: Im having the same problem they said they fixed it but they didn't
> [{quoted}](name=DeathGamer,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=TlfMrOEJ,comment-id=0021,timestamp=2015-08-20T21:30:26.027+0000) > > Im having the same problem they said they fixed it but they didn't
: > So how we are supposed to deal with insanely strong carries late if not picking a tank with a lot of CC? What is supposed counterplay for such scenario? Answer for damage is only more damage ? In a late game world - tactically, you'll need to neutralize the strong carry before he is a threat. Because they are squishy, you can either assassinate him in the start of the fight -or- poke him until he can't start the fight. Alternatively, you'll need to find a way to CC him at the start of a fight through positioning or flanky. Recall - they are squishy - they have a ton more vulnerabilities than defensive characters. However, it seems odd to me that your answer is essentially 'I should be able to ignore his damage' because at that point - they don't have much play against *you* - so you've essentially just flipped it. The other facet of this is that any character who is strong late has a built in strategic weakness already - they need time to ramp up. By moving Cinderhulk's power earlier into the game it lets tanks actually take advantage of this temporal weakness - rather than both characters effectively being able to do nothing until the late game with lots and lots of items. That is - You will be stronger in the first few team fights and weaker after. You won't be contesting them 1:1 on the same time scale. > In the jungle we will see rush of damage dealers instead which is more influential in early to mid game (remember Lee dominating for over a year? I do. And don't want this again). Hypothetically, let's say we remove the base health entirely and just had cinderhulk be the multiplier. Great - you are now super effective late game. The net result is that you would see a rush of damage dealers because the way to counter you is to suppress the hell out of you before you get items. If too much of your power is in the late game - then the natural thing is to pick early and mid-game characters to disable late game characters from being effective at all. Cinderhulk will never be able to outscale Devourer - it can only lose the race at the moment - therefore, it needs to provide enough power up-front to be able to influence the game before Devourer comes on line.
@Xypherous from what i understood you are making shyvana{{champion:102}} a god in jg so as {{champion:67}} vayne the purpose of become tanky is to take as much dmg as you can to buy time for your carries to do the dmg not to kill the most op champion on the enemy team cuz that`s your carries duties in my mind i guess that the only tanky jg that will remain is rammus{{champion:33}} and not in every situation
: Connecting PBE server accounts to Live server accounts.
In That Case 90% of the PBE players are bronze and they think that pbe is a new chapter and well you may w8 like 20 min in queue then you get 1 afk. bot lane troll, and toxic top laner so not worth it
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: [Bug] Riot Girl Tristana Bug (PICTURE)
this community is only for PBE reports any thing else you should report it in ticket
: Devourer Disabling on Revive
happened with me two but if you sold the jg item then undo it the stats will go on again
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: That's a stupid place for a mute button. In my opinion.
well it`s bugged the icon shows that you are muting players while you aren`t and that players are unmuted which have you muted i`ll prove with some pics once the pbe comes online again
: New HUD shop.
: Hey guys! Sorry to hear you're experiencing this. :( What game modes are you getting this issue on?
: What's the issue with being able to see enemy CS and KDA in the new HUD? We've actually made it more available than in the Live HUD by adding it to the target frame as well as the scoreboard. We'll fix the kill callout sizing and level pip bugs.
another problem when i play kog or jayce or any other champ with tear i can`t see how many points i got in my tear and how many point in my skills i can`t change the place of the items
: You'll (most likely, unless a rito happens to see this) need to submit a support ticket from your non-pbe account (the one linked to your PBE though, the one you applied with), make sure to mention that it's your PBE account, and ask them to clear your runes. Hope this helps!
can you give me a link plz thx
: I'm going to make a serious counter-argument here; well not really i'm just going to point out some things, You cannot verify that the person who just went afk went afk on purpose as to he may have had a crash, so don't report him of course if you see XXxYallBitchesxXX: fuck you all i'm afk then you can probably report him for afk second the guy could be testing leaverbuster, #IamOneOfTheStupid! third, it is PBE so while winning is good, being angry at someone for; Testing a build out Doing random things Not really playing is really not what testers are here for... Unless you have something like xXXIchallenjourUbranzexXX: Lol i'm just gonna troll 'cause pbe then go ahead and report him... I just don't want people to report the guy who goes up and down river spamming laugh who goes Tdub: sorry, i'm kinda just testing the laugh SFX in the river. i mean, please don't report that kind of guy, he's trying to do work. (Yes testing in customs is possible, but it is lonely ;*( )
i disagree with you yeah he can try builds but not to do it in normal he got custom and CO-op Vs all but not in ranked ( which you wait like 12 min for a game then some one do that )
: I feel very similar man! ;-;{{item:3070}}
about the MUTe put your mouse over the champ icon in the game with the TAb button and you will see the mute button yeah by the way new HUd is very confusing i don`t like that every thing s in one corner and abit smaller
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: Gaining Access to the PBE is a Joke
man i climbed from bronze to plat but the only way for me to play a decent match on PBE co-op vs all or custom with my self but even ranked i had 3 afk and a troller how do they choose players i guess they choose the one that are biend reported in the normal servers that maybe Riot logic
: read the updates http://www.surrenderat20.net/2015/06/64-pbe-update.html
didn`t understand can you elp me plz
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: Cant now :( the normal server has it and pbe dont?WHY AND THERE'S EKKO IN HOME PAGE BUT NOT IN THE STORE?Still cant purchase it {{item:3070}}
> [{quoted}](name=Jukeforu,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=iW5l6Auf,comment-id=00020002,timestamp=2015-05-29T09:53:59.301+0000) > > Cant now :( the normal server has it and pbe dont?WHY AND THERE'S EKKO IN HOME PAGE BUT NOT IN THE STORE?Still cant purchase it > {{item:3070}}it`s a common problem that no one can buy him


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