: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Splendid Staff Nami!
I actually made a post about this because i didn't see this thread yet but i don't know how to delete is on mobile, so sorry! i'll leave the post there for now. I'm just gonna copy what i said in the post here. ------------------------------ The new nami skin looks great, i really like the icon as well. the splash art however, in my opinion has a couple of things wrong with it. For example it is kind of difficult to tell it is actually nami because its dificult to see her tail in the splash art her staff is also a little bit difficult to see and thise 2 things are some of her most recognizeable features. The fact that she looks kind of human in that skin doesnt help. (not that her looking kind of human is a bad thing i actually like that.) Her icon doesnt match with the splash art either, because her eyes in the icon are emerald colored but in the splash art they are blue. Her dress is blue/purple instead of pink like it is in-game, and her headpiece in the icon is gold but in the splash art it looks kind of dark blue ish. The border for the skin also seems kind of bland and her hand seems a bit long in the splash art but thats probably just me There might be other things that i'm forgetting (if a did forget something say so in the comments!) but i think thats all. Keep in mind i still think the skin looks absolutely amazing and i really like it. Nami is my only mastery level 7 champion and i want only the best for her so it be great if any rioter would even consider 1 of these things. Anyway thanks for reading this post and sorry if there is any weird grammar/spelling english isn't my first language Greetings, a hopefull nami main :) Ps: another thing i wanted to add is that the splash art doesn't seem to be of equal quality to morgana's and riven's splash art, but again that could just be me. I also encountered a bug when i used the skin on pbe. When i was walking around with the skin the hair didnt move and was just pulled to one side like her hair turned into an icicle.
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