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: Why guys banned İrelia in One For All ??
nah i kinda somehow agree that the banning phase for OFA on pbe is kinda counter productive, but chances are that if you dont ban irelia youll most likey face her as opponent. if you plan to play some squishy lux or some other APC or ADC, you dont really want those bruisers. and since the chances are high that you most likely will face irelia, you choose to ban her. thats pretty normal i'd say. you cant really alter the code of the mode itself since we dont only get to test the champions on it, we also get to test the whole complete thing. thats what i atleast think its the reason we get to have all the troubles live server is soon to expirience. we have to test the "OFA" mod as is and as it gets shipped to live. and since "ban phase" is a part of it, we have to go through this as well. and i must say, i am already bored of irelia. also admitting that it was first kind of hard getting to play her, but if you play more than 2 games per day, chances are high you get to play her. had 2 matches 5x irelia vs 5x irelia and 3 matches with irelia on the one side and some other random champ on the other. you can get unlucky, if you only play 1 or 2 games max per day, chances are extraordinary high you dont get to play irelia. but you have to consider, there are 140 champs to pick from, and per team 5 individual choices. you still could test all the mechanics of her in training mode tho. best place to go in my oppinion if you have to expirience a new champ in its extent
: Tone down Irelia AP ratios
yea i dont want irelia to be abusive as old AP master yi. ap yi was a pain. i think its pure logic to try to prevent this on new champs since Yi was reworked for exact that reason
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: I had the same issue, thats how I fixed it: - press Passwordreset-button - enter mail-address, but ignore the resetting, so just let riot send the mail. - open taskmanager, close all LoL-Tasks - start PBE again - should work then I don't know if the mail fixed it, but that's what I made. Possible that only the restart fixed it, idk. Hope it works for you.
i rather suspect their auth-service went down for a little while. i couldnt even use the password reset form as said
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: High Dodge Rate OFA
there are numerous threads about that issue one of the most popular of my knowledge is this one : "" have a read there, and leave an upvote. thanks for reading the boards carefully
: I'm guessing URF is after OFA?
The "Feature feedback" section ISN'T for guessings about "features in the future" you may mix these words up. its not future feedback, it's feature feedback! Feedback Section is for stuff already live on PBE. You can leave a feedback of current running One for all or other newly introduces features. but your guesses on what comes after OFA ISN'T a feedback. Your Post is EFFING OFF-TOPIC and makes it harder for the devs and moderators to read important stuff.
: Can´t click on "find a match" after the maintenance
same. for 2 hours now i cant create a new game. hope they fix this soon
: OFA dodge times
there already exist an thread about that read. upvote maybe it gets more attention that way.
: You can't ban someone because he goes afk in pbe, because **_maybe_** the pbe lag makes his game unplayable, can't blame him for that, even though most of the people just ragequit, report system can't do anything about this neither. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
PBE is as stable as live servers with the exception that we get to test the new patch. but that wouldnt result in laggs. no, leaving and afking should be dealt with on pbe as well as on live servers.
: Sun goddess miss fortune sounds so much cooler than what we got... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: [BUG]Sun Goddess Miss Fortune has Elementalist Lux splash art in champion pick + in game bug just came across the same bug. mode one for all ingame skin wasnt affected
: It isn't worth it to make a RGM queue have its own dodge penalties. 17 times in a row is just an extreme outlier case and isn't frequent at all. If you want to find people to test some specific champion, try using the discord linked in one of the stickied threads.
the dodges are real. they are out of pure selfishness. just because some different champ won the vote. i mean dodges can be even helpfull. e.g. if somebody says in champselect that he is going to feed anyway, or goes caitlyn jungle or something. it does happen. so you dodge. which is appreciated i guess by all of your team even tho you still face the dodge penalty but dodging in OFA is only and ONLY pure out of selfishness that not your champ but some other champ you may just not like that much got selected. increase the dodge penalty on featured game modes in general is my vote as well.
: [BUG]Sun Goddess Miss Fortune has Elementalist Lux splash art in champion pick + in game bug
your client seems bugged as hell. do you use any 3rd party apps/tools/mods to customize lol?
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: I like urf more than one for all
what kind of feedback is that :) you could give feedback on how to improve a game mode. but just stating that you like something else better then the other isnt really a feedback. not helpfull at least but since i am here, yes i wish urf or arurf would be some kind of monthly featured game mode. every month for a week. or every two month.
: Perma Banned
> [{quoted}](name=Bijuu,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=Pa9QRi8k,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-12T21:51:10.859+0000) but he was kind enough to let me use his account this just broke ya neck. account sharing is not allowed and a reason for riot to permanently ban the account but thats not why i post here.. REALLY? a "i got banned" thread in PBE section? ouch. seems like the report system works. and i also hope there are no differences made whatsoever. which means, leaving / afk'ing should be bannable offense as well. but come one guys. you wont get any help here on the forums. an "i got banned" thread is just a waste of bits and bytes. would be more helpfull to open a ticket to riot support. i know being banned is not a very pleasant expirience. especially if you didnt do something on purpose, but the forums cant help.
: Just trying to test some champions I've yet to test, but everyone wants to use the same broken champs, or unbroken insta lose, and will dodge so many times if they don't get it. Dodge penalty should be up because you aren't here to win games people.
yea its really devastating. tried to play skarner so bad. but everytime when skarner won the 20% 1in5 vote, somebody dodged. not even kidding.
: Can't update game after the maintenance
come one. with technical issues its a common thing to do to post some additional informations. complete system specs would be helpful as well. preferrably read out by some tool that is designed for to do that. what do you expect to get out of that thread? if you just complain about not being able to update, then nobody can really help you. its nirvana / never mind / dev / null if you want some possible solutions or bugfixes provide additional informations.
: Things I noticed with One For All + Ideas to maybe lower the issues with it
no, basically what you want is a new aram expect everyone has the same champ. so its not aram it would be all-same-all-mid -> asam but since this is not ASAM, its OFA. One for all. we always could vote for a pick in One For All. that is one important factor. i would vote for removing the "majority" status. expecially on 4x premade queues. thats just sad you join into an OFA just to play the champ the 4x pre queue decides to pick.
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: Toxic player ruined my experience testing with PBE
lots of these threads and i am sure also lots of reports sent in. probably its just due to the huge amount of new registrations. maybe this sorta massive new wave will sort it self eventually out. lots of new people probably realize that pbe isnt what they really want. due to high ping mostly. they end up performing bad, going afk. maybe some try to adapt (like i did (the 110ms feel really sluggish sometimes)) or they just dont play anymore at all. or they only play once in a while. dunno really. maybe pbe was always that way and we just never knew since we are all new to pbe as well
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: I don't get any blue and rp.
> [{quoted}](name=Fenix Excellent,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=A0y7EXNk,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-05T19:44:33.188+0000) > > i don't know why i don't get any blue ask your jungler politely. then you may get some "blue's"
: Sounds like you don't know how to position and itemize. Always stay with a teammate, get zhonya's. When he jumps on you, activate it after he jumps but before he lands. Have allies stay at least 350 units away (Q range is about 175) so they can't get killed by him. His Q wouldn't go off on the target which leaves him at 3 ferocity so he won't be able to use emp W to escape. Avoid being near bushes when he ults and avoid being near the jungle. If you have a tank, stay near them. Black cleaver allows him to kill tanks in a 1v1, but makes it harder to kill squishes since he has to delay letho items to get BC. A major point of counterplay that not many people understand is just don't allow them to get a lead. Learn how to shut him down early by either invading, preventing him from getting all stacks on passive (major disadvantage if it's 20 min and he hasn't completed it yet), and cc him as soon as he jumps on targets. What you said about Rengar I can make an easy case for the same reasons about any other assassin. It's the role, it's their job, it's what they are supposed to do. Your job as a DPS mage is to survive this and then provide sustained dmg. His win condition is killing you, yours is surviving.
> [{quoted}](name=Kanaanite,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=6EB0d3OM,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2018-03-02T06:06:19.122+0000) > >Always stay with a teammate, get zhonya's. HAHA I FUCKN LAUGHED HARD. they took out original eve with some BS excuse. but all you had to do to counter original eve with her stun from the back -> get QSS and you were fine qss costs about 1300 gold zhonyas cost about 2600 gold so what champ was easier to counter? the already deleted eve? or the just introduced new rengar? BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA riot and balancing. fuckn laugh my ass off
: It probally varries in lower mmr.
> [{quoted}](name=CoolKnightST,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=FpJTHbk9,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-02T18:29:55.805+0000) > > It probally varries in lower mmr. that is funny. i dont know how you could possibly determine with which MMR i get matched up. but yea, as said, both, live servers and pbe, i rarely see those cdr boots. most mid mages take their 20% magic pen boots. even in championchips 20 magic pen are equipped mostly on mid mages. dude, really. discriminating me as a lower elo/mmr player without even knowing my real mmr, dude, this disgusts me
: You are nerfing aftershock finally.. !
dont understand that rant. galio is kinda strong. he does insanely stupid damage as tank. he doesnt buy ap itmes. he goes tanky/ap and puts out insance amount of damage and who says you have to use aftershock on him? since galio rework, he was broken and kind of too strong. his stupid from the backlane spamming q ability alone made him OP. he has relative low mana consumption as well. its not like that using q 3 times youre out of mana early. no you kinda can spam q. galio was broken, just nobody ever complained about him to much, because he wasnt played that often.
: everyone on 0-3% in loading screen
has already been reported. check
: I'm pretty sure I'm on low spec mode and yeah I was stuck on that for 20 or so mins frozen before it re-opened the client allowing me to login.
oh well, either on low spec mode the client is bugged way to much, or you hadnt updated your client in weeks/days... were you always up 2 date before that mentioned update? or did you by chance miss one or two?
: The original number I am going on that it is telling me I'm getting is the little popup you get when an update gets. The client temp closes and a little box pops up saying you're downloading the update/patch and how much it is. Which is never the same as when that closes and the client pops back up.
oh yea, i know what you mean. its right after when the client is telliing you that it needs to restart to perform an update. that exact little window on the update we are talking about was telling me about 14 MegaByte . i downloaded that 14 megabytes within 3 seconds. and after those 14 MB it jumped to the login screen. i was able to login to my account and i had to wait approx. 30 minute for the client to download the reamining 8.6GB data to start a new game. but i was already logged in to my account. the window you are talking about where it display that estimation doesnt offer a login, its the little popup when you close your client to perform an update. are you running your LoL on low spec profile?? were you able to login during the update/download at all??? or were you stuck at that little screen which displays an ~estimation" right after your client restarts for an update??
: Once my client finally unfroze it said I was updating about that much. Still not sure why my client when downloading isn't showing the correct amount.
it didnt show me an estimation number. it only displayed the remaining amount of data to download and the download rate in kb/sec or mb/sec so not sure where exactly you get that estimation from but it sure isnt displayed on my client anywhere. would you mind telling me? if its if you hover over the play button which visualize that an update is running then you must have even interpret the numbers wrong.
: Oversized patches
according to my client the update is ~8 GB and not 1.4GB
: Yeah I was in a game with Shadowfire Kindred on my team... every time I made it past loading screen I bugsplatted immediately. Only then did I think to search and find this thread. I suppose that Kindred is the cause.{{champion:203}} Got to post-game after numerous re-connection attempts, and it turns out no one on my team got past level 2 or the default gold per minute. Guess they all had problems too. yea. that is the screenshot i took once the game was finally finish. i played kindred without a skin
: [In-Game] Kindred Default and Shadowfire skins crash game if on-screen
just played a game as kindred. and i had a bugsplat as soon as loading screen was over. if it's the same issue then as kindred you cant do anything. and since you cant look away from yourself oO as kindred you are kinda doomed lol first bugsplat that isnt fixable by reconnect. whenever i reconnect, ill get an immediate bugsplat edit: riot is usually very fast when it comes to disabling content to avoid bugs.
: This is not a bad idea, i like it too, it would be fun to have the champions move on the screen while loading the game With a feature in settings where you can disable the animations if you lag or just don't like it
or while you at desk checking lolnexus for probably usefull information about your opponents
: This is not correct. Their are plenty of situations where {{item:3158}} could be more usefull. Let's just proof this with the last 10 pro games on pro builds: If whe leave out the AD champions than: * 3 {{item:3158}} * 1 {{item:3020}} (since corki is an hybrid) * 2 {{item:1001}} (that didn't upgrade their boots yet) * 1 that didn't bought boots add all and just bought {{item:3907}} later on * 1 that bought {{item:3111}} and sold their boots for {{item:3907}} I decided to take another 10 games to show a better statistic: * 4 {{item:3158}} * 1 {{item:3020}} * 1 {{item:3111}} * 1 that didn't bought boots add all This gives us the shocking result of: {{item:3158}} 7 ; {{item:3020}} 2 ; {{item:3111}} 1(2) ; {{item:1001}} 2 ;
we must play different games then. i never see them. you can check either my main acc or this acc match history and try to count them^^ i really rarely see them
: Yeah, uh... Tryndamere with the new Conqueror rune is broken.
i just think you cant manage being defeated. its not like that conquerer gives double the stats. it gives a small amount of true damage. thats it and its fully ok for the rune to give that amount. if i look at some tanks like orrn who dont need any tank items really to be tanky. conquerer rune is very much needed. in combination with aftershock rune or other tank keystones there has to be an equivalent keystone for fighters. or what do you want? poke me down as urgot with your arcane comet and q to go in at some point when its save? what could a trynde possibly do by then? sit back? oh and look., its another "nerf conquerer" rune thread. we have like 100 of those already {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: 0 RP and Blue Essence
yea, and if you would use the search function you would know too. every day at 10:30am pst your RP get reset to 8000. so if you didnt get any rp by now youll have to wait until 10:30am pst. and you need to relog into your account for the RP reset. alternatively you could try to reach level 31 and dissenchant your first champion caspule into BE. that way its possible to receive your first 8k RP as well so ive heard.
: It's been 4 months. A little long to be weeding out people who afk, troll, and flame EVERY game. You can go in their match history and see it for pete's sake. I even sent tickets in with screenshots at the beginning because I thought that would improve my odds. Riot hasn't responded to a single ticket so I stopped a few weeks in.
it is really that ridiculous. i lost all my motivation starting a new game, because out off 10 games 8 are screwed. yea, its pbe, yea its to test new stuff and such. people can end up having fed an opponent. all that is to expect. but afk'ing, trolling is NOT ffs. oh and i dont need a support either who decides to become second midlane apc by taking all the creep waves not a fed enemy makes this server so unenjoyable. its the pure selfishness and ignorance of some.
: The new rune have a bit of power
there was only a slight difference in damage + it took conquereur keystone longer to activate. look. as zed, you do some one two easy way to quick button combo and benefit from electrocute. that wouldnt work with conquerer rune. there has to be some balance. and i think conquerer rune is just fine as it is atm. even compared to summon aery which procs every damn attack or arcane comet wich has some low cooldown on it as well. you have to go into fight for conquerer rune to be activated. you cant just sit down and sit back and do some easy quick combos and retreat. i think conquere is balanced. personally i never liked these damage interactive runes anyway. once they got introduced it was good bye old league. but perhaps. good bye old league is with every champ i got to know that got reworked. really miss alot of old champs. but the qq is real. so yea i qq about keystones. since they only brought imabalnce. most dmg nowadays in early trades comes from keystone runes. which is ... meh .. tbh. but yea thats OT on this thread and its just how league went and i still play it. so nvm but as said. you cant really compare electrocute to conquerer that simple. just becuase conquerer takes longer to activate is reason enough. and such combo easy spamming champs like zed who can proc electrocute way to fast. nah, riot shouldnt compare these based on your examples.
: What to do when people don't respect draft roles
> [{quoted}](name=PBE Laggy Today,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=AbdjAi4G,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-24T00:03:24.113+0000) > > Every game I get auto filled into support I do my duty, but when I get marksman and then I get some auto filled support who's not even going to respect the fact that every one gets autofilled. It's like a slap in the face of wait times for draft, why not just renable blind pick only. exactly. my main role is mid / top / bot. i usually queue up as mid / top. sometimes mid/bot. and really only 2 games out of 5 i get my role. the other 3 times i have to autofill some role, mostly support and i do it as good as i can. but then i get into a game with an katarina support who cleares waves as fast as she can to get ahead, some top laner who rather wants to play mid or whatever. please riot, take reports more serious on pbe. its a mess atm. and ontop of that, i have like 8 games out of 10 with somebody or even two guys going afk.
: No, it's definitely a bug in the feature that they added to prevent accidental item sales. I have a 80~ms ping to the PBE, and I had to sell an item 4 times before it would stick while I was using the training tool.
ok, maybe we talk about different issues then. because i encounter those shop issues as well. and since i do it rather slowly, those issues disappeared. and i just have 110ms. which is not high. but i only encounter those issues on pbe, never had it on live. is it an pbe feature you guys talking about?
: I've been on PBE for almost a year now. Part of it is recognizing that you're not supposed to have "usual" games on PBE. Also, waiting 3 minutes for a game is extraordinarily short. I have had 6 hour long queues on PBE.
yea agree. i am not at all expecting some ranked mentality of all. but i am expecting people stick to the original rules. going afk on purpose is against the rules. intentional feeding is against the rules. flaming is still a no no. reports on pbe are taken as serious as on live-servers no i dont expect people to give it their tryhard best. but i am expecting people to play their game. 6 hour queue? gosh i wouldnt ever know.
: Why does Kaisa's E get lower in duration as you levelup and buy items?
what if her E wasnt meant to reposition? what if its just a skill that makes you being able to dodge opponents attacks / skills?
: There has only been blind pick in the past and it was no different, in my opinion, to how draft is now in terms of player behaviour.
hmm, couldnt tell. i only play for like a week on pbe. and i must say, its not the best expieriences ive ever had with league. i maybe had a single game which was kind of equal. all other games were doomed beforehand because somebody went 0/20 due to high ping, demotivation being bad or whatever or because some decided to leave. its really devastating atm.. its really rare to play a good game on pbe
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