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: I think the error appears if you try to purchase legacy skins.
That's weird that those skins would even have a chance to appear in the snowdown shop if you wouldn't be able to purchase them. They will most likely make it so you can buy them though if given through the shop.
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: [Graves] - Rapid Firecannon
Not sure what was all happening around you at the moment you tried this, however I am still going to ask an obvious question. You do know that graves attacks do not go through enemies, so if you were chasing someone and you tried to hit them with an energized attacks I can see only the bonus magic dmg reaching them because the auto attack was blocked by minons or other champs.
: Starter Kit Bundle
Same, long and tedious process buying all the champs individually.
: same. I can't even buy the champ bundle...
I'm i the same boat, the shop will not allow me to buy the champ bundle either.
: turn that lifesteal into "heal for x% of damage dealt", like on hextech gunblade.
thats a great idea for balancing it for all types of junglers.


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