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: Zac's Walking Animation
Above 380 ms it looks great. Under, not so much
: When you lose both a lot of damage, a lot of reliability, a lot of health regeneration (less passive with the ult nerf) and a non-negligeable damage nerf on your items / AP ratio (sunfire / cinderhulk, etc ...), that's not even a swap :/. We have 3 knockback in a single kit and 2 are extremly situational. The other one have a nerfed duration and base damage. I can imagine what will happen when they will rework Riven, she will lose her reliability too.
I still have faith in Riot that they'll fix this. I want to be able to get this with my favorite champ again
: No Rioter responses on anything with Zac :(
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: Video is broken.
woops didnt publish it sorry its good now. it looks like hes running the last kilometer of a marathon lol.
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: From 'Silas Kroeger' ex rank 1 zac main best zac na and 3 season challenger player
Also, allow him to E+flash on PBE. Removing that functionality is another huge blow to his viability.
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: Both.
I am asking whether, upon activation, you are given your health bonus based on your CURRENT, or MAXIMUM HEALTH.
: Gargoyle Stoneplate still does not work
also can a rioter please clarify if it gives you 40/100% of your current or max health
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: Midseason Durability Feedback
: Midseason Durability Feedback
Can you guys make Warmogs a non gimmicky item? Maybe give it like 40 armor and heighten the cost or something, also Gargoyle active doesnt work
: Wow, you guys gutted Randuin's. Please don't do this to the item; it was hardly offensive, and now there's absolutely zero reason to take it over DMP. edit: since you guys have nerfed HP across the board, can you bump Warmog's HP back up to offset the difference
Except it being 300g cheaper and providing the same stats as DMP...?
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: Do you think you'd want to see new props? Or would you want the colors of existing things, like the presents and etc, to be brighter?
yeah what downthelane said. wonderful work though. also santa braum is awesome (though i know thats a different team)
: Winter Summoner's Rift coming soon PBE!
I wish the map had more bright colors throughout. Not feeling much of the 'cheer'
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: im rank 3 in na and i still feel like my champion fantasy is being depleted with this mastery
: im rank 3 in na and i still feel like my champion fantasy is being depleted with this mastery
i really liked zac being all 100% blob with no added effects or graphics. the slingshot indicator is also turning me off big time. i already hated the updated overly silly exaggeration they made his jump/land animation. stop fucking with zac please make fearless 2 seconds longer
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: Runic Affinity is Going to Shape the Jungle Meta by Itself.
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: Not being able to upgrade the yellow trinket feels awful.
i would rather have trinkets removed from the game entirely from a challenger 900 point jungler's perspective all it does is streamline vision for those who don't want to think about it and purchase accordingly. in my opinion, trinkets are the single worst implementation this game has ever seen.
: You have some good suggestions here. I am not sure why the overwhelmingly negative votes. I agree with runic. Machete and Talisman prices are mostly fine. Baron: At least he should have a solid movement obstructing box. It's not fun to hit the tar. Blue Buff Creep: I think it is buggy and does not attack right away. Been that way all season. I am not sure what happened to IBG but its reported.
"machete and talisman prices are mostly fine" they do nearly nothing. the incentive behind this is 5 potions on your first buy, considering the fact that even the best early clear junglers are close to unable to finish their first clear. it's nearly 2016. time to stop being worried about how strong gold pinatas are, especially when there's no reason to be inhibited early game. once you get your smite, everything is dandy. also, the fact that camps no longer give hp/mana for killing them triggers me.
: Trinity Force and Black cleaver were made for fighters not for marksmans
crit chance is stupid as hell what are these item changes also the merc treads nerf is triggering me immensely. what is riot doing?
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Demon Vi!
demon vi's W proc is way too silent, you almost can't hear it. also the E shockwave isn't visible/bright enough. now that i think of it, there could be at least a little visual effect when you hit a target with vault breaker. doesn't really pay you with anything visually like it would if it were a project skin or something.
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: Just curious how you felt about the increased knocked up distance on his ult. I've always felt that it was pretty terrible for his synergy with other champion aoes. I always felt that it should be cut back a bit.
i think positively of it, it's more beneficial in most cases. it allows for better escapes in many scenarios, and can increase the potency of successful slingshots.
: I appreciate your view on the subject. By the way, what are your runes for Zac ? thx
scaling cdr blues scaling mr blues scaling health yellows (only with flat armor quints) flat armor yellows flat ap quints ms quints magic pen reds are mandatory
: +1 Keep the increased Slingshot range, + these buffs, and he's back in action. Losing Magus was actually a big blow to Zac. Everyone talked Fidd being gutted, and while I am not Challenger, I preferred the Magus build over the Cinderhulk because it helped more with dmg and the 20% CDR helped get to 40% easier which is very helpful since he's 100% dependent on his abilities to be meaningful in the game.
i built magus as well. zac being forced to use cinderhulk is a large blow, as it does not provide any of his best stats such as tenacity, armor, and cdr. it's a common misconception that health is zac's best stat, when it does really nothing for him except make him lose more hp due to his ability costs. given it does increase the glob health you regain, it's really insignificant. resistances are much more valuable on him. in my opinion, cinderhulk is a concept that kind of missed the mark by trading one tank weakness for another, especially due to the fact that tank junglers never needed champion killing power. while this isnt the most appropriate thread to post this, i feel a much better item for the game would be something like this: +350 Health +30 Armor +10% Cooldown Reduction UNIQUE: Deals 30 + (1.2 × level) magic damage per second to nearby Monsters. it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for a solely ability casting class to not have cdr in it's mandatory item.
: I'd like to see some feel changes for Q, mostly. Its effectiveness, such as it is, doesn't seem to justify the long-ish cast time/self-root. Your suggestion by itself would make it much more interesting, though I'm unsure how helpful it could really be.
regaining globs from a distance while rooted or slowed, gaining hp and lowering w cd. it's small, but a warranted change
: Despite your points (which, being a fellow Zac player, I largely agree with), I'm still quite excited to have even more range on Elastic Slingshot.
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: New Items - Sterak's Gage and Titanic Hydra
i don't think titan should have an active, it's pretty distracting and unlike tiamat/hydra, it's on next attack instead of instant cast. i recommend having it queue itself to your next auto attack recurring every 20 seconds. i want to like this item, but having to press the hotkey to queue it is kind of a lot of work, and clunky.
: Core Defense Items Pass [5.16]
Please don't fuck with fighter slot efficiency. It's already abysmal. Increasing Frozen Heart's price is fine, but the armor nerf is unnecessary and pretty disappointing for non-pure tanks. Fighters already want to forfeit once the game reaches late-mid to end game. The Warmogs HP nerf was ridiculous enough. You will never make Warmog's viable by beefing it's HP regen, in any niche or meta. It's an HP item that no longer holds any weight past 35 minutes. Also, why has Cinderhulk's power not been shifted towards having 10% CDR? Champions like Zac who are now blatantly forced to purchase this item don't even get optimal use from it due to having no Resistance, Tenacity or CDR, and have little if no other CDR options on top of which to build.
: A Challenger long time jungler's opinions of Warrior
: Remove this god awful HUD before I die from cancer.
implying this HUD will go live lol riot can fuck a lot of shit up, but they're not THAT stupid.
: although they are trying to bring back split pushing..
: Didn't feel my comment needed a new thread so I am putting it here: I am not sure whether or not the new warrior passive is intended to deal damage to towers, but it is.
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