: Caitlyn Gameplay Update Feedback Megathread
Traps aren't limited to 3 for some reason, i've seen other caits get 4 although ive never done it. Range on passive apparently not working, netted a kog in lane multiple times then right clicked him and walked into normal aa range and got rekt by the AS.
: Please CertainlyT, reconsider this base damage nerf to traps If a trap is sprung under 650 range, you would auto anyways so the 80-280 Base damage + 100% AD is a lot stronger than the 0 base damage and 150%-250% AD, especially considering 250% is a result of crit and is therefor a late game thing that with the new IE nerfs will not be present in Caitlyn builds for lane. If the trap is sprung from 1300+ range, then it's 80-280 base damage vs 0 damage. My opponents get to be morons as long as they are 1300 range away and I get punished for it. The only time your change can possibly be considered a buff is if a trap is sprung while you are 650-1300 range away from it or if you for some reason have nearly 100% crit in the very late game. Even then, the change is absolutely a massive nerf for anyone who levels traps first, which I've come to understand is not as common as I thought it was, but when you're Q and E are that slow casting it's easily the best choice. At the very least if you're trying to enforce the Q max first at least make it cast faster, getting 2-4 autos off during 1 Q just makes it such an awful spell. Edit: One more thing, if I were to rank how often my traps get stepped on in proximity to me, I'd say it goes 1-650 range 1300+ range 650-1300 So it's rare that you're double range thing would ever come into play, which is the only opportunity it has to out damage the live values.
Except that Traps are maxed last on Caitlyn. so you're looking at all of that vs 80 magic damage. This is a massive Buff especially with being able to drop all you traps at once. Cait's ideal in teamfights was always standing behind a wall of traps, and now that's actually a realistic expectation. Cait already has insane AD ratios, now she has even more and massive range that fits her fantasy.
: RIP AP Caitlyn, no more trap damage. Can we get an AD ratio on Net now?
It has one you get a headshot for it.
: > he hasn't been seeing much play the last two seasons Were you sleeping when he was a contested mid pick this season or something? His change is way more significant and adds a lot of damage to his combo unlike the Lucian "BIG" change.
I was talking about as an ADC he hasn't been used much, and if you would notice, noone picks him mid or adc anymore. According to champion.gg he's picked 2% of the time as an ADC, and less than 1% as a mid. He's not being played at all, and he's even getting a nerf to his ult's flat damage to compensate the damage he is gaining, it's still a net positive buff, but he's not benefiting as much as you're trying to say.
Rioter Comments
: If anything they want to move her more to being an assassin. An ult whos only use is quick movement around the map can only be intended for a roamer. If an ADC is going to roam, they probably want to assassinate (or at least kill in general) someone. She lost a lot of damage from her ult, but she gained it back in her passive/Q. I am a little concerned she wont have enough damage, but thats balance-able. I do believe they want her to be a roaming assassin ADC.
Did she get her damage back though? her passive has always been buggy as hell. And if her ideal new combo is Q>AA>E>AA with how inconsistent her passive currently is, it's going to take way to long to do that combo, as you'd have to space out and wait to AA or risk not proccing her passive.
: So Q was changed from a kit-defining skill with an interesting mechanic (blind) to one of the most generic skillshots in the game? Without major compensation elsewhere? Ut oh. Poor Quinn.
Yeah this is COMPLETELY different from what she used to be. She used to be fun because their ADC couldn't 1v1 you and her splitpush was really good. Now she still looks like her splitpush is good, but she lost 1v1 potential. If they made it so that she could quickly E>aaproc>Q>aaproc she could still have good burst. But it seems like she lost a bunch of power for a MS buff that removes her ability to AA or use spells...
: Riot. You guys. Just killed. My favorite. Jungler. Let me start with the Good: -The crystals do offer a counter to notorious counterjunglers and a way to quickly cross the map. -The shield on his W will be a lot more useful and will scale a lot better in accordance with something that he will be building more of. The Bad: -Unless you intend to spend a lot of time in the enemy teams jungle, that's just free 30g and vision they get at the beginning at the game. Say goodbye to invades, and now the enemy teams jungler will have a 30g lead on Skarner, which though it may not be much, is basically a free potion when paired with Scuttle Crab. -His Q is now garbage. This change was fairly major, so it will take a bit of explaining. The Q no longer grants him bonus: damage, attack speed, movement speed, or stacks of his passive. This is VERY significant, as it will excruciatingly cut down on his clear time. I realize he will have the crystals, but his ganking potential pre six with these changes in effect is pretty much halved. In addition to this, when multiple enemies are around him, he will only have the potential to stun those in a small line. This means during teamfights, botlane skirmishes, contesting dragon/baron, he now lacks a LOT of utility in fights and will become more oriented on focusing down one to two targets, as opposed to being able to change targets almost simultaneously if the need arises. Old Skarner had brawling potential. He could not only hold his own in a fight, but also had a lot of utility and cc that he could bring to a team. New Skarner replaces this with a mediocre system that grants him slight control over the jungle, IF his team is good about keeping the crystals, which is just another thing him and his team have to worry about if they lose control of their side of the jungle. He lost a lot of cc, a lot of utility, and most importantly, a lot of ganking potential with these changes. Please, Riot... at least let him keep his old Q, and simply move his old passive to the E and leave it at that. Keep the crystals to give him a hint of uniqueness and some cool bonuses that he can bring to his team, but don't let these other changes ruin an otherwise fairly balanced champion.
Yeah despite the whole idea of having a zone where you're extremely dangerous being cool, it's a really bad passive. Skarner can't place them strategically, so he's limited to a small number of static places that can easily be avoided. This is a great concept, but not as a passive thrown onto Skarner, put it on a new champion and make it their gimmick. Also why would Skarner ever need 125% AS? You made him want AD even more, then made his AS buff both extremely situational and unnecessarily powerful.The new Skarner has a shorter Q CD and now needs AS less, but you buffed how much AS he gets. But that's a moot point because he can't ever use it. Basically all the good things about Skarner are tied into longer CDs now. and he gets a passive that doesn't matter. His clears are worse because his passive doesn't reach half the camps, and he has a harder time getting to people. Good/Reasonable things. Skarner now has to buy damage and can't just rush tank and kill people due to his base damages when fed. This is completely fine and I agree with it. Skarner now has a harder time getting to people due to lower movespeed. I agree with this idea but don't particularly like how it was done. Regardless still a reasonable change. Free mana regen is always good on an ability spamming jungle. Bad things. Skarner now has a harder time staying on people he has caught up to due to removed MS buffs and lessened CC. Something which previously was HIS THING. He's easy to kite from a distance but if he manages to catch you, you will not be able to run. Passive doesn't work on Skarner. Skarner isn't able to work with this and honestly I think making a zone where you are particularly dangerous deserves to be an active ability. Place a decent sized zone and when inside you're scary. It could be a really cool fighter/bruiser zone control concept, but it does not at all make a champion suddenly adept at neutral objective control Nunu is the king of that and trying to make anyone else who specializes in controlling buffs, Dragon, or Baron is silly. They will not be better at it or have more synergy with the playstyle than Nunu. Passive is in a set location, makes it predictable and lacks strategic use, am I supposed to have no passive for every teamfight at mid or every dragon/baron fight we weren't first to? all they have to do is set some back liner on the shrine and now i no longer have access to much of my kits power budget.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Kalista [CHAMP LAUNCH SKIN]
*Weird Glitch* When i cancel an auto on a minion with Q weird things happen, multiple have frozen and 1 that appeared to be under attack from one of my minions took no damage, he then resumed as normal when i attacked him. the frozen minions don't attack so far as i can tell. I haven't been able to get this to happen every time but when it does happen the Q i throw hits the minions i was targetting. ( when i say cancel an auto with Q I'm using Q during her AA animation but before the projectile launches, found this while trying to see if i could use Q to get a dash off faster at low Attack speeds) Leaving this here as I found this while using the skin but haven't tried it on her base skin so i have no idea if this works on the base skin.
: Central Feedback Thread for Viktor Gameplay Update
1.his abilities feel fairly good together in my opinion his q and w make him good at disengaging/ counterengaging if they are used well 2.His E augment felt like an obvious first choice and was something i picked up early as it gave him so much for the cost the q and w upgrades are more situational most of the time i can see getting q second then e when teamfights start 3.Chaos Storm's movespeed increase was a massive improvement it was much easier to use 4.His Q's empowered auto felt very good personally the shield needs a buff if it's meant as a trading tool however as the shield feels a bit weak ( not any weaker than his old Q) the shield itself feels tacked on if i'm meant to trade with it early it should have better base values and if its meant as a safety tool past lane phase it ought to scale better the level 1 base in particular is sad as i don't out a second point into it until level 8 5. i felt major powerspikes when i augmented e bought sheen and when i bought lich bane my aoe potential also skyrocked when i got my w upgrade w stun 4 people into e r was devastating
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands
Not sure if any of these are intentional but. * [Gameplay] the ruins of any turret that could be affected by Azir's passive can be teleported to and also show up as an allied unit on the minimap * [Gameplay] Azir's soldiers shunt through terrain the same way that wards do this allows him to W-E through several surprisingly thick walls without using his Q Outside of bugs his abilities don't combo the way i expect them to his Q feels like i should be able to cast it while moving. that i can't feels bad and limits my ability to chase. or even to reposition my soldiers to escape with. his W-Q-E escape feels slow i have to wait for his soldier to spawn then move the soldier than jump to it, if i try to E mid Q i go to where the soldier is at the time not where i moved it to. Casting while moving just Feels better thematically and gameplay-wise on him he excels at zone control sustained damage and, when he has high CDR very good mobility. his early game although it isn't terrible brings little kill potential the knockup on his E is short and his Q's slow is less significant early because he can't have as many soldiers out at once. for how vulnerable he leaves himself using his e early with its massive cooldown he gets surprisingly little reward. His Q also feels like it should have some indicator where the soldiers will end up as it feels very haphazard sometimes, the soldiers don't quite make it through the wall even though it seemed like they would. Edit: that his soldiers' attacks apply spell effect and not on hit effects hurts his build in my opinion Nashor's gives him all the stats he wants but it leaves him paying for a useless passive even if his soldiers proced a reduced version of on hit effect in essence how aoe spell effects work it would be an improvement and make his buildpath much smoother


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