: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Infernal Amumu, Dragon Trainer Tristana & Lulu Chromas! (Ezreal too!)
These chromas look super awesome Riot. Now it would be really cool if we could actually test them in game, especially the Infernal Amumu and Debonair Ezreal since those are new assets never before in the game. I guarantee you that the players using the PBE would be happy to test these new additions to the game and ensure that they dont have any serious issues or can cause game breaking issues. Unfortunately none of us have RP to buy them (or in Amumu's case, they arent even available). If you want your players to be able to use the PBE for its intended purpose, then it should be important that you allow the thousands and thousands of players willing to use it, to actually be able to. Would really appreciate if these seemingly simple changes to PBE were actually implemented before any potential issues impact paying customers.
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