: I think your concern is pretty reasonable, though I don't think making it an active will be much better in this regard (unless it's just on a really long cooldown or something?) What makes the most sense to me is trying to get it into a spot where it doesn't feel like a good lane rush item in most cases, at least without there being a significant cost to the purchase in the early game. I tend to agree it's not there yet. I think the item can be good for the game overall, but probably not as a consistently viable lane rush.
Thank you for your comment, appreciate the time you took to respond to my concerns. The reason I suggested making it as an active is because of what previous experiences of spellshields and their impact on the game has been. I'm thinking particularly of earlier Seasons (3/4) where Banshees was brought much more regularly, and the game was arguably in a worse place with Banshees able to cover lapses in positioning. I also have the Edge of Night meta from earlier in the season in mind, where the (previously) long duration on that meant that it functioned as too high of a safety net. You could pop it and walk up to clear a wave, and then back off and not be able to be punished. Or you could turn it on and walk around the jungle in (relative) safety because a stray charm/ashe arrow wouldn't catch you out. The current set of Banshee changes don't really give me any confidence to think it'll be different. It currently seems far too appealing as a rush item or even a second item. The low cooldown (24 seconds at Level 11, the level where it's likely to be completed when rushed, is already low enough for it to be up every wave even if you're hit by a spell to break it) in conjunction with it being a passive doesn't encourage any thought on the side of the person buying it, whilst also being hard to punish for the opposition. It brings back that same level of relative safety we've seen from previous iterations of the item (before the cooldown was hard nerfed) and of other spellshields. People should be punished for being caught out, not able to buy an item that gives them a bit of a get of jail free card with no further input on their part. Again, I may hold a bias here because of my champion pool, but I think it should be obvious that some champions (notably assassins) get hit harder by this than lower-cooldown mages. I'll bring up my aforementioned example of Diana again here. Crescent Strike is my only way of popping that Banshee's shield with any measure of reliability. Yet Crescent Strike is also where most of my burst is gated - I lose the Q damage itself and my R reset on top of that. If they rush Banshees in lane, then it's effectively over in this scenario with how frequently it's available. Furthermore, if I am looking to prey on out of position targets in the jungle (as Diana likes to do), I can't do that if they do not literally walk into melee range of me in Fog of War, because again, I'd normally use Q to engage and make my pick. Not possible if the enemy mid, and potentially the AP jungler/Top laner, are walking around with this item. Once again, just an example from my own champion pool. But I'm sure there are others equally reliant on one spell to pop a spellshield that is also essential to their whole kit functioning as intended. Hopefully this has proved useful feedback for you. tl;dr main problems with the item as I see it is that 1) it's still too desirable as a rush 2) provides too strong of a safety net that probably shouldn't exist in the game without any interaction from the person buying it beyond spending gold because it's a passive with increasingly low CD.
: AP mid's/top's being able to build Banshee's Veil without trading much damage for it will allow them to build it much sooner without being punished for it in team fight damage thus making lanning against AP assassins insanely easy. Ad mid/top/marksmen being able to build GA without losing much damage from a regular build will allow them to build it into assassins early thus killing assassins early/mid game advantages which is why people play them. Basically you are doing a massive nerf to assassins which will push them out of play. I understand and appreciate you not wanting tanks to build GA's but find another way don't ruin assassin playstyle it will be bad for the overall health of the game as you will spend the next few weeks trying to balance all of them to the new item meta.
I agree, both changes seem like they're going to negatively impact assassins much harder than any other class. Mages tend to have lower cooldown abilities, or their combo is less reliant on hitting one single ability to land a kill, so the Banshees changes are overall good for them. For Assassins however, they tend to rely on one key skill to assassinate. If that can't be landed, then their kill pressure goes way down. How is a champion like Fizz supposed to pop the new Banshees safely? He doesn't. How does Diana pop Banshees without losing most of her burst? She doesn't. I think if the Banshees changes go ahead, it should be made an active, or the item should be less appealing stat wise.
: Midseason Durability Feedback
The Banshees changes are going to be terrible for champions whose only way to pop it is also the spell their combo is gated around. Hell, this is already the case, but as a tank item it feels far less bad to play against than this new iteration that carries will be picking up will do. I may be biased as a Diana main, but when Q is your only way to pop Banshees, and the spell your entire combo relies on, it doesn't result in a good experience. It was the same problem when Edge of Night was heavily overtuned and in the meta. I think if you're going ahead with the Banshees changes, it should at least be changed to an active rather than a passive. It discriminates against certain champions far more than others, and those champions aren't necessarily in a good place already. Most meta mid laners have a way to reliably keep it popped without affecting their overall damage output. It's those out of meta that should be afraid of this change.
: I love Jinx but that's mèh...
I agree, I don't think this is the right way to buff Jinx. Jinx is an auto attack based hypercarry, not a caster based ADC. I think Jinx is in need of a buff, but I think this is counter intuitive to her natural play style and poses natural game play issues. I am in agreement that the RNG element is one of the worst things about it. It never feels good having to rely on crit RNG on auto attacks, but at least you attack so often that the RNG tends to balance out in a way that you will get the expected amount of damage over a long fight. With this mechanic, it basically becomes a dice roll. You either get the crit and the kill, or you don't get the crit and they live. It provides a distinct lack of clarity to both the Jinx player and her opponent, because the damage is going to swing widely between 'you live' and 'you die'. There should be less RNG based mechanics in this game, not more of them. Not to mention, this is just going to encourage Jinx to stay at her maximum Zap range (around 1000) out of the fight poking and not really engaging with her enemies. Isn't this the same reason Jhin has been nerfed several times? In order to make it so he can't just rely on W and Ult to be useful and has to commit to an engage? Jinx becoming more of a skillshot poke bot isn't how she was intended to be played. How about instead, a buff to her minigun? Every since the attack speed steroid on it was effectively neutered until like level 14 or so back in Season 5, it's not felt rewarding to use compared to rockets in most situations. Buffing minigun will be much healthier than this change. Minigun is a much shorter range, providing opponents with better ways to abuse Jinx. Similarly, Jinx should be rewarded for giving up her natural safety with rockets and encouraged to make the swap more often. Gun switching is core to Jinx's playstyle, but minigun has been far less valued than rockets ever since those changes in S5. At the very least, if this buff is to go through, Zap's indicators should be changed to actually match the hitbox. It's a wider skillshot than it actually displays, and if it's going to go live as a nuke button, opponents should be better aware of its range.


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