: Correct me if I'm wrong but i thought i saw her W tooltip say that her attack speed is for the next 3 basic attacks only. Is that part of the changes to her Impure Shots? (It felt like it lasted longer to me)
ah that's a tooltip bug from something i was testing out where she had a bonus for three hits. it's already been fixed for next pbe build. good eye :)
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: Experimental Soraka Changes
Well I'm bad and turns out these changes didn't make it in today. Should be in tomorrow though. This will at least give me time to fix up this missile speed so it's more consistent with the live version at long range.
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: Agreed on minions, but I could see heals on something like Tibbers!
This is actually the main reason why. Tibbers and potentially a super/cannon minion.
: Could we also get an astral ambulance range indicator when hovering over the passive, please? Currently there is virtually no information provided to tell the player when the effect kicks in. As a result, I constantly found myself running towards my team thinking "alright, any time now, passive..." I can see situations where, if the range on the passive was known, it would be easier to decide whether or not its even worth trying to run over to your teammate. Where currently Soraka is more likely to go ahead and run in their direction, assuming her passive will kick in and get her there in time, only to be disappointed.
Yup. Added it for tomorrow.
: Soraka Rework Bug: Missing ultimate on Champion Select hover tips
Looks like all of her descriptions are broken at the moment. Thanks for the report, will be looking into that.
: If her E dosnt change then let it cost less mana and let allies that are in the zone receive mana (when an allie is in the zone he receies mana per sec and soraka loses mana per sec). I feel like some champs have heals but unlike anybody else Soraka had the abilitie to give mana and that was really good.
Yup. Mana cost on E will probably be going down for the next build.
: Reposting from [another thread](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/npegkEtA-thoughts-on-soraka-rework-and-talking-about-tooltips?comment=0000): - I do not like that the heal can be "wasted" on a minion. Especially in the heat of battle, a misclick on a minion is easily made (this can be worked around by clicking the champ portrait intstead, but that is not an ideal solution). - In the tooltip of the passive, I would like to see the AP gained, to get an idea on how much armor/MR you are "missing". preferably split up (MR/armor), otherwise just the total AP gained.
I'm still doing some changes to the W so that it will cheat the target and always heal a champion if they are next to a minion you're clicking on. Should make it in for tomorrow's build. Passive tooltip is a great suggestion and will definitely happen, although I have a couple other things to fix first that are more pressing (I'll make sure it gets in for the live release though)
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