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: Overcharge is not healthy fun
Just bring back URF {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: I can help you, I will give you the .dll file, just paste it in root directory where u installed lolpbe that is the place where LeagueClient.exe and BsSndRpt.exe and Uninstall PBE.exe are located
Does not help.. Didn't even found the uninstall file.
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: Public BETA Environment was meant for BETA testing . How players behave on PBE is another thing all you have to do is report them and if they continue with their bad habits their account will be banned indefinitely.
I know,that PBE is for testing.. But I don't think that players,like these,should be allowed to access PBE.. There should be more criterias to be passed to play in PBE.
: Tilted Just had this game. Rengar in champ select got bot lane and asked if he could jungle. I said not and he just said thanks and locked in reng:) He should receive some kind of penalty for this..
: You gave yourself the answer. PBE IS FOR TESTING NOT FOR WINNING. If someone is not playing as good as you (excuse us sir challenger tier sir), maybe they are trying out new rune page since they are quite new. Or maybe they are testing out a new build that isn't working as good. And they wouldn't know that until they test it and therefore maybe lose a game because of it. You are one of those toxic players on the PBE that if someone is playing bad, you flame them and you tell them to uninstall.
Sorry,but I'm not flaming them. And haven't seen anyone trying a new build. If that would be the case,I would be tottaly fine with that,but when I see people just trolling,doing stupid things,greifing,I can't stand that anymore,it's getting on my nerves too much,tired of that. I want fun games,not tilting games,where I have flaming teammates..
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: Game not starting
Yes,at least 1 time in a day i get this error
: IP boosts have been disabled, since IP no longer exist. I think Riot just kinda flipped the XP and IP boost, hence you see this. They will be removed soon. You no longer get IP/BE after a game, so they have become redundant.
But what about BE Boosts then? Were this thing mentioned somewhere or there won't be anything like this?
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: Riot PLEASE Remove Blind Pick but use THIS instead
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