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: I think her R cooldown should be increased. its 10 sec at lv 1
Well her r would be meh if it was longer as it is not a escape ability
: You guys can disagree with this but I tested out gunblade with Zoe and it’s pretty good for me at least. I tested around with maxing q and e first. And I maxed e for this situation since at max rank it allows you to deal at least 225 (around that) bonus magic damage which is pretty decent. So if you just cast your e and then you ult and attack with lich bane and gunblade and idk if electrocute can proc with this but it deals pretty good burst damage. Well back to making a build for Zoe!
I will try that out too for my build guide I her thanks
: One small gripe: > This ability allows you to pickup ANY summoner spell/item active used by a enemy champion to use it for your benefit It does not include Sightstone or other items with warding actives.
: Nice Guide :) {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} btw, did you know she's in love with ezreal and hates Lux because of it?
yup just listened to her voice lines! that was v funny!!
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: Thanks a lot dude i really want to learn how to play Zoe so i'll really love that you make a guide for her. {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
yea ofc she is currently disabled i will make a very detailed guide on her what mistakes shld WE all improve on (including me)
: How are you testing zoe if she's down?
i meant i will first test bugs then make a guide bout her
: Please Leave. Viper is excited to share Zoe with others. There is no rank shaming here.
: Zoe!
ty guys looks like u want guides rn zoe is disabled but when she is back up imma learn everything and i will make a guide which u can try out yourselves
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