: I hear you... well, please keep it at the top of the stack for when 'major additions/changes' are being looked at. As far as a simple critique, the volume could be tuned down for the lobby-music/lock-in sounds... I know you're able to change audio from the top-corner, but this also forces you to go back & change it in-game once again, which' an unnecessary nuisance; in other words, I feel like the lobby-sounds are overtuned in comparison to the in-game sounds... Fixing the tuning is one option, or else you could provide different options/sliders for pre-game & mid-game sounds. Otherwise... I absolutely love the feature, and think it's perfect beyond that. The sounds themselves are awesome & the feature is impeccably designed.
You're right, you shouldn't have to manage these kinds of sounds, just turn then off or on. It's possible we haven't found the sweet spot, yet.
: I only had time to try Team Builder in one game, but i must say it looks like the best thing ever! It will finish with people arguing in champ select, instalocking, etc, which is one of the big problems the game has right now in my opinion. So i can't wait to see this in live servers :D
: One thing I notice right off the bat... "Availability: Very Short" What does this MEAN? Does it mean that I should have a fast queue pop? Because I've been sitting here for a while now, and no pop...
We've been receiving feedback that "Availability" isn't the most accurate label and we're going to address that. "Very Short", however, should mean you're not waiting long at all, but the system may need to be used for a while before it's consistently accurate.
: You are making this very difficult to me... Testing at 21h is hard to my schedule because I have to go to bed at 22h... Now it starts at 22h... T.T... I won't have time to test it fully. I can test some things but I no longer will have time for a game... I know there's issues behind software but team builder is something I crave for... **A LOT**! Seems like, for these kinds of things, you don't listen to us...
Sorry to hear that! We're as anxious as you are to have Team Builder available all the time and I assure you that day will come. I know these testing windows haven't had the best timing for everybody.
: @VonBurgermeister, have y'all considered/talked about the "alternate champ idea" I proposed?
Your message was received. Right now we're focusing on getting the core stuff right and probably won't be talking about anything beyond those until players have had a chance to use Team Builder for a while. We'd like to see how players use it so we'll have a more educated perspective.
: [Team Builder] Clarify "Availability"
Good feedback - thank you! We weren't able to fit that change in before the latest round of PBE testing, but we've been hearing that this was confusing.
: This is amazing. So far, I'm loving everything about it. rito pls
: Well maybe once you select a champ and hit "done" - The screen shows up similar to the current client when you lock in, it shows the available skins for you to cycle through. This screen (http://gyazo.com/f57d7d0af888456b7b6581fcfa83d755) has plenty of space to add a similar design to the LIVE client (http://memberfiles.freewebs.com/50/28/74322850/photos/undefined/KK%20vs%20FLG%20Seeding%20Game%20CS-2.png) after you've locked in. It also presents a small chance for marketing skins to people since they can browse through and purchase. Not really a problem, but i couldn't find anything else at the moment that i didn't like with the new Team Builder. You guys have done a great job!
Thanks, Instalock Mid! Auto-forwarding once you've selected your champion in a similar way to the current champion select. Makes sense. Given that this champ select is in a modal window and the primary action buttons in modals typically close the window, do you think clicking "Done" and then auto-forwarding would be surprising to players?
: Basically, I think he would love a panel where he can choose his skin from. This is truly a #firstworldproblem, but some (aka a lot) of players have multiple skins for their favorite champion, meaning that when they queue, they may queue up 3-4 times in a row, wihtout changing skin, only because htey used to have free time during champ select to choose their skin. Right now, not only do you lack that clear "change skin NAO" moment, but you also lack the "free time". I believe a good fix would be that a little panel appears when you select your champion, where the portrait of the skins are shown, and you can choose from them. --- EDIT : P.S. Be careful with the "internet tone", your comment could be seen as mean/snob. If you want tips, ask Griftix, I think he's the guy I saw that has the best way with words...
Hmmm... yeah... I see what you mean. Tried to be brief, but probably came across like a jerk. Didn't mean it that way at all. Sorry and thanks for the feedback! What I'm trying to gauge is whether the system acted unexpectedly and if so, how.
: Me being an avant garde player rolled with it. My Lissandra support fit together quite nice with the Leona Support, bot of us got relics and shared the happiness. We won the game.
: I must say, teambuilder looks amazing! only one thing I noticed: rune descriptions go off the page, as seen [here](http://s22.postimg.org/xfgqi5lxd/teambuilder.jpg). Would be a simple fix for the hover icon to be inverted if it went off. Oh, and the abrupt music ending when it took too long got annoying but wasn't that big of a deal. Maybe a better flowing or longer track.
Ha! Guess we've discovered the limits of the dynamic tooltip, haven't we? lol We'll need to look into whether the tooltip is recognizing the limited space. Thank you!
: Feedback as i go along. The queue is reallllly long but I'm assuming that's based on limited players on PBE for testing at the time etc. Setting up my champion, skin, summoner spells etc went without a hitch. Smooth experience. In regards to the focus of this test from VonBurgermeister (unique name)- -I didn't see any error messages. -I could tell when the match was made and don't see any issues with that feature. -The music in champ select is a little loud, you cant even hear chat sounds. - the timers feel really good - everyone was extremely well mannered in champ select -Lock-in sound is badass I would like to be somehow prompted or reminded to select a skin after i pick my champ. on LIVE once you lock in it shows skins so youre reminded. On the teambuilder you have other options to go through so its easy to skip. All around its been a great experience so far! Other than maybe a better option for skins i really thing this will offer an extremely rewarding experience for normal games! Thanks a ton
What would you have expected the system to do to remind you to select a skin?
: **2 Supports in same game?** I just went into queue as support and got matched botlane with another support, is this supposed to happen as some sort of "he been in queue too long, just put him into any botlane role" ? http://i.imgur.com/swJwbEJ.jpg -------------- **Rejoining queue when already ingame** Also, I just had some strange bug where I got placed into a game, but Im still able to rejoin the queue for matchmaker, see this screenshot where you can see my game loading in the background. http://i.imgur.com/ngGouVp.jpg
The captain may have wanted two bot laners playing "Any Role" and seemed fine with accepting two supports. Did you roll with the comp or did you find another group?
: Team Builder
Glad you're digging it, Stealthed Teemo! Let us know if you spot ANYTHING you felt was weird, missing, etc. We really appreciate the feedback.
: Here's my opinion overall: - No messages - No, after getting into the group I had no idea what the system was doing. I just said ready and after a minute or so of talking we were thrown into the loading screen. - No messages - Everyone was a lot more lenient on what they cared about (takes forever to find a top lane marksman though)and were overall very nice. - It's PBE so they seem naturally long. My suggestions: - After selecting my position and q'ing up, I went to look at my runes and was unable to view my self again. I think we should be able to at least change runes, materies, and summoner spells. While waiting in q I even forgot which champ I locked in (maybe I'm just dumb). - summoner spells do not stay set and always go back to flash exhaust. This caused me to jungle without smight one game. But overall it was a great experiance. Awesome mode. EDIT: Spelling
To make sure I'm understanding you on a couple points: * a game started before you realized what was happening * while in the solo queue, you were looking to at least review your settings but couldn't Were those correct?
: Team Builder is GOOD! But the waiting time was too long! Maybe you can add a choose "any position, any role" to avoid some builder wait too long. And Solo player can choose more than one position & role, maybe 3~5 sets.
PBE has a smaller player base, which *might* be an influence on the wait times, but we'll keep an eye on things, just the same. Thank you!
: I found something. When you don't own a skin for a champion and you go to the shop and but one, the skin becomes invalid until you exit the queue and go back in. Steps to reproduce, 1. Queue up for team builder as Team leader 2. Pick a champion you do not own a skin for 3. Go to shop while still in queue and buy skin for said champion 4. Attempt to select skin. Not sure if this really invalidates the skin or if it just says it.
There are a number of things related to skins we've not completed or worked out the bugs for. Sounds like that's one of them. Thanks for sending us the repro notes!
: Hello.:) I've just tried the Team Builder minutes ago. I've played Leona as a support, bot lane. Everything was easy to be understod, the matchmaking was fast. I got nice teammates. Everything worked out fine. So far, it seems for me at least that, the Team Builder is quite fast and usefull. The only confusing thing occuring to me was the: You've been kicked out from the game mesage. Everything else seems to be working just fine so far.
What did you find confusing about the kicked message? Was it unexpected? Was there more information you could have used?
: I must say that I have been using the teambuilder for a couple hours now and it is fantastic! I get to establish a quick and friendly environment as the captain and then that helps the rest of the game go smoothly! Queue times seem to be faster too and just all around better! Good job Riot!
: Team Builder is testing today and tomorrow (Nov 20th and 21st)!
Hello again, PBE Community! VonBurgermeister, here, User Experience Designer at Riot. Your feedback during our initial PBE testing of Team Builder was incredible (to say the least) and we're all very excited to be back. I'm anxious to resume our conversation and to follow-up. Our focus areas this time: * Were any of the system messages in the chat log confusing? * Could you tell when a match has been made? * If you saw any error messages, did they clearly explain what happened? * What have your experiences with other players been like in Team Builder so far? * How do the lengths of the timers feel? * Anything else you're experiencing you'd like to mention Have a great time, Summoners, and let the feedback begin!
: Ok cool, thanks for being really active on this by the way. I'm really excited that you guys are putting in so much time and effort and come up with some really bomb ideas.=)
You're welcome! You all deserve something great and we're doing everything we can to make that happen.
: ok, if u take the "u" as an "u", u are the Burger-Master, that still rocks, but i dont know if u r better than Burger-King :p
I may have to see if "Burger-Master" is available. Kind of awesome summoner name!
: A few things i feel "wrong". 1. Make the champ select screen use the whole window. At the moment it looks kind of empty. (http://i.imgur.com/rkt4wY3.png) 2. Make the drop down select to a checkbox for Position and Role and make the map bigger. The windows seems empty otherwise. (http://i.imgur.com/eg8RIuY.jpg) 3. Make the new sounds (Search for team / found team) a little less noisy. It feels like a kick in the ears for me. Overall it is realy realy nice! Great job!
Hello there, Mr2L! We experimented quite a bit with the size and positions of things. What we found was that a map any bigger encroached on the workflow (left) and the needs of the chat window. The workflow itself is approximately 60% of the space, but because wider slots seemed *too* wide, we've centered them, allowing the empty space to direct our attention to what is most important. You might also notice that the map has no bounding box. This is also intentional, reflecting that anything you can interact with is within a box; anything not in a box is secondary. As for champ select, we wanted to match the size of the current champ select grid. Team Builder introduces many new concepts, and we though it best to keep things as consistent with current experiences where we could.
: Going off of 10/27's testing, with all roles enabled... Team Builder's a pretty awesome experience. I'm not sure whether I have much to say that others haven't, but I figure input is input. **Upsides:** * Champion select itself is a very fun process in Team Builder. Perhaps because it's currently a small community of people testing it out, but my experience with Team Builder was incredibly friendly and positive. Queueing as Marksman/Bot took no time at all, and the rest of my team was helpful, pointing out that yes, I could indeed change my Heal/Ghost for actually useful summoners if I clicked off of Ready, and things like this. * Allows for quite a bit of creativity. I feel like this is part of the point, but it really does allow for a lot of composition flexibility if you want. My team played a traditional comp, and the team we were up against had their marksman in top with a tank and a fighter bot. Team Builder allows for a lot of varied team experiences, because people don't have to be afraid to pick non-standard compositions. That Lux jungle, Tryndamere/Volibear bot, or what have you? Your team knows ahead of time that that, or something similar, is what they're getting, and they're probably fine with that. **Downsides:** * Difficult to make a synchronized composition. Because people don't have the option to change champions once they're in the team screen, it's hard to build things like a dedicated poke comp, or a protect-the-Kog'Maw comp, or a kill-the-Teemo comp or whatever. It's hard to pick champions who don't synchronize well with a lot of others, since you run into the possibility of countering your own team comp with no way around it. * I think this is a bit of a thorny problem, since allowing free champion changes lets people troll the queue more easily, by changing up their pick on their team or by bullying people into playing a champion they don't want to play. Perhaps allow a way for the team captain to propose a champion change for a player; something like how trading currently works, where the affected player can accept or decline the proposed change, and it can't be proposed again if declined? If a team captain repeatedly abuses this and/or kicks people, the system already has the anti-abuse features in place for this. The player should also be able to propose their own champion change, which the team captain could allow or deny; denying the change like this seems like it shouldn't be too harmful, since the player DID initially agree to play the champion they already had. Sorry for the long post, and sorry if the formatting's a bit weird.
I appreciate all the feedback so no worries about the length of the post. I'm actually going through it all now.
: I felt the same way a few times after getting accepted into a team with a strat I didn't like...but I wonder if incorporating an extra "OK" would just add too many steps to the process. After all, there's already a way you can "reject" a team: you just leave and search for another team after they let you in. But I suppose that's for Riot to decide where to put their resources -- I expect it's a feature a lot of people would really want.
There is a Find Another Team button for solo players who don't like a group they've suggested. If this isn't obvious, please let us know, as this is an area we might want to address.
: I would love to see a slightly upgraded map on the right side of the screen. Currently everyone is shown as circles. I think it'd be cool if the circles had symbols based on their role. So tanks would be their face in a shield, supports would have Ward-wings. Mages could be in a hat or cool looking sparkle. Fighters could be on the riot fist logo. That way, when you look at the map, you can tell what role everyone is on top of where they are.
Cendeu - we've already experimented a bit in that regard, but so far the results made things feel very cluttered. Also by using symbols, we require players to learn something new (wait... does the hat mean magic?) and we'd need to weigh cost vs. benefits.
: [Feedback] Team Builder
As the experience designer on Team Builder, I would just like to personally thank you for taking the time to provide such well thought out feedback. Means a lot and provides us with much valuable insight. A couple things: **"Any role" - ** Role options had been turned off during some initial testing, but today we turned them on. **Estimated wait - ** Since Team Builder is new, we're all finding out together what things like "average" mean. We'll learn and adjust as we go and please let us know if there's lingering confusion. Thank you, once again, and we hope you're having fun!
: One issue with teambuilder that I have is that it doesn't remember your summoners the way LoL currently does. I think it'd be really nice if you could set 'default' summoners for each role -- or just keep the current system where it remembers your summoners from last game. So far i've entered a few games where a player rage quits because they forgot to change their summoners and were left with ghost and heal.
Remembering spells hasn't been added, yet, but is on our list.
: Von Bügermeister just means from/by mayor ;) i´ll just start the next games as captain to avoid this problem
From/by mayor? Oh good... I was a little worried.
: PBE Team Builder Complaints
PBE has a smaller player base which may explain the wait. As for skins, no, you can't modify them - yet. Some things in TB are still incomplete.
: ok, first to say: teambuilder is very nice as u can join a game with exact the position&role u´ve wanted to. 2nd: i think getting ingame depends too much on the moods of the captains. just tried to join a game as a jungler(hecarim). i was kicked out about 6 or 7 times with no reason. so for example if i were a captain, and the whole team is rdy except the jungler, i can replace him as long as i want till i find the right champion that i want to be in my jungle. in this time maybe the other 3 get impatient and leave the game, so it will even take longer for everyone to get ingame. my suggestion: u´ve already tagged every champ with his possible roles, like fighter/tank/support etc in the champ overview.... so when the captain creates a game and sets all roles, just let characters, where their picked role and the by-you-given(by riot-given) role matches, just keep their position when they join the team. otherwise u can even make a teambuilder where the captain can put exactly that champion he wants to have in that special place/role. i dont know how current teambuilder will work on live, but the captains moods will create a flood of joining/get-kicked-out-of-team games just because of the wrong/unwanted champion. i dont know if u get my issue here, but if VonBurgermeister comes from VonBügermeister i can even try to explain it to u in german :P so thats my problem now. 2nd is that i would appreciate an europe-pbe, because playing as non-american on pbe with ~250ms latency all the time is still no fun ;) so long Kalle
"VonBurgermeister" – chosen completely at random. Hopefully it doesn't mean anything bad in German :) There are times when how you want to play can be best achieved by creating your own team, so a captain's mood is a factor. We will watch how players use Team Builder and make adjustments as we learn.
: Suggestions for Team Builder
Thanks for your suggestions! We'll be keeping a close eye on feedback to see where things may need to grow, in addition to those things we just haven't gotten to, yet. A match-making indicator will be implemented, but isn't quite ready. Strategy-based queuing/team type – Interesting, but creating pre-defined categories could be tricky. Is the goal to help players get a clearer idea of a captain's strategy in advance?
: I'd also like to comment on the whole teambuilder queue system. All of what OP says, is a lot of changes which would make for a highly strategic game where a bit of time is needed to come up with a gameplan. Biggest problem in that respect, in my opinion, is the inability to actually come up with champions for a certain team comp. It would be very nice, if you simply queue'd for a role and then were able to discuss the champion picks with your team. Because some champions synergize better. For example, Katarina and LeBlanc are both assassins, but Katarina could synergize with Amumu much better due to an ultimate which keeps everyone in place while LeBlanc might rather prefer a jungler like Vi who can pin down one target. With the way system works right now, it sort of forces the champion composition on you. Another solution could be a set-up feature where you would list your preferred champions for each role (but that might make queues very long). Also big question is how is this going to be implemented into ranked? Draft picking, bans, counterpicks and pick priority is all something which has been a signature of competitive gaming for a long time. How would draft picking be interlaced with team building? Is this something being looked into or is draft mode just going to be left behind as something obsolete? Overall it is definitely a nice method to reduce general toxicity in the community by giving them the role they want to play, but if you are someone who already experiences little of that, it makes you wonder about all the other potential flaws of teambuilder. Edit: Also what about skin selection?
: The "I will invite my own teammates" option doesn't seem very descriptive since what it seem to be actually is the captain mode and you don't necessarily have to invite anyone while using it. This confused me at first as knowing there were these two ways to queue I expected to be offered the option to select one of them when I joined the regular queue.
Fortunately that is temporary text, but agreed, it isn't very descriptive.
: First of all,this is a great new idea that definitely will reduce arguing and toxicity in solo que. One thing I thought would be a good idea for captains was to be able to specify roles as well as lanes, leaving "any role" as an option as well. This would eliminate the need to constantly decline adcs if you already have one on your team and are looking for a support champ for bot lane. Also, perhaps an option to specify if you are looking for an ad or ap champ in that lane/role. This way if I were to want to play, say, quinn mid i could make sure that we had some sort of magic damage on the team.
First of all, amazing name, "Fiddle My Teeto". Role options will be available for captains; they're just off for initial PBE testing.
: My feedback around this new system: 1) I think this new system is great, now you have less the disscussion about: mid, No I'm mid!!! 2) I think the captain could get more tools, and things to do like: deside what to do: backdoor, stay toghter,all top etc.. Goodjob riot keep it up!
Could you say a bit more about your captain tool ideas? When might these be available, in-game, Team Builder lobby?
: Very minor wording issue: When you go in as a solo player, and pick your champion and role, it gives you an indication of your queue time. However, I do not really like the wording for it. Currently, it says: "availability - very short" (playing support) I dont think the availability of the game is very short. The waiting time is very short. The amount of games available to me that need a support is very high. EDIT: ready sounds seem a bit high in volume, especially when you get 5 of them in a very short time period. Maybe a bit lower volume in subsequent ready clicks within a short time period. Also: I forgot to mention that teambuilder is absolutely amazing. Love it.
Seeing a trend with the "availability" text. Doesn't seem to be communicating well. Sound is also will need some adjustment. Thank you and glad you're loving it!
: Ah, I guess I should have posted [**my feedback**](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/gameplay/X2TQVJcn-team-builder-ux-feedback-suggestions) in this thread... oops!
Wow, Simburgur. Seriously, wow. Not only was that a lot of great feedback, your formatting is beautiful! Will take some time to go through it all. Please keep the feedback coming, we truly appreciate it.
: "As a solo player, you might accept a group, then decide you want to find another" Worked like a charm. If you are typing when someone exits or enters, then your typing is lost and you have to start over typing what one . I tried the use case that was asked here among others I thought too like exiting at other times and trying to change stats and masteries and runes. For those, no errors found Sometimes there were some delays but I think it was related to my 200ms ping. I like the music though. Another nice work. Still... IMO... the song is quite short for how long these things can last. but I think this was just something you thought just to fill in which is already a good choice IMO. "As a captain, you could create a group with an unusual comp" When selecting the positions there was a lag of 1 or 2 secs for it to update in the map on the right instead of updating when I select the position of the other players. Teams took quite a while to form. I think it would be useful to know the win/loss with that champion, but that's discussible I got this: 10/27/2013 00:09:41.500 [ERROR] com.riotgames.pvpnet.cap.actions.servicecalls.async.CapAcceptCandidateServiceCall ASYNC_TIMEOUT This happened in the logs while I had in the team builder as a capitain and also ACYNC_ERROR As a popin with only the "OK" button available. This popin appears only after many players appeared and then decided to leave (I didn't kick any) the actual number varies. Seems like it also happens if I try to do two things too fast (in the same second) like accepting two ppl "at the same time" very very fast clicking. In my 20 mins matchmaking I got 2 once and 5 the other time of these errors in my screen in the 2 times I tried to go as a capitain. Now it's very late, I have to go to bed... (why do you have such awsome deal this late T.T) I'm off, good night and I hope to be able to assist you more as I did today or even better than to.
You helped a lot - thank you! We'll be taking a look at all the things you identified.
: First, I love the new feature 1) It has some small bugs, I hope they will get fixed. 2) I think it would be very nice when you see what CC your champ and youre Team have. Very great job Riot!
Thanks for the feedback! Let us know about any bugs you find or concerns you have.
: LOVE IT! Like it has already been mentioned though, chat needs some more work (cant use brackets). Skins can't be used but I think a rioter this feature is not implemented yet. Thanks once again for being so awesome, Riot! Offtopic: The new Nocturne splash art is godlike *~*
Awesome - and thank you! Yes, skins aren't active, yet, and we've had reports of chat problems.
: The word "Availability" before you click "Find Group" (after selecting Champion & Role) is a little misleading. For example, the first time I went into Team Builder, I selected Karthus-Mid-Mage (which is about as meta-compliant as you can be) and saw that Availability was "Short" -- this made me think that availability itself was small, and thus that I would be in low demand, which didn't make sense. Of course, what Short/Average/Long refers to is actually estimated wait time, rather than availability or demand for that champ/lane/role combo. **Is there any reason that field wouldn't say "Wait Time" or "Estimated Wait Time" instead?** (By the way, what algorithm is used to determine that Karthus-Mid-Mage is in higher demand than, say, Karthus-Bot-Marksman? Is there just an index of champ-to-role matching somewhere in the system? Or do you use an actual log of who's been accepted in different roles in the past?)
Great feedback! I can see now why "availability" might be confusing. I like your ideas for alternative labels, too.
: A thing to note. While yes, this is PBE queue times were extremely long for some, as everyone was queued up to find a game. No one was being a captain. I waited in queue for 10+ min searching as a jungler. I switched over to captain role didn't invite any friends and found 4 other players immediately. So a thing to note is that you may not ever have enough captains as everyone searches for a game.
This may be due in part to the smaller player base on PBE, but we'll keep an eye on it.
: Can we allow leader to choose role at botlane instead of just position ?
Role options are off at the moment for testing reasons. But as testing progresses, leaders will be able to select role as well.
: It's TOO fast! This has been very exciting... How about more information about the team before accepting?
Hi NinaTanuki! What kind of information would you want to know about a team before accepting?
: Something I noticed while playing today is that I got kicked out of games a lot, but only ever saw a notification for being thrown back into Queue two times. 2 or 3 other times it just sent me back to queue with out notifying me that I was kicked. Not sure if I was kicked or the system threw me out of the game or the team leader left or what. Thought I'd bring it up though. Cool system I like it.
Hi UsoRemix - glad you like the system! Though I'm not happy to hear you weren't getting those notification, thanks for telling us about the problems. We'll try and track down what's happening.
: I don't like how you HAVE to select a new champion if you click the champion portrait. For example, I initially select Corki. I then click Corki's picture and open up the champ select thing again... Corki's profile picture is greyed out, and there's no option to leave, so I'm forced to choose a new champion. You can then just go back to the champion you initially picked, but it's just a small thing that would be nice to change. EDIT: I just tried getting queued, and an error stopped my game from starting. I think it would be nice if the Team Builder "remembered" the last setting you put in.
Sorry – the button hasn't been added, yet.
: Okay ill give you my feed back! What were you trying to do? I tried things to break the meta mostly.I first tried a Zilean mage mid, but i gave up after about 7 min que time(though if i had waited im sure a game wouldve come around) The other game I played(before you guys disabled the mode for tweaks,was a AD sona mid. It turned out pretty well against fizz. How did other players act? Well other players act fine, if not great for meta stuff. However some players are clearly uncomfortable breaking the meta. An example of this is when i made a game, that in general was made to break the meta. I was a ad sona mid, had a marksman bot, a jungler, and a duo top. However half the players didnt like that Iwas ad sona(they seemed to only notice once we were in game), and the marksman bot didnt realize he was a solo lane until in game. As such he asked one of the top laners to come support him(which the guy volunteered to do(and was GP) So as such i feel the leader should be able to type a paragraph or 2 to explain the strategy he/she may want to try(ie wumbo combo, all marksman etc), so the players can decide to try it or leave, instead of makeing the teamleader have to type the strategy again and again, because people who dontlike it will leave. Anything not make sense? Well I was a bit confused how it works at first, but after doing it one round, I quickly got the hang of it. It is very easy to do. However I wasnt sure exactly how to become team leader at first because the second option(other than solo player) was party player. I think that should be renamed something like "build a team". Anything behave differently than you expected? I thought that you would be ableto change masteries and runes and summoner spells while a part of a team, waiting for the team leader to start/for all members to be there. If you are able to, then that is my bad. I just didnt notice it(although,i kinda didnt really look for it) (I know you can do this as a team leader, but i think it would be nice to do it as a member to) Were you missing any information you needed or expected to see? Not really. But you could have a small tutorialvideo, that just show the process, to people who are not able to just figure stuff out as easily. Did things respond quickly? Otherthan wait times for unconvention picks for the mostpart things responded quickly. There is some minor lag for champ select when you are going solo, but other than that(and the bugs that have already been reported) things seem fine. How fast does the whole process feel? It could depend. My first que, things went fast,but I was a somewhat normal pick(eve mid). However for unconventional picks(ie Ad top Malzahar) things took longer. I would get on a few teams for them to boot. I got to a team with a captain who was ap janna mid, and a nid sup bot, and we had to wait a bit because we would get some people, who would just leave after seeing our existing comp. When we got a marksman who stayed, then teambuilder was disabled, and we could not start thegame. All in all, I think the process feels pretty fast if you are part of the meta, and somewhat slower if you are not.(sometimes REALLY slow, because you can be waiting for 10 mintues and notget into a team(ie mage mid zilean) On regular servers, im sure it would be MUCH quicker, as you have a larger player base. See anything else worth mentioning? I think it is a MUST that you need to allow the team captain, to type a paragraph or so, outlineing his/her wanted strategy. That way players who join the team, can instantly decide if they want to stay or join a new team. If they choose to stay, then the captain, can then talk with the members, and they can further figure out the strategy. I think team captains, should have the ability to change a personschamp with the players permision.The captain wouldclick to change the champ for the person, then the person, would have to accept or decline, like a trade. This would allow a team to synergize better ifthey want to.
Might take us a little while to process all your feedback, but thanks so much for being so thorough!
: Just another piece of feedback: This system, as it stands, is very easy to troll. For the sake of testing this, I created a match with a search for nothing but top summoners. Over and over again, players would join, rage, and then exit. This shouldn't happen. I believe that after a certain number of dodges, your match should be automatically disband. Also, if you are the captain and you dodge, there should be some kind of penalty... for both of these scenarios... I'm thinking something similar to the queue dodging system, but just preventing the player from being a captain only. As a UI frustration: It would be nice if it remembered a few things: The type of summoners you look for, the summoner spells you take, last champion you chose, last rune and mastery set you chose, etc. At least as something to start with. Thanks again! <3
Unfortunately, the anti-abuse systems are not currently active as well as remembering your spells and a list of other things. http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/gameplay/UqYMnyZA-team-builder-available-on-pbe Thanks for your patience!
: As long as it helps squashing those bugs I'll continue to test it tomorrow ;) Glad to hear the sounds has been noted already.
Your feedback does help. If something is really irritating, we need to know it. But that particular problem has definitely been captured.
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