: monkeyking
Yep, Wukong is the monkey king... and what do you want to tell us?
: Rumble Questions and Advise Needed....
In fact there was only the tooltip change, there isn't any change in the game, it still does 50% dmg to monsters xD
: Poppys' passive
If it bounces like zac passive it would be much better in my opinion.
: Is fervor broken?
It only works when attacking an enemy champion, it won't charge on minions.
: No. It would execute before and I was watching Rekkles play support thresh on live servers and he executed a minion. They also REALLY need to settle they whole attack range shit though
Thresh autoatacks never execute minions, he was a ranged champ, I had played a lot of Thresh with the Targon.
: Riot, please, we, Ezreal players, NEED ANY TYPE OF CHANGE that would make his W useful to him as AD
You can W yourself so it gives as to you, you can also use it to buff your teammates so it isn't really useless
: Wrong spanish translation of Illaoi's abilities
: Busted CDR Cap
What masteries where you using that game?
: No hay ningun campeon con rework que no sea adc?
Todos los reworkados son tiradores, seguramente el parche que viene o el otro tendremos el rework de poppy tambiƩn.
: Ezreal Q crit doesn't seem to proc "Warlord's Bloodlust"
: Please give us spellvamp against monsters too
: What would be a good name for the newly added Champion Gold Icon?
: I think we should get infinite refunds
And why you would buy a mistery skin if skins cost 1 ip?
: You mean, the whole thing? Or just the basic route Gromp, blue red
If you do a good route you should clean the whole jungle, the masteries help a lot xD
: Using pretty aggresive Masteries. Hunters Potion yes, idd helped a lot. But the overall feeling of power which i have on live is really really missing. In live i usually get hard fed, on pbe i struggle to do anything even after 1 or 2 kills
You can take a 18/6/6 the recovery+tough skin in resolve and the savagery+Runic affinity/Secret Stash in cunning can make Kha clean the jungle without dying
: Kha Zix Jungle might be a no go next season
Well, you have the death dance that will be great on Kha and the changes on other AD items can be good for him too so I think he will manage to survive the preseason xD PD: What masteries where you using that game? Have you tried to use the Hunter's Potion?
: Good stuff man, here are my thoughts: Another thing you could add to your list would be the removal of Ranger's Trailblazer which further removes his ability to clear the jungle effectively. However, one could also make the point that the increase in AD on many viable items for Kha (e.g. Warrior and Black Cleaver) could prove to help his early-mid game enough to get him to the mid-late game where he shines. In essence, adding further waveclear might make him unstoppable. In conclusion, Riot should do to Kha what they've actually started getting good at doing: Reworks! Not a big rework for him (PLEASE!), but something to where, like you mentioned, he's not like all the other "unplayable" champions where he's either get ahead early ->win game or get behind -> be useless. Note: I do NOT think Kha is unplayable, which is why I play him :P One idea I've always had for him is: when he comes out of ult, he gets some kind of defensiveness (a shield, massive increase in resistances, or maybe like a mini banshees veil). Of course, he would have to lose something in order to gain this, but I think it's a good addition. Just an idea :)
He used to have 50% damage reduction during the evolved ult, was too OP so it was nerfed xD
I wanted Ashe to have 20% AS and 15% life steal since lvl 1, buy an essence reaver and just spam W ;-;
: Why ashe tho?
Ashe, permacrit, that stuff Edit: Wait, she was change so she don't permacrit anymore, forget ashe xD
: Riot, It feels horrible to be a tank.
I think that we have enough league of tanks for a months but maybe they are too weak now.
: And it's a shield by definition. Hmm, it might possibly be due to it not being coded like an actual "shield buff" like Nautilus' Titan's wrath or Janna's shield. Strange.
That makes sense, it isn't a visible shield, maybe its coded as not taking X damage but without being a shield.
: Unintended Mastery interactions (teemo, panth, etc.)
Ashe and Yasuo with crits, Ekko with stormraider's surge he run at nearly 750 ms xD or Ekko with thunderlord's decree more damage for his pasive. There will be a lot more, we will know when it get to live xD
: New Mastery Page
I think that is simple but in fact gives more different options that the old one, these masteries allow you to take what you like for your style, so for me they are good xD
: @Riot, Mordekaiser and Runic Armor
Well, it isn't really a shield, its a resource bar that acts like a shield xD
: Point of Death's Dance?
It's not lifesteal, it gives the 12% of your phisical damage dealt as life, so it count for all the phisical damage, not only aa and the 20% damage over time its a good way to "counter" burst champions.
: About Slayer Jinx Q fishbones bug
I know that in this preseason Jinx have her AS reduced while she use fishbones, but if it shoots that slow maybe its a bug
: Panth W, Jax E, and Fiora W can block Rift Herald attacks.
: Im 99% sure Panth Passive blocks dragon attacks
Nope, he can't, Riot make the Dragon aa to be considered an ability because panth was able to solodragon at lvl 3 xD
: The changes are horribly overpowered and some things just plain make 0 sense.
This is the PREseason, that means that they have a lot of time until the season starts to fix things so calm xD
: Kog Maw
It has no cost in live server, in the PBE it have 40 mana cost
: All these changes are starting to sound like a balancing nightmare
Well, if everything is broken isn't the game balanced? xD
: Eye of the Watchers - Satanic Name
The Watchers are a tribe in Freljord so Eye of the Watchers isn't demoniac xD
: Last Whisper is way too gold efficient
Its 40% armor pen in live so once is complete its less penetration vs the live server.
: Kog'Maw 5.0 or 4.8 AS !!!
: Wrong mastery category names in german
This happen in a different idioms, it isn't traduced yet we just have to wait xD
: Graves - reload mechanic
It scales with as, and Graves AA can deal tons of damage so the 1-5/2 s is ok for me xD
: [Masteries] - Wrong names
The attack section is the right, the left is the tank, and in the middle you have the utility
: Infinity Edge 50% damage instead of 200?
Critical strike bonus damage is increased by 50%, a crit is 200% so its 250% anyway so its the same XD
: How about AP + AS Kog'maw? Building Nashor's and some more attack speed and ap would go great, and would see only benefits. The % ad reduction wouldn't even matter in a case like that.
I think that AP kog with a Nashor is going to be OP, the % life on hit scales with ap and the % ad reduction dont care, this season is going to be fun xD
: Malphite is Drastically Overpowered in the PBE
: Statikk Shiv and Rapidfire Cannon
Its the first day, calm, they will have different icons.
: His W only scales off AD, and his ult scales harder off AD than AP - I'm thinking if you want a caster koggles, you'll probably just go an AD heavy build :/
I think that his W only scales with AP, so AP kog may be a turret with dps, big burst with Q+E and an executioner with ult
Dont worry about that, you account will stay, I enter the PBE when Gnar was going to be released xD
: Existing Accounts - I want to reapply for the next cycle
: Jungle with {{summoner:11}} and {{summoner:3}} . Used to go top with {{summoner:1}} and {{summoner:3}} /{{summoner:14}} What is flash?xD
I remember when I started playing lol, going top with {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:3}} and waiting on the brush, it always was a first blood for me xD
: Should I still play with high ping?
If you are not from NA you will have lag, I'm from EUW and I play at 200-300 ping too but dont worry, its something that we all know so you're not gonna get reported or suspended for that.
: This game is balanced around flash, I don't think it needs nerfs, I think some other spells need buffs. Clarity, Clairvoyance are garbage, Cleanse is alright but it should stop surpressions, barrier needs like -20s on the cooldown, etc.
I agree, I think that we should have more viable options in the summoner spells.
: [Poppy] E (Charge) remaining unchanged
I dont think that her E remain totally unchanged, it would change, but the skill will be the same, maybe some cd/dmg/bugs/range changes for it.
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: PBE singups
Why do you say that he is the best?
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