: Bug? [Black Market Brawlers Mode] Champion mastery score didn't increase
While I feel like it's probably deliberate, I do feel like BMB is close enough to classic SR that it should still grant mastery.
: “Black Market Brawlers” featured game mode live soon on PBE
Pox Arcana doesn't seem to be working. No matter how many times I hit an enemy with spells, the active never becomes available.
: RiP everything i liked about Azir
Yeah... If they're gonna take off the knockup on the E, the least they can do is let Azir keep going through the enemy. That way since he can't duel, at least he can escape.
: if runaans had crit maybe you're getting shiv or pd without question, and you have an AS steroid; personally the idea of buying runaans on top of that, even over another shiv or pd (whichever you dont already have) sounds absolutely terrible aside from that, Q cool down is pretty long and volley can instantly stack it anyways it just seems pointless to break it down further, you're either getting IE or shiv first whichever you didnt buy first you buy second its closing in on 20 minutes into the game now, you're either getting lifesteal or a last whisper with boots you now have 4 items your 5th item is whichever you didnt get last time (lifesteal or last whisper) the only time it's ever remotely viable is as a 6th item, in place of a defensive item or in place of a phantom dancer it just doesnt make any sense to me
See [here](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/8s8yt7FE-ashe-post-rework-damage-output-and-build-optimization-spreadsheet).
: Passive slow I believe is: 5/11/17/23/29/35% at levels 1/4/7/10/13/16 Damage calculation for max stack Q: .23/.24/.25/.26/.27 Total AD per arrow for a total of 1.15/1.20/1.25/1.30/1.35 Total AD per basic attack
this information really needs to be up in the main post...
: Can she still get Statikk Shiv crits, since the lightning effect of that can crit? Or are those also increased by crit chance on slowed foes?
it doesn't seem that she can based on the game I just played. Statikk Shiv looks like it won't be terribly good on her.
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: Introducing chroma packs!
Perhaps I'm just blind, but I can't seem to find it in the store... I thought they were included in today's update...
: Can't access the shop 7/Apr/2015
: Introducing chroma packs!
I fail to understand why things like White Mage Veigar won't be retroactively made into Chromas...
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: Annie is amazing. Shh, don't tell others. Keep it our secret.
It's hardly a secret. She's sitting at nearly 55%
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Urf the Nami-tee is coming in 2015.
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: Moved From GD: Luden's Echo Extensive Thoughts and Questions (Lots of writing, open at own risk)
Regarding stats in problem 3, check out Item 3053: 120 AP, 10% CDR, and 500 Mana (but whatever you do, don't interact with it in any way once you buy it or you'll crash).
: [Luden's Echo] Clarity
Yasuo Q counts as an AA, not a spell.
: idea for Azir's soldiers
Azir main here. The nerf to range did nothing to his lane bullying. It just makes snowballing harder.
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: As an Azir main as well I noticed the changes but I don't think that they had too much of an effect on my playstyle. I would agree with a nerf to the Q cd at lower levels to stop him from being so much of a lane bully, my suggestion being 14/12/10/8/6. This would allow enemies more time to avoid his soldiers after the Q while not becoming too oppressive for Azir since to ramps down fairly quickly. It would also emphasize a huge weak point on Azir, ganks. If his Q is on cd then he is very vulnerable to an enemy gank since he cannot W+Q+E combo out and will only have the limited range of the W+E which could also be blocked by good positioning during the gank. This may be a bit of a nerf to his early game but I also believe that it could be balanced, possibly by another change, a slight buff. When a champion aa's an enemy champion the minions in the area turn to attack the aggressor. Azir and his soldiers are no exception, however, any of the AoE damage from his soldiers aa's triggers this. I suggest that if the primary target of their aa is an enemy champion then it should be triggered, but if the primary target is a minion and the extended range of the attack hits the enemy champion that azir should be rewarded for these mechanics by not triggering the minion aggro. It seems a little harsh the way it is currently set up as Azir relies heavily on these aa/spells to poke and be subject to damage from minions whereas someone like Zed can just walk up and throw a shuriken without the minions even batting an eye.
Increased gank vulnerability for decreased poke response is something I feel like wouldn't decrease his bullying much, though it would be more counterable for enemy players.
: it doesnt need to have 120 AP, something like that would probably be one of the most OP items in the game, maybe around 60-80 AP would be fine, because it would be more about the MR and the QSS active, not really about the AP damage.
I was using 120 as it's the equivalent of 80 AD which {{item:3139}} has.
: Bards portal interaction with other champions - League of Legends
Why doesn't your hitbox deactivate during transit? Though I don't mind Kalista ult or the lantern working while in transit. I love the juke potential if it.
: Seems like a pretty reasonable thread. Glad I didn't see something like *Azir is my main, can you buff him qq*. I haven't seen him that much in my games, but he does hurt and annoys people. It's areally good point in nerfing his Q, I think it'd be better if they nerfed it to 12/10/8/7/6 or something in that idea.
Honestly I've been thinking something more along these lines: Option 1 - Q cooldown nerfed to 18/14/10/8/6 from 10/9/8/7/6 - W ratio increased from 60 to 65% - Unnerf Q damage Option 2 - W stab damage reduced to [35-155] from [50-170] - W ratio increased from 60 to 65% - CDR to AS conversion passive buffed to 1.35% from 1.25% The reason I suggest the buffs is so that he's compensated for his lack of early power so his win rate doesn't just tank again. Option 1 prevents runes or masteries from turning him into a lane bully, but option 2 turns him into a proper hypercarry. Maybe a combination is best.
: About the new AP item(item 3285)
Your english is totally understandable, if broken.
: [Suggestion] Item builded from QSS for AP users
So what, something like +120 AP +50 MR +QSS active While I can understand the desire for such, I don't think that's the right course as certain mages (like Katarina) would abuse the crap out of it. If QSS built into a tanky item though, I would be totally fine with that as mages could build that instead and get some survivability out of it.
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: Azir, the worst champ through patch 5.3 and 5.4 . Thoughts on the new Azir W range buff.
Lowering health and increasing Q cooldown would work wonders for making him stop be a lane bully.
: Bard Easter Egg Suggestion
how about an easter egg hunting skin?
: Anyway, this reqwork is a buff to Veigar, with his new "Q" is more easy accumulate AP, in my opinion, this nerf to his "E" compensates the champ. Now is easier to reach 1000 AP
1. They removed DFG. That basically nerfs Veigar. 2. They buffed Q but made it sensitive to mobility. 3. They nerfed R 4. They nerfed the crap out if E This is not net zero by any stretch of the imagination. This is a hard nerf to Veigar.
: There nerfing an already barely played champ.....because DFG got removed. Here's a newsflash RIOT, VEIGAR DID NOT NEED OR USE DFG! Only time a veigar EVER built a DFG was when he needed to pop Tanks..... Most of the time Veigar had no issues killing them normally when he was fed and only in super late game (when tanks actually start doing something) did he need that item. I repeat DFG WAS NOT A KEY ITEM TO VEIGAR!
You know, I thought that at one point, and then I tried it in a game where there weren't tanks. You'd be amazed at how useful having that one extra spell plus the CDR can be for our favorite little deranged Yordle. It also made him Banshee-proof, at least in 1v1 situations since he could afford to burn Q since he still had the damage.
: Diabolical Veigar Tweak: (W) Dark Matter
I... I actually really really like this... And if, say, every 300 AP you have increases the puncturing of your Q by another target...
: what if, either the stun delay went down as it ranked up and the overall stun duration went down so then veigar can actually deal with people late game
Honestly, I feel like that would feel clunky. Given the predictive nature of it, that'd be like having a skillshot that increase its travel speed every time you rank it up. It'd feel incredibly weird, especially if you played games back-to-back.
: So the Veigar changes are locked in...
Had a fun time with this. I played 1v1 with a friend. We're pretty equal skill levels with me being slightly better. One of my most played champs is Veigar. He played Vel'koz, his main. We went ahead and carried the game out to the end, but despite the fact that I had way more CS and gold than he did, I still couldn't stinking kill him. He never even bought boots. It was laughable to him because I simply couldn't stun him. He eventually got Banshee's just to mock me, completely nullifying anything I tried to do. Honestly, I get some perverse entertainment by the fact that these changes are going live. I'm interested to see if they top the Azir nerfs in their gratuitous overreach. Considering that this is supposed to be a buff to compensate for DFG, I honestly just find it comical at this point. The unfortunate thing is that Azir and Veigar are my first and third most played champions. Honestly, I'm fine with early game Azir nerfs (hint: [they weren't](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/dWQMgi1b-an-azir-main-on-the-nerfs?sort_type=best) early game nerfs). Honestly, I'm fine with Veigar's E getting reworked. I actually [want ](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/1gKxx7UB-merging-dark-matter-with-event-horizon-and-bringing-back-dfg)it. But I get the feeling we're about to see another unnecessary ~12% drop in win rate. Maybe then they'll realize that they're approaching the problems incorrectly. I think both champions have areas that could be changed to make them healthier. Azir definitely could use some early game nerfs. Veigar's E could use some counterplay. Changes should be made and I appreciate that they're trying, but I believe the phrase is "try smarter, not harder."
: Taking out vision wards Zyra and Azir
Zyra's plants aren't directed attacks.
: Small buff for Veigar?
Unless the delay is lowered, E is rendered useless for anything aside from teamfights. That said, the idea of enlarging projectiles is cool.
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: Azir was supposed to be a Hypercarry, which means he's supposed to have a weak early game to compensate, but instead, he was bullying out other bullies, and anything else that got into lane with him. The damage nerfs make his early game tolerable to play against, while the range nerfs force Azir's to have to think more carefully about their soldier formations. His late game is still balls, it's a matter of getting there.
I actually tend to find the opposite to be the case. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/dWQMgi1b-an-azir-main-on-the-nerfs
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: For... Not sure exactly. A couple weeks now, I think. You can check out [Surrender@20](http://www.surrenderat20.net/search/label/PBE/) for more details on all of the PBE updates.
I do frequent that site. I guess I missed this...
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: Veigar Rework v.s. Live
If it stunned those who teleported out of it, that would give it defensive capability, but not offensive which he needs.
: I like the new veigar update on pbe
The idea of nerfing E is totally fine with most people. The idea of nerfing it so hard that it is unusable to Veigar is something only Riot seems okay with.
: Veigar Rework v.s. Live
I love the Q changes, but I'm definitely not a fan of the E. I still say E should be turned into a slow projectile like Anivia's Q that interrupts whomever it passes through. Upon pressing E a second time, the stun circle is deployed centered on the projectile as well as interrupting anyone within the radius.
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: Veigar changes hitting the PBE Soon
Veigar main here. I love what you've done with Q and am fine with W and R, but I'm worried about E. I'm afraid it'll make Veigar too much of a counter or be countered style champion. Anyone with high mobility is going to unquestionably destroy him now whereas he'll destroy anyone with low mobility and there aren't that many in the meta at this point (Xerath and Annie are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head that he'll come across in mid). I get that you don't want E to be unstoppable. But could we please at least get the walls to act as a damage reduction or something before the stun comes online? Or what about reducing Dark Matter's delay?
: Bad/Inappropriate Tester/Player - Rages at champ select at people
: Concerns Regarding Azir
Eh, the health constantly ticks away. It seems fine to me.
: Thoughts on Azir as of 9/4/2014
For all we know, he might be completely balanced. Unfortunately, we'd never know because of the bugs with his soldiers just not attacking a large fraction of the time. Regarding his E, as I've played him more and more, I've come to see the advantage of it. First off, the knockup applies to any non-friendly units along your path, meaning you can stop the minions from hitting you briefly. It may not seem like a lot, but early game, that touch of missed damage (plus the shield) can make a difference. Also, the knockup is the only thing he's got to help him set up a gank for his jungler. Again, it's not very long, but if they also have a stun, he still has a slow from his Q. While when I first saw him, I couldn't see the value of his E as it was, the more I've used him, the more I've found use for it.
: Classic Veigar and Splash art looks so low quality?
While I'd love to see Veigar get updated as I main him (though of course I just use Final Boss now, so it doesn't really matter to me directly), they're working their way through the champions, adding new splash and VUs as needed. Just be patient.
: right now as he is i dont see any reason at all to fit in this meta. there are champions that deal huge amounts of damage without these restrictions. and i mean mage champions. his recent nerf just blew this. seriusy why would anyone bother buying him? assasins just slice him in 2. other mages like ziggs or lux or karthus also shread him. i mean why would anyone give ip or rp to buy him? there is no damn reason.either buff him or rework his w.not to mention his w is full on bugs.not AA, not AA when Azir is in range, only Azir AA the soldiers not etc etc. this champion looks cool it gives you the feeling also but i would never pick him in a ranked game.no reasons at all.
Perhaps a buff back up to 1.4% conversion rate? 1.25 is awfully low and makes him super weak in combat. Although, admittedly, he has more map presence by nature than other mages.
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