: Taliyah Bug Thread
Occasionally, Taliyah T-poses on death.
: Taliyah jungle thoughts.
She's strong at clearing, but she lacks the burst or sustained damage to take down anything with a lot of health. Most of the game, she transitions from being an early poke/burst mage into a support-ish mage late game.
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: I agree and lower his damage on his E when eating a champion. Like max damage on minions but only 30% to champs
That's his W. E is the shield.
: i think he meant to say he ulted a {{champion:59}} near a thin wall trying to throw him away but his ult ended up making {{champion:59}} bounce off the wall and go behind poppy which i think made poppy die
What he said. I ulted him near a wall, and instead of going over he hit it and came back towards me.
: How are you using the ult to make it feel especially good? :O
The ult is hilarious if you hit it right when someone TP's in, but the distance it knocks back at full charge is laughably low compared who what Riot hyped it up to be. They made it sound like you could knock someone back a quarter of the map (Say about half of Sion's ult range), but it barely goes from halfway down bot lane to their first tower.
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: how about reducing the buff duration or effects on ranged heroes instead of the damage penalty to the rift herald. that should discourage giving the ranged dealers the buff instead of discouraging them to help take the mutated thingy.
That would be terrible for Junglers like Elise and Kindred though, they would get gimped just for existing.
: Bomb and time warp have no animations for everyone in game. Happened on the base and groovy skin. Kinda sucks, wanted to test out the new Q responsiveness changes... been hoping for those for months, its all that's keeping him from being really viable
Agreeing with everyone here, tried every skin on him and all have the same invisible particles bug. I was excited to try the new passive but didn't even get to use it until around level 12 because I literally couldn't tell it was usable. I didn't know about enemies not being able to see it either as I just tried it on bots. ...Even with the bombs being invisible, they certainly do feel a bit more responsive though, you don't get those bullcrap times where you land one bomb on the enemy and the second one misses by half a pixel and just sits on the ground.
: Zilean bugs: auto attack, invisible q
Just checked it, every zilean particle EXCEPT his ult upon revival are invisible, his auto attack being black squares. Kind of funny hoping to see if someone dies or not from invisible bombs.
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: i mean it'd be useless in lane but if you were outside of lane, like do it for all none lane areas change her passive to Zyra's plants Gain 10+(5*level)% while outside of lane, boom you suddenly have a passive that makes her significantly more dangerous in areas where she normally has time to set up: Dragon or baron, then with ult they attack much faster and BOOM zyra has an amazing passive with an interesting amount of play...
Only problem with that is if she had plants out PLUS ulted them, you would get 30% attack speed on her plants plus somewhere around 50% attack speed on her plants, giving them a ridiculous 80% attack speed boost.
: Tahm Kench killing his teammate
Did that a long time ago on the PBE, reported it, no one said a thing...
: No it shouldnt, that makes it awful, you want it to be a nice gentle switch not such a major style change, it just makes it look so ugly, this is the basics of design...
No, I'm not saying that in principle it's supposed to stick out, I mean Riot LITERALLY INTENDED for it to stick out, for clarity. Just like how champion abilities and such stick out from the map.
: You mean the health bars on team frames? What resolution are you playing at? We are planning on giving them their own scale slider btw. They are currently tied to the minimap scale.
1280 by 720, although my official computer resolution is 1920 by 1080. Playing with a 17 inch laptop and I just notice that the mana bar is barely more than a shiny sliver over the mini map. Health bar is a bit more visible, but not much.
: No it really shouldnt, it should match the map or else it just sticks out like hell... you cant add a space ship into skyrim and think tahts just normal
Again... it's SUPPOSED to stick out.
: The primary weakness of the new HUD is how little it benefits new players. I just recently introduced somebody to the game and their favorite feature is being able to lock their screen on their champion. I've tried to point out how bad a habit this is, but that doesn't matter half as much as everything missing from the HUD. You cant see kda, cs, skill points, and a lot of good features are cramped up with the minimap in size 8 font (its probably size 12, but when your professor said size 8 font you always used size 12). Minimal features HURTS new players. You want as much information and HELP as possible. Just give players too much on their display with the ability to disable each feature individually; doesn't that make sense?
Actually lots of highly ranked players play with locked screens. It depends on the preference of the player; I lock mine most of the time and unlock in certain teamfights or during laning phase if I don't need to watch behind me.
The HUD isn't supposed to match the Map, it's supposed to stick out if anything. But overall, it's supposed to match the client (primarily the starter and the teambuilder screen), which it does greatly.
: Seems intended Kappa
This could be pretty broken actually. Just start with W on any other map than SR, or just get an avarice blade first back on SR, and just start setting up kegs in base and keep killing them. It would be a bit slow but if you're not doing anything critical in the game you could get infinite gold from it, especially getting 6 gold per explosion if you set up 3 at once.
: Thank you Tas. The scoreboard is bugged for sure. CS and KDA display in the big empty space between portraits and items. We'll fix the other issues as well. To the OP's point, how do you feel about overall sizing and readability of the skill bar? What res and sizing do you use?
I can learn to live with the items being on the right (although yes, as the OP says it does all feel crammed in the right side), but my main problem with it is that the health bars and certainly mana bars are nigh impossible to see, especially if you're just glancing. (Like when playing Shen or Soraka.) Only thing I'd suggest (aside from them saying "Hey, let us move some of the HUD elements!") is that you make those health/mana bars bigger somehow, without sizing up the rest of the HUD. That's just my two cents though.
: I want to disagree with this change because I still primarily play trundle in the jungle and almost never top lane. I feel it is a little overkill on jungle trundle who makes great use of the spell already, but I can see it being a decent change for lane trundle.
Honestly, it doesn't need damage or anything, and I RARELY actually block with it. I always put it under and slightly behind the enemy champion model so that they'll _bounce_ towards me, then suffer the slow afterwards. I found this to be the most effective method of utilizing it on champions. As for jungle-- it really doesn't do much for camps imo.
: The PBE Community Need's Some Detox
It's unfortunate that there are those, but the PBE is a bit easier to get into than it used to be. In addition, a lot of people give no feedback or anything, and just screw around on the PBE because it's a bit more sanbox-version of the live client. (I'll admit that I, myself have used the PBE solely for seeing skins early and such, but at the same time I made sure to look out for things while doing so-- example the mass of bugs on DJ Sona or, the honestly hilarious bug on Tahm Kench's W allowing you to devour an ally from your fountain and spit them out in the enemy fountain. (I have only done this with games of only me and all bots, don't worry.)) But there will always be those who shirk their duty, and a lot of them will probably be taken off the PBE with the start of the new cycle. We'll see when it comes around, I suppose.
: Lets Talk About Tahm (Items, buffs ,nerfs ,bugs and what not)
> Tahm seems really cool but there are a few issues with him like the fact the QSS or crucible's effects will take the slow away for a second if not even that before putting the slow back on him. If you have to waste an item slot and active for a debuff it should take the whole thing away for the whole duration. They made it _specifically_ so that it wouldn't do that. Being able to take an enemy further and possibly walk them into a 5v1 would be OP, just like letting Rumble still spam abilities while Overheated would be. > Another item is zhonyas, which should be able to be a good buy on tehm for the ability to make clutch devour plays but if you eat someone and zhonyas before the devour duration goes out the target will still fly out, zhonyas should able to "extend" the devour timer cause again the whole waste an item slot and active thing. This would be just as OP as a full cleanse. It has the 3 second limit duration for a reason, he shouldn't be able to take himself and possibly their tank or Carry out of a teamfight for 5.5 seconds, which is HUGE in a teamfight. Pulling off a Devour on the right person is team-fight changing enough, he doesn't need to be able to take them out for the possibly entire duration of a teamfight.
: As much as it hurts, gotta report Brand's new VFX
Yeah, although the new VFX are beautiful, his W lost a whole lot of... the magic word... _clarity._ Even if the green circle DOES show up, it is significantly harder to see than the old vfx on his W.
: One simple change and Tahm could be a fine jungler, without buffing his laning
But then we wouldn't get the hilarious "CANNOT EAT BUFF MONSTERS" popup spam when mashing W. As for the thing otherwise, his clear is actually pretty fast once you have 3 points in your W. He just needs a heavy leash early to get him started.
: @ Kayle Changes
Honestly, if you want BURST on Kayle, I would buff her Q, not E. Her E allows her a build which I very much enjoy-- Runaan's Hurricane, Black Cleaver, Iceborn Gauntlet, Wit's End, etc... All those combined with her passive makes her shred ~60% of the enemy's defensive stats to 3 people at once, and also slow them. It's a glorious teamfighting tool.
: Yeah, the community on the primaries are all so terrible. PBE has an almost theraputic effect on people it seems.
Seems so. People on the PBE still say "Good luck everyone" in all chat, which pretty much disappeared a year ago in NA. And in general, PBE people are a lot nicer, and take blame as a group or help an underfed player get back instead of abandoning them. If I wasn't so scared to do bad around the PBE people, I would play norms on PBE much more often. (In addition-- no Team Builder on PBE. D:)
: Tahm Kench W
It's pretty easily to accidentally click a minion, you have to click right on them. The portrait click does not work. I don't recall if his W walks you to them or not, I'd have to check.
: Tahm Feedback
To be honest, Tahm is the most balanced champ they've put on the PBE since Vel'koz. He did have a few strong points (Ex. His base Q Slow which was at 50%-- was actually nerfed down early game today.), but he's overall very balanced and not oppressive. > His E gives him a touch of sustain, or more importantly, a HUGE shield that basically garners him another 90 percent health later on in the game. He basically gains shield from being damaged, so swinging off on him still makes him last a good while in a 1v1 scenario. His shield being so strong is to give him a chance to grab an ally and weather enough to get them out if needed (Ex. If your adc gets ganked from Mid... say, Akali or Diana, and you eat them and need to survive back to the turret to get them out-- that's what that shield is for.) Using the shield completely removes any sustain you have and honestly, is not that strong unless you take a LOT of damage at once. Using the shield at 10% health as you say, will give him a massive shield, but he'll need to recall immediately after because he has no way to get that health back outside of potions. > His W constantly DENIES kills and can get them away to safety That is literally the entire purpose of his Ally W. > His W also lets him devourer enemies for a few seconds, dealing 20/23/26/29/32% (+.02 AP)% of their MAX HEALTH as magic damage. This is to allow him a fair poke in lane (his Q is actually rather short range), and to make him actually able to jungle, because he literally cannot without the percent damage to monsters. His W doesn't do that much damage until mid-late game anyways, and it's base damage is not that good without the %. > this lets him 1v1 a lot of people or just let him hold off an enemy for 2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3 seconds. Not to mention, this let 's someone CONTROL someone else's champ in terms of movement and placement and position whilst essentially silencing them and not really giving them a chance to Flash. This is LITERALLY the entire purpose of his W. You just read back his skill description. In addition, you can barely move 2 units on screen with someone inside you before you're forced to spit them out. > His R lets him deal bonus damage, bonus damage that scales with his health, which he should be building a lot of anyways. It also grants mobility to himself (and a possible ally) in the sense that they can now get across the map to hunt someone down or go push/defend a lane. At this point, you literally are just trying to read off his ability description. Why? As for the passive, it's to make it so that he isn't a completely useless damage dealer lategame considering he's almost required to build tanky. Considering he has no AoE CC, he would be a pretty useless tank if he didn't do a bit more damage. As for the active, it's the entire thing that holds his kit together thematically. It is entirely useless in a fight as it is cancelled from any damage, and is essentially a Rek'sai Ult with Shen attached, but without the shield, _and it is not global_. In addition to that, it has a _really_ long cooldown at rank 1. > His mana costs hold him back on spamming this 24/7, especially with his mana pool, but even then, you have enough mana to last you an extended team fight. If you start out with full mana. Doing a few W's, and AA>Q>AA combo a few times will run your mana out pretty fast. And, of course, as with the no AoE CC thing, he can't do really anything without Mana unless he built a Ravenous Hydra and starts licking people to death. > All you need to build on him is HP and movement speed. CD, Armor/MR come secondary. Mana/Mana regen is teritary if you really feel the need to get it. This is exactly his recommended build. As is the same for most tanks, actually, just switch out the Armor/MR for them except Sejuani. > Scale back his numbers a bit and give him a bit less mana (or increased mana costs) and maybe bump up the CD of Q. The Q slow was nerfed by 20% early game, he already runs out quite fast early game (and no champion really has mana problems lategame), and his Q does rather pathetic damage throughout the game, hence the low CD.
: Request change of HUD
Really the only two things that bug me are that I'm used to looking at my ping and fps in the top right, and my items on the left. You might lose a few precious seconds by trying to find your active items with the new layout. (I know I have.) In addition, anyone without perfect vision can barely see ally mana bars any more, and it's pretty difficult to see their health ones at all. I'm not saying they need to put those back on the left but they certainly do need to be bigger.
: Tahm Kench Bug Thread
Haven't been able to replicate this yet but-- Was playing a bot game to test out some things with Tahm. At one point, MF was really close to dying in mid lane, so I ulted in, ate her, and ran. I ran out of range of the enemy bots and right when I was about to forcefully spit her out (due to only being able to hold for 6 seconds), I pressed W, and it launched her at the nearest wall, instantly killing her. The announcement said "an enemy has been slain" and it showed some glitched text. Has this happened to anyone else?
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: * Non-AP scaling true damage * Two self-Peeling moves * Ult for when you can't get close But most of all, * The best auto-attack animations ever.
I right away went to a bot match and build Attack speed Vel'koz when he was released for this exact reason. He has some absolutely awesome attack animations.
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: I see the potential for almost an assassin mid laner. He goes in then rewinds time so that he can get out. That's the only way I see him being mid.
I would say that could work, but his fighting style in the video seems to reflect a bruiser much more than an assassin.
: They also released 2 adc in a row
: Ekko: The boy who Shattered Time! (Thoughts and discussion)
I've been studying the video myself, and lots of the stuff you said seems to be correct in what it seems to show. Examples such as: 1.) Will be able to "set" a point to rewind to-- and always rewind back to that point, with whatever ability-- however, and health/mana lost will stay the same even after the rewind. 2.) Definitely Melee. 3.) His abilities seem like a midlaner, but his melee nature and fighting style (as well as the rotation of champion releases) heavily screams top laner. I doubt they would release 2 supports in a row or another jungler so recently. 4.) As for how his kit actually rolls-- considering how big of a jump riot's on about being resourceless +bonuses lately (Yasuo, Rek'sai, Gnar anyone?), he might have something that builds up similar to Yasuo's flow or Aatrox's blood gauge-- where it slowly goes up, and when it's full, you can rewind back to a certain amount of time before, or a set point that you might have placed. (Like, it automatically places a point when you first rewind, then after that, it's the point that you are at every time after you rewind-- I dunno.) 5.) A lot of people are suggesting an ult that rewinds the entire map a few seconds-- and while that would be cool, if an ability like that were to exist, it would need a SERIOUS warning like Karthus's ult. (Both Sound+Visual effect-- e.g. "Get to him during this time or it will rewind") Which I think could actually be balanced pretty well. Of course, it could be used for trolling (rewinding a team from getting baron, a person from getting a penta, etc.) but Riot seems to believe players are responsible enough to not troll or screw over their teammates. (And how many bards do you see nowadays? ~~</3 Bard Main here~~) I'm extremely excited to see him on the PBE. I'll surely be seeing his viability as a support after I learn his kit initially. Hopefully it's flexible enough to be taken a few places without being OP. (Cough cough Yasuo, the Midlaner/Toplaner/Marksman/Support/Justnotjungle) Can't wait for him to come out on the PBE. ____________________________________________________________________________ EDIT: Just had another idea. What if-- You could activate an ability to set a timer, probably about 15 seconds- where he would rip his little cord on the back (not interrupting movement), then after the timer ends, you're automatically rewound back to the point you started the timer? Of course it would have a fairly long cooldown, but it could be like Zed's shadow jumping but with more counterplay.
: Her passive isn't really practical as a steroid, you can't always rely on having it up before a fight, waiting for it may mean you miss creeps, your team clears waves slower or you miss out on engage opportunities, What Ashe has currently in place of a steroid is a great base attack speed and scaling, 0.658 and 4% per level, which is the reason Ashe scales as well as she does with items. That's not something I would want to see lost for a steroid on Q, and giving a utility carry an on demand steroid doesn't make sense.
Practical as a Steroid? Not too much, but Cait practically has the same one, and most people _do_ consider hers a steroid. And as for Ashe's new Q, it makes it so that, not only does it _increase_ her utility with it on, but it also makes it so it's possible for you to outplay someone-- an Ashe that's 2 levels behind a Lucian would in most cases lose unless she somehow got a crit every hit. With the new Q, she can play around with it and pull off things that Ashe can't now-- putting her more into the meta, which is the entire reason for her new Q.
: just looking for an alternative to the steroid approach, since Ashe's consistency is part of her charm, and relying on a steroid to deal max damage is contrary to that. Any suggestions that you think would fit her kit?
Well, in my opinion, while she doesn't have much other than basics and volley, Ashe _already uses_ a steroid to do max damage-- although it's passive. Most ashes will never engage without their passive up, so that they can get that extra crit damage, plus using the ult for free shots-- while it is still basic attacks, she does have stronger moments than others, naturally.
: Out of curiosity, how would people feel anout Ashe having a knockback on Q? Or maybe the ability to place some sort of trap on the ground?
Let's not turn her into Caitlyn. Honestly, I don't think she really needs to have a knockback or any hard CC aside from her ult. It would take away from her theme a bit.
: Tunneling with the bard, and how to make his journey less magical.
I've actually got a really big question after reading all of these. Can Yasuo ULT you if you're popped up in the tunnel? And would both champions get stuck in the terrain or something if so is done?
: Still, a lot of people (including me) like to play without the in-game music. Despite what you think about disabling it, I don't think it would hurt to have that feature.
I can see that, although why exactly would you buy a $25 skin based ENTIRELY around the music only to have it muted? That's just a huge waste of money.
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: A list of DJ Sona bugs
I'll agree with the music thing a lot of people are saying. Even with Music maxed, all other sounds lowered, and CPU volume increased accordingly, it is extremely hard to hear. It needs a SERIOUS sound boost. A lot of people are suggesting a volume slider specifically for her-- this sounds like a good idea to me as well.


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