: Riven Feedback and message for Rioter.
It can still be tuned, and change doesn't mean the end of the world. Get over it and adapt or quit playing Riven after the change.
: New turquoise level and money bar
: The issue with going more of a bruiser build is losing out on a lot of early kill potential. The early Bruit->Hydra is the biggest power spike and needs to be rushed. Unless you snowball, that means your next item has to be tanky item, but that won't work to your advantage if they have armor. I did think about the new Hydra and going a tanky build, but Cleaver rush for the early CDR you need doesn't work too well if your enemies choose health over armor to counter your counter and the Titanic Hydra is an AA reset, so it doesn't work as an animation cancelling ability with your W, E, or last Q, which is why the Hydra being rushed early is just so good. You can pop it before you start an ability to cancel the animation, which is similar to using it with the AA cancelling, except since it's an AoE and doesn't require clicking, it's sooooooo much easier to pull off. The hardest part of the AA Animation Cancelling is the perfectly timed and placed clicking, which a Hydra doesn't need. I think Bruiser Riven could work though if they made it to where you could get half the Edge from your abilities landing rather than just when you land an AA, especially since they removed the passive's stacking feature, so you HAVE to land the AA after every single ability. With how impossible true animation cancelling is in the midst of a team fight, one can't simple rely on it. Considering the direction they're going with this 'Edge' system, it might be best to remove the AA animation cancelling all together since you're getting a 10% damage boost already on top of your R doing lots of damage regardless of health if you have the Edge.
I agree with pretty much everything you're saying. I think Riot just hates extreme snowball potential in general. I really want edge to be gained from simply hitting abilities as well. If this is implemented, I was also thinking of having each additional enemy champion hit increasing the amount of Edge gained by 50%. So hitting one enemy with a Q grants 10 Edge, two grants 15, three grants 17, etc. I really don't think this would be broken, but who knows. EDIT: Never mind. This would be completely broken during her laning phase. Maybe a cooldown on how often Edge can be gained from a hit ability would tone this down. Perhaps the cooldown would be reduced proportional to the amount of enemy champions nearby?
: So you're going to tell me you can do [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qO715z_OKk)? That's the Animation Cancelling everyone speaks of. There's of course the E+Ability cancel and the Hydra+Ability cancel, but that's not going to actually help you when it comes to building up Edge due to needing to Auto Attack.
It should be noted that the "fast combo" can be done faster than shown in that video. The reason it wasn't performed better was probably because of his ping.
: Yes, her early damage is exactly the same and hasn't changed, however, it's her level 6 damage that has made her such a bully and it's what's allowed her to be in team fights. The typical two Q's around then a flash or E+Q into the enemy team with R going, then W+Hydra and then an R for a large amount of AoE damage has been one of the main things Riven does. Currently, this nerfs that exact thing by requiring you to have Edge without giving you a stable way to get Edge outside of AA Animation Cancelling, a trick so hard we didn't even see Faker do it all of S3 when he mained Riven and Zed.
I agree, this is harder to do. The change promotes a more bruiser build for riven so that she can build towards 100% edge before dying. Although this will change how many people choose to play Riven, I don't think change is necessarily bad.
: Diamond Eve Main here with 600+ Eve games: Do not nerf Eve this way
I don't consider myself an Eve main, but I play her a fair bit. Although I think this nerf is extremely unnecessary and unwarranted, I don't think this will make her significantly worse. It just slightly worsens her windows of opportunities I guess.
: Riven changes and a well made Fiora's nerf
Thank you so much for not panicking about the Riven changes. Most of the people who main her are just butthurt that they can't play her the exact same anymore, and I'm a Riven main. I agree with your entire post.
: Riven's New Edge Feedback!
On your second sentence, what do you mean her damage was lackluster? The only thing this passive change does is nerf the ult. **All of her other damage sources are the exact same, if not stronger.**
: I still have the experience of pvp and will test pbe things in pvp so.
Just don't get mad if your ult can't execute as well. Don't whine for no reason, and "Her ult doesn't do as much damage" is not a legitimate reason.
: She doesnt need a buff or nerf. Both would make me equally upset, I even got really upset by the Bard buff because I liked him doing no damage
They changed what I like. _Maybe if I cry about it without a good reason they will listen to me._
: I used to rank a lot and all that and now I just try to casually play in bots PvE. So Im not putting much time into this game anymore and I shouldnt have to for a champion that has been balanced and well nerfed already. I dont care if they even buffed her, I dont want any change to any champion that was already fine.
Riot could care less about the feedback from someone who only plays in bot games
: Why does she need to be toned down
She doesn't need to be toned down. And this hardly even does.
: So, either I'm doing something wrong or Riven's passive isn't working.
You should probably explain what isn't working. Are you not gaining Edge when landing a charged basic attack on an enemy champion? Are the passive charges not providing bonus damage to your auto attacks?
: Riven's Edge feedback
First of all, if you realize you are digressing, then delete the tangent before submitting the post. Second, this does nothing to require weaving basic attacks between abilities. This change rewards it. I have no opinion on her range increasing proportionally to her Edge, but It seems fine.
: Yeahp, these changes are so bad. It forces you into some mordekaiser level shit where you constantly want to fight to keep stacks up. And then playing against it is like Fiora or Darius "Oh Max stacks? Lemme just walk away under my tower real quick, give up that wave and come back to you." like wtf? That's not what Riven is about at all. These would be much better on someone like Yorick, because that's what he wants to do. If you're an amazing Riven player you can use EVERY stack of her passive doing incredible damage, while a newer Riven player would deal less than half the amount you did. The change to her passive makes it so you can only hold a maximum of 1 stack, this forces you to auto after every ability. That's ... ok... I mean experienced Riven players already do this, but it takes away that skill ceiling. Newer Riven players don't know you should auto attack in between abilities to get the most out of your passive, this separates quite a bit of Riven players. But with these changes it almost MAKES you tunnel vision onto using every stack, instead of "Well I can just quickly use all my abilities and then finish them off with the 3 stacks I have because I didn't use any.". Riven is all about the freedom to do whatever you want and how to make it work. You don't have to animation cancel if you don't want to, you can use your shield defensively to block damage to farm if you want, or you can use your Q to fast push waves. Or you can go for an all in regular / fast / ultra fast combo. Riven brutally trades with her opponents in lane and then out sustains them until she can all in for the kill with her ultimate combo. She can make things flashy and make people say "Oh my god!!?!?!?!? Did you see that!!?!?!?" or she can choose to just get shit done. These changes just can't go through.
> [{quoted}](name=Kyn,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=7bKqEqXN,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-10-01T01:10:58.859+0000) > "Well I can just quickly use all my abilities and then finish them off with the 3 stacks I have because I didn't use any." That is the most stupid thing I've ever heard. What riven player, new or veteran, would ever think that? I said it in an earlier post, but I'll say it again. You can still play her as an assassin; that niche playstyle is just nerfed. Get over the changes or quit playing Riven. Do you think Boxbox or Best Riven NA will quit maining Riven? I don't think so.
: in the nicest way bro... stfu xD im surprised they dont just give her a manapool and remove her ult scaling all together the base damage is bs as it is then id understand because she be balanced for once. but this wont kill her. don't worry she be the same riven where she only needs 1 mechanic to 1 v 5 (but you need to animation cancel) well so does every other fucking champion in the game >.> and if the thing that makes her "hard" is on every champion shes pretty bloody easy xD i think anivia takes way more skill then riven but no one ever makes an excuse for her.
How does Anivia take more skill than Riven? I'm not arguing, I'm merely asking since you made a claim and provided nothing to back it up.
: Its easy to say until it happens to a champion you like/put lots of time into. And I didnt jump on this as a bad thing, I gave it a go in a custom game and I already even against bots couldnt play how I did
I play Riven a lot. Seems pretty easy for me to say. I don't mean to be rude, but if you really main Riven and put a lot of time into trying to master her, either adapt or quit playing her. The only thing this change does is stop Riven from being able to prep stack 3 charges of her passive and made her ult damage situational. Her damage from levels 1-5 is slightly stronger if you factor in the percent damage boost from Edge. Many champs have been nerfed. Their mains cry for a bit. Some quit playing said champion, and some adjust. I will say it again - choose which group you fall into.
: Well here I am, someone that plays tank riven sometimes, along with assassin and Im unhappy about the changes. extremely. Because I dont have a choice anymore
Just because her assassin playstyle was nerfed doesn't mean you don't have a choice. Stop over exaggerating - the choice still exists. You can definitely still play as an assassin.
: Nope. I know how Riven works. They basically nerfed her ability to kite and outplay, since you NEED the 5 stack auto to get 10 percent extra dmg (wtf?) in trade off for losing runic blade stacks. Seriously? Plus, Riven's ult is useless unless you were just fighting, which means you can't snipe and you can't flash all in enemies because u don't have enough dmg to execute targets. They're just forcing rivens to play as fighter, rather than jumpy assassin or a flash outplay maker.
> [{quoted}](name=Kurusy,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=7bKqEqXN,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-10-01T00:45:15.635+0000) > > Nope. I know how Riven works. They basically nerfed her ability to kite and outplay, since you NEED the 5 stack auto to get 10 percent extra dmg (wtf?) in trade off for losing runic blade stacks. Seriously? Plus, Riven's ult is useless unless you were just fighting, which means you can't snipe and you can't flash all in enemies because u don't have enough dmg to execute targets. They're just forcing rivens to play as fighter, rather than jumpy assassin or a flash outplay maker. Look, I'm not saying it's bad or good. I personally don't like it, but find it okay since I can deal with it. Obviously it is still subject to change. What I'm saying is that if this is the direction Riven is going to go, I don't care. I will still play her. If you hate her new passive that much, then don't play her. EDIT: I think you're just a bit angry because Riot nerfed the way you like to play Riven. I'm sure some others that exclusively play bruiser and off-tank Riven are extremely happy.
: New "Edge" on Riven
It's preference. I find the changes okay. If you don't, then just act like all the TSM fans that ditched them after they lost to CLG in the Summer Split Finals.
: another more obvious thing to remember when jungling is that you should wait to lvl the W till you actually get to the first camp (which should be suggested anyways) but its important so you dont waste you healing attack when you have full hp, build stacks of her W passive as you kite, taking some damage, then its up to heal you and it just helps.
I am not sure, as I wasn't giving it my full attention, but I believe the healing stacks won't go off if you are at 100% hp.
: While chasing you can cast Q&E at the same time to reduce cast time (Intended?)
Can confirm. making kiting back with Q and using E much easier. Any downtime while kiting can mean death. (Or no kills if you're the one chasing that kill) I would suggest using this animation cancel whenever possible.
: Kinderp
This is great.
: Championship Riven or other skins
Do you really need to test Championship Riven.
: Double Smite Start
Probably a bug, though if it isn't, I don't see anything massively gamebreaking except for something like a lv four gank from the jungler while the bot lane is still 2-3. I'm probably exaggerating a bit.
: How to apply for a PBE account??
I was wrong for thinking pbe had less trolls
: I wish people would take PBE more seriously. WARNING: This is a ramblings of a MAD man.
: Visual bug ace of spades ezreal
: is ekko gonna be ap or ad
: Regarding SSW Rengar.....
Sorry if it sounds like I'm being rude in advance. I agree in the sense that I think this skin is rather trashy. However, I'm sure there are numerous skins on other champions people do not like (Crimson Elite skins) and it's not like you are obligated to buy it. I mean, at least the splash art accurately represents the in-game model, as opposed to some skins like Woad Ashe which shows her hair as brown in the splash but blue in-game. Just think of the skin as a bad recolor? idk
: So Many Runes
Didn't Riot tell all PBE players to NOT buy more than one Starter Rune Bundle?

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