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: [Server] Can we get more than one server for PBE?
if i see "due to high server demand custom games custom games requires minimum of two players" one more mother fuking time
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
i got a question, before he's a tanky mage with a constant shield but no burst early game and no cc and no gap closer. fairly balanced. now he's a support champion that needs the adc to go up to almost melee range to activate his W to get that pathetic health steal while keep using his short ranged E and his Q that takes 3 auto attacks worth of time to deal enough damage to maintain that pathetic shield that falls down to 25% ridiculously fast. this has got to be one of the biggest nerf on the champion that doesn't even deserve one, morde lost 2 of his 3 AOEs, burst got even lower spreading through auto attacks, still no cc, still no gap closer, no heal unless the adc gets up close to enemies, no movement speed unless they're walking towards each other. absolutely useless in lane and team fights. because lets not forget his ult completely depends on how fed morde is now, which he won't be judging by his kit. so my question is, what in god's name are you game designers thinking? i know you guys are trying to make something new and be creative but this does not make any sense, showing exactly how desperate you guys already are trying to make new gameplay with 120 something champions already occupying majority of the diversity. you guys are so eager to come up with new ideas but recently it always seem to end up a screw up. just look at all these new champions released recently, all of them either too OP or too UP and just waiting for a nerf or a buff. look at bard! what were you guys thinking? look at ekko! what were you guys thinking? it's been 5 years and you guys still have so much gameplay diversity to learn from DOTA, shame on all of you.


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