: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Coven Lissandra
Is there a way to add some of the red flowers from her recall to the particles of her ult or something? I think that would look very pretty
: Introducing Variants: Pajama Guardians & Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona
Even for 742 RP I feel like its a bit much. It might be more technically difficult to create the variant skins but, regardless, they still look like chromas. What I WOULD pay 700-900 RP more for is for VFX color changes so that they match the chromas. For example, the new Program Leblanc skin has nice chromas but her green and orange particle effects seriously clash with the colors on the chromas.
: Game not Launching after champ select
I also have the same problem. I got stuck in the champ select lobby, along with several other teammates. I eventually just shut down the pbe client but when I reopened it to join another game it said I was still in a game.
: Ahri nerf ultimate
I play Ahri and I definitely think she is deserving of a nerf. She has one of the highest win rates and pick rates out of all midlaners right now. She, along with other champs like Kassadin and Akali, are kind of ridiculuous in soloque. However, I think that nerfing her ultimate isn't the right way to go. As a quick fix, I think rito should just reverse the charm duration buff that they added in needlessly. Personally, I feel that Ahri isn't lacking in power but she is incredibly unsatisfying to play. She's supposed to be a slippery assassin but her only source mobility is her ultimate. Other AP assassins, like LeBlanc and Akali have more mobility, power, and counterplay. The movespeed passive Ahri has currently feels incredibly underwhelming in comparison to all the mobility that other assassins have.
: Someone on the PBE discord mentioned it worked for them once they restarted their internet as well as their PBE client.
I've already restarted my internet and initiated a full repair of the PBE and the blue essence is still broken for me.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Ahri
I also think that her tails should be made more transparent (like her tails in the splash art). Aside from that she looks great.
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