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: I would like them to remove the horns/crown off her unstealth model. They look ugly and take away from her beauty. Her face needs to be fixed, as it looks odd and the skin color is different than the bodies. Also too much make up from the looks of it. Personally not a fan of the colors. One because people are calling it a female kayn, two I just feel the blue and gold are too much. Especially for a skin called shadow. This is more my preference but wish it also had more clevelage.
Yeah I love the blue, but the gold could definitely go. And the face is just so pronounced now that I looked at it again. I do actually like the body shape outside the stumpiness, the cleavage is good to me, I like that she's a touch more petite, but that's my preference in females IRL so there's that.
: best skin
I 100% agree, especially on the splash, but if they changed what I suggested, It would become my favorite splash and model in the game and I never play Evelynn. Instabuy.
: I find her face way too bright, it looks like she has too much makeup in it. I really hope this can be fixed cause the rest of skin is so lovely.
Hrm, I see that now that you mention it, the skin as a whole could do with some blending of the vibrancy. Weird wording, but the face and armor edges being so shiny against the dark and silhouetted theme feels off.
: I'd like the crown to be smaller, but NOT gone. Also I like the idea of silver better, and they already said they're fixing the face!
Yeah that would work perfectly, as long as she doesn't come off as quite so... stumpy lol.
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: Midseason Durability Feedback
Is there going to be an AP version of Guardian's Angel?
: Xayah and Rakan Feedback Thread
Is there a chance that Xayah snowballs too hard? I was just trying her out in a custom, full disclosure against a bot, but her CS/wave clear/burst/cc/MS meant I was leagues ahead once I was ahead. I'm a low ELO player, and I hit 188 cs by 20. Which I just plain don't do unless I'm on a very comfortable champion or select picks like Cassiopeia, Annie, etc.
: If you must report a bug, use the [Bug Report Tool.]( If it's about another matter, your best bet would be twitter DMs.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dreadnova Darius!
Okay so I went through the skin from a different perspective. I used to do some amateur audio engineering for bands, and I feel like the most lacking part of Dreadnova Darius is within his ult. His Q and W have a big, immediate sound that is gratifying to hear when used. If you watch him use his ult, it (IMO) isn't loud, or perhaps deep enough. Also, the sound sort of has a lackluster decay to it. With his ult I'd prefer to hear a BOOM. A SMASH. Not boom-oom-oom sort of wind down. There is perhaps a very nice slice sort of sound, but it doesn't give me chills, in fact it feels less powerful than his basic abilities.
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