: Bots Bug
Currently their is a bug on Twisted Treeline with the AI; when they get full items, they afk in the fountain, and they don't move at all. Also, the AI's don't purchase anything on Summoner's Rift. Tested this in custom matches. I will see on Live once 8.1 is effected from this since Riot doesn't really care for custom Bots. P.S. I know that ideas should go to the Live fourms, but can we get more Champion Bots in custom matches. (Fizz, Nami, etc.)
: Oooo I'd like that. Great idea!
Thank you. Hopefully, Riot will do the Winter map for Normal Summoner's Rift like last year. I want to use my Silent Night {{champion:37}} with the snow and my brother plays Reindeer {{champion:96}} for Deck the Halls. (Although, we still do this but at least everybody is in the spirit).
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: Pls give us Custom game option to change mode to URF or any mode we want.
We used to had the ability to play these type of game modes in customs. I miss 1v1 with friends on urf and such. Why did Riot remove this feature?
: Veigar changes hitting the PBE Soon
As a Veigar player since season 1-3 for a long time I rarely used the DFG item and I find that by buffing Veigar is a huge mistake. This buff will lead Veigar complaints then will be nerfed again which shouldn't be reasonable. Also his Event Horizon with a delay and that is ridiculous to have which might be nearly impossible to land. Well I will test this once it comes out and I'll rate it you have my word ;)


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