: Taliyah feedback thread
Her Q has an awesome visual and feels impactful when you manage to hit all 5. I kind of wish using her Q on worked ground would refund some of the cooldown as well because using it by accident on worked ground feels really punishing early on and I feel like the would up her laning phase a bit. Also removing the damage reduction on multiple strikes on minions would help her farm a lot easier as she has to blow all her abilities to wave clear quickly. Her W still felt a bit clunky when I last played her but I also didn't realize it was a two cast button until I read the forums so I feel like intuitively it should cast more like victor E but I do like that it is a two button cast so maybe that should be made more clear? I feel like her E could use a bit more spice to it like a slow but it already feels a lot like Ziggs E so maybe you could differentiate the two skills more. I feel like her ult could be a bit stronger and I wish taking damage didn't cancel your surf. The cooldown is already decently long so I don't see why she shouldn't be able to use it as an escape (though hard cc should still stop her). I really enjoy that you can click which side of the wall to jump off as it gives you another decision to decide in addition to deciding to use your ult/where to aim it, etc.
: it be nice if either the surf stayed for a couple seconds more, or if it somehow knew that there was a wall close by/ in the trajectory the former being a better fix in my opinion
I agree with this but its specifically annoying when Im playing top and I click the minimap next to the tower FROM base and her passive doesnt work while walking to top tower in the base because autopathing travels too far from the wall for her passive to activate. Having this fix plus a few seconds more to kind of reduce the annoying gaps in jungle would help her passive massively. Also maybe making it so that only doing damage to an enemy player or taking damage from an enemy player or turret disables her passive. This way she can farm or walk past a minion wave without her passive going on CD for 5 seconds which is kind of annoying.


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