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: Revive Passives Currently Inconsistent
I believe there is a reason for this. Aatrox is the only one outbid the three whose revive passive you can't stop as an enemy. He goes into status and revives. zac's and anivia's can both be stopped before they revive, thus built in counter play.
: That would be the bad idea, because supports after s4pre are more stronger, they can buy more agressive items, this would just make them less supports, more ap/ad carries trough lategame.
I disagree though. The changes to supports, namely the AP reduction, were made to try and bring them in line with season three values while having more gold and, therefore, better items. They will be able to support easier by having an extra item slot. That is my view anyway.
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: Ive been wondering that for the longest time. they put out the teaser 5 months ago.... I expected something more than just one picture and sketch of ability ideas by now. Im not saying that he needs to be on pbe asap but come on riot.. give us something... lore, more teaser pics, anything to show the progress being made. the introduction teaser was nice but its been a long time with no word on it... i dont want ao shin to suffer from a case of FFv13/FFXV lol
I believe it was meant to give a sneak peek at what is too come. Many had asked for a full dragon champion and that was Riot saying "We hear you and have an idea in mind." I saw somewhere that the concept was a lot harder to flesh out than they anticipated.
: [Jinx] Runaan's Hurricane and Switcheroo
This was actively tested on here with Jinx when she was on for testing. It was not changed then, and no one seems to have issues with it on the live server. Constant use of Fishbones will run her oom quickly
: Unloyal PBE Testers
And people wonder why I test on my own. I have found that testing on. My own allows my to try things that would get me yelled at in game. Off builds, unfamiliar champions, anything new. While I understand that playing against bots is not much of a challenge, it does provide nice feedback on your skills and allows you to practice at your pace.
: 2014 Season Start PBE Test
Clarification on what you mean by 12-13, as the 13tg of December has past already.
: Nasus nerf
Without any enhancement Cait has the longest range of any body. Tristana's passive let her get up to 703 AA range. The only ones who exceed that are Twitch and Kog when using their ults. Majority of champions have an AA range below 600. Sorry, but this actually allows ranged champs some counter to wither. Source:
: Spirit Visage Cooldown reduction lowered to 10% from 20%
: Thank you for your Yasuo feedback
: Another Yasuo Discussion
I have found it relatively easy, in my games, to get stacks on his Q to use the whirlwind. I think the ult is fine. Yes, it is situational, but gives a huge reward to those who can use it.
: [3.15] Verified Bug Reports (Updated 12/10)
The spell weaving icon in game is different from the one on the masteries page
: I love just chilling next to a tower playing that flute. Looks so badass and nonchalant when the enemy finaly shows up. :^)
: GuiltyAstrik / ViralCodex, I like the direction you are taking the idea. Going with the example from ViralCodes: You select a box with a heavier weight on support for a pal but still (RNG, bro) ended up gifting Nasus...worth?
I believe so. It would depend on the favoring. I would say a good weight would be between 60% and 70% chance to gift the role selected. Final numbers can be up to Riot, it is a good start. Still random, just favoring a role.
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: Interesting idea...but for it to be a mystery there needs to be enough un-owned champs. Someone who plays, say, mostly support is less likely to have enough champs available for a gift. Thanks for the idea Bloodair!
A way to implement a not as random version of gifting, but still a mystery, would be to keep the at least 10 unowned champ requirement but incorporate the ability to choose a main role for the gifted champ. Say I own 10 champs, but have started to enjoy playing a bruiser. My friend could gift me a mystery bruiser champion to expand my pool in that area, allowing me to enjoying playing a bruiser more. I know some people who like support, and gifting them a teemo or nasus would not be as welcome as nami. Just a thought.
: He's likely not to dance in joy. Rather he plays a lonely song. Brilliant.
I agree. Both his flute and his harmonica give the sense of a wandering, lonely man.
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: Yes I would love this. Another reason is late game i cannot buy wards BECAUSE I Have a full build and it hurts the team because of the limit on warding per player the more players with full builds the less wards not counting the trinket. Wards should have their own slot and sightstones should have one too when the item is completed
I agree. I would be a lot more active as a mid or top in vision if I had a slot dedicated to wards/sightstone.
: ill try athene....ziggs is my main on NA so ill see what that gives :)
I like it because it help relieve his Mana problems early, while giving him all stats he needs.
: Items for CC
It would have to be hard coded to avoid fringe cases like suppresses (Warwick, Malz) and special interactions (Yasuo). It would also make some champs ridiculous (Fiddlesticks, Ashe, Nasus). I do like the idea, but 50% seems like a lot. A flat amount would be better.
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: its exactly what im trying to do but testing stated bugs while people try to kill you gets pretty complicated :P
If possible, try against bots. Fairly easy to predict play against
What the other two have said. In one game I noticed some of my enemies appeared In the fog of war after they spawned. I went to report it only to find that others already had. Play games, test off builds, try to break the game. That's how things are found. Side: Ziggs is an awesome little champ in my opinion. I have found athene's is a good item on him early to allow for much more burst, other wise he can be built fairly standard apc.
: Q: Showdown Execute
I would have to check the showdown rules, but I believe that is intended. Champion death counts as a win, if I remember. Edit: verified in the Showdown reenabled thread "suicides count towards victory condition"
: Yasuo shield and Ult
1) I believe the shield absorbs damage, and if you take damage of a greater amount than the shield can absorb you get dealt the difference. (Not sure) 2) I think you may be confused about his ult. The ability says that it will reset the chain on his Q, which means remove any stacks you have.
: Renekton always visible
I played a Singed game and at one point I noticed both Renekton and Morgana were still visible after they recalled. I was using the snowday skin.
This is the third thread I've seen you make on this. The old Christmas and Snowdown skins are available for cheap so that they can be tested with the new stuff. I don't see a point to you reposting this. Just enjoy the fact that on the PBE you can get them cheap.
: Unfortunately, the stat is actually different from Armor Pen. Yasuo only ignores bonus armor, the stuff you get from items, not the ~15-75 armor champions have innately. I would love for us to change Last Whisper to operate on this mechanic as well, and add new or more stats to compensate for any power lost.
Personally I would like to see this change for both void staff and last whisper. The fact both ignore 35% of a key defensive stat is a little strong. by making it against bonus armor (last whisper) or magic resist (void staff) you open up some more counter play to them, as they penetrate more the more semi or mr you have
: [Feedback] Winter Wonder Lulu - Whimsy
She should make them into snow teemo's. Then everyone would attack it
: Ashe's passive was a kind of that in past. Now...
I was unaware of that. Thank you
: [Feedback] Winter Wonder Lulu - Whimsy
But... I would feel bad about attacking a cute little poro
: Bug - Major -Yasuo Ult
I don't see why it is important that it shows up in stats. You have the buff show up above your status bar. That should be enough. Besides the fact that the 50% armor pen is based on bonus armor, which is not the same as the armor pen in the stats screen, which is overall armor pen.
: indeed but if you do the maths: his ultimate 200 (70+130) > 130/2 =65 last whisper + masteries (39% armorpen) 100 - (200*0.39)=135-78=57 and now lets take a blackcleaver to the whole thing if(stacked)= +25% +10flat means: 200*0.64 =128 SO the whole thing together:200-65-128-10= -3 -3 armor... he basically does more then truedamage to you... i think they should apply the 50% armorpen afterwards
If you read the ability it says that he gain the 50% armor after he lands, which marks the end of his ult.
: LW before or after Ult change nothing, they are multiplicative on bonus armor The math will probably be : Base Armor + Bonus Armor = 80 + 120 **Base Armor after LW** = 80 x 0,65 = 52 **Bonus Armor reduce by ult & LW** = 120 x 0,5 x 0,65 = 39 (= 120 x 0,65 x 0,5) So Armor left is 91.
: I believe in general Yasuo's doubled crit is a little overpowered. With just and i.e and static shiv yasuo gains 90% crit making an unparalleled force to be reckoned with. In terms of balancing power maybe leaving it at a 50% boost may wrok better in my opinion compared to scaling into the double crit percentage. That would just make his late game that much more impactful. Another balancing option would be to reduce his q scaling and removing the on-hit crit effect would be a possible option, because with the 1.3s CD yasuo's damage output is unparalleled with the double crit scaling and the flat 1.0 ad scaling. There are many other options that I could come up with but these seem to be the most balanced ways to alter yasuo without completely changing him in my opinion.
I do not believe that capping it at 50% would be good. Of your ideas I feel removing the ability to crit with his q woul be the better option.
: Although I like the idea of this, I kind of think that such a change isn't really necessary. My reasoning for this is that Yasuo's early game (as explained in his reveal) is really weak. He is so squishy during the early laning phase that it would be pretty foolish to only buy critical strika chance on him so early. And although I haven't seen the passive been used for a lot of early game damage, I guess it could actually be his only early game strength. So if a change like this would be implemented, it would erase any chance of Yasuo for having any lane dominance, and he isn't that much of a laning terror as of right now, so in my opinion, his is very well balanced.
I have, though not tested myself, heard of people starting brawlers glove on him with pots and crit chance runes to get over 16% crit chance at the beginning of the game, which I feel is too much. Again, the argument could be made that Nasus starting with 20% life steal at the beginning of the game is too much as well. I appreciate your feedback on this.
: Feedback on Yasuo
First off, no need to apologize for the long thread. Feedback threads about new champs always are because there is a lot to cover. It is a very nice post over all. You hit on a lot of his strong points while not forgetting some of the bad. Personally I agree with your assessment of his W. It's not broken. Early game it does provide some protection, while after you max it the potential to save teammates from ranges ults is very nice for a melee carry type to have.
: How does Yasuo's Ult penetration work?
I would like to know this as well.
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: High Noon Yasuo's Hairstyle
I'd be fine if it hung down his back instead
: Yasuo Balance Thread
I think the crit on the passive should be toned down a but at early levels, but still be doubled late game.
: Abilities in League of Legends should be powerful when used well. Wind Wall does one thing and strongly rewards reaction speed, positioning, and judgment as to when to cast v hold it. In my opinion, we should have more spells like it, not less.
I agree with this 100% percent. It takes a good reaction to see Cait targeting you and get the wall up in time or aware enough of the map to see an Ashe Ult or Jinx Ult headed for you and get your wall up to save you and possibly an ally from taking it to the face.
: [idea] Yasuo W
It is an interesting part of Yasuo's kit that will take some getting used to. It is by no means broken or over powered. You can walk through the wall, you can bait it out, wait for it go on cool down and then ult, or you move around it to avoid it.
: Yasuo the painful one
The armor pen on his ult is only against bonus armor I believe
: I have to agree about his passive, it should definitely scale by level, otherwise people will be taking all crit runes, and starting the game with 40% crit chance.
Yeah. The early game presence of the double crit passive is annoying
: Indeed I don't think he will do great against hard cc comps. Still i find him a very skill based champ. He will only be great in the hand of great players. But I feel that at his current state he might bring out a bit too much damage to the lategame table. If he can manage to flank or even put a good wall to block an initiation and then go all in on the squishy he will decimate them. And for anyone that's not a full tank and meets him alone there will not be a second chance.
Yes. Yasuo is going to be high skill, high reward. Quick to learn and hard to master
: All I can say at a first glance is that a Yasuo with IE, SS, BTRK, and LW ( much of the standard feed/endgame build for an ad caster) can solo baron and leave the pit with full HP ...and he can do it amazingly fast (there are 5 man comps that can't do it this fast). I can understand that he's weak early game and that his ulti is hard to put down having to chain it with the "airborne", but once he reaches lategame and get major items all he needs is to auto attack. And his wall :)'s funny how he can stop the ulties of sona, ashe, varus ...and so on ...all powerful initiations and reasons that make those heroes all about P.S. ...there will also be quite hard to land hooks (blitz and tresh) because he can shield an entire team The only balanced thing i can find about him right now is that his e has a low range and can't be casted on the same unit for a short amount of time ..also he lack's in the cc department because u can see when he has his knock up available ..and can somewhat dodge it.
Thank you for pointing out that he can solo baron. I have not tested that out yet. I do agree his late game is ridiculously strong, and with the current league of targon's it will be easier for him to reach that state. But he still needs to deal with his squishiness issue if focused. It is hard for him to set his ult up on his own against hard cc, which is something almost every team has.
: I agree with you mostly. But with the way his passive is right now (i love and support the idea of this scaling with lvl) i find it hard to not take the 21 in offense if not just for "frenzy" (granting 5% attack speed after a crit, staking up to three times). This mastery point as well as him feeling currently like more of an assassin lead to a more offensive tree and a mostly squishy mostly melee champ. Tons of potential, but i see him as a risky pick.
I like to run 0/19/11 for masteries with him to help counter his early squishiness. It works well because it allows for increased durability and sustain.
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