Revel on this. I know to implement something like this would take a lot of time but it would be a valuable feature to have. Even if it was for PBE only.
: Is it safe to log back in yet?
You can make a solo custom again. That is what I have been doing. To answer your question though no not really. Although most of those people I think have left for now.
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Ekko can easily be countered with cc. aand as long as you dodge his q and w you are fine. However, you are right about his burst. So op.
: Bjergsen: "Dude, Turtle. Why is your farm so low?" WildTurtle: "I can't help it, man. The map is too pretty." # BlameItOnTheMap
Hahaha. Brought me to tears!!!!
: Okay so I take back what I said about Ekko's burst.
Ekko's burst in insane. You can 2 - 4 shot almost any champion with the exception of Zac and tanks like him.
: I want to apologize
It is good to hear this experience has helped you. I appreciate you for apologizing to out fellow testers. I hope this experience helps you on live as well. Always remember that PBE is a testing ground first and foremost. SO remember to have fun. Laugh off the crazy antics. Mute the toxic people and report as such. I think if you do this and have a positive attitude you will notice not only will your experience be better but you will play better too!!!. Again, thank you for apologizing. It takes courage to admit your wrong doings. Have a nice and can't wait to see the new and improved you!!!!
: PBE community needs a reboot
I find that this type of attitude will cause more toxicity then rectify the issue. I am bronze/silver on live and I am not toxic. Why should I be removed from PBE because of some other players. If they try to play competitively, just advise them that this is PBE. PBE is a testing ground and is used for such. This is why we are beta testers. Please refrain from trying to single out an entire group of people because you think that all people from bronze/silver are "scrubs" or "toxic". I have seen more people in Gold and Diamond be way more toxic than in bronze and silver. Remember this, PBE is monitored much more closely for toxicity then on live. Just report the player leaving a detailed report and they issue will be resolved. Also you can block the toxic player as well so you won't have to play with them again. I understand your frustration however this is not the way to solve the issue at hand.
: This guy does not deserve PBE or any LoL account.
Next time please submit a support ticket.
: URF in PBE
Go to Live. URF is now available on live!!!!
: the new balace changes
I agree with you about Nidalee. First Riot stated they will not be nerfing her because she is as balanced as she can be atm with all the jungle tanks around. Then they nerf her. I can't help but think they did this to appease the people who gripped, moaned and complained about her and demanding a nerf. This does upset me a little because yes she is super strong but she is also extremely squishy. Now she is even squishier.
: Arclight Velkoz Invisable Tentacles
I saw the same thing. Although it wasn't until about 20 minutes in. Once they disappeared they never returned.
: Still Down
I am anxious as well but it will be worth the wait. I am so excited for all the new content.
: Runes and Masteries; More Pages?
Have you bought the rune bundle yet? As for masteries you can have up to 20. Same with rune pages.
: PBE Account Period Over?
Summoner's who are active community members can keep their PBE access for a pretty long time. Just play once in a while, help other Summoners, find some bugs, leave your feedback and do not break Summoner's Code. Rioter's comment: Riot Feithen There used to be a system that would deactivate accounts after a set period. That's no longer the case, and you can only be removed now for bad behavior, or going an extended time without playing. :) Thanks, Fei You can find this info and more on the sticky thread Useful information for new PBE players.
: by testing cycles does that mean they will be rotating in new testers? i dont wanna suddenly lose my pbe (would suck) i wanna get to testing out some of these new skins and item changes!
No this is no longer the case. As long as you follow the rules, continue to be an active member on the PBE you account will be available for virtually forever. All this info and more is located on the main page on the sticky thread Useful Information for new PBE players.
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