: Try to buy Riven with 1 IP and see if you get your skin back...
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: It's on live. It doesn't need testing anymore.
anyway i asked cuz i wanted to get it but ok ty
: This place is not for buying; it's for testing. It's a testing environment, not a playground. At least *pretend* to take it seriously :/
buy/testing on pbe its the same...i mean that i wanna test it and i know that its not playground pbe its serious case....
: That's a bug, but at the moment still irrelevant as those chromas are all tested and available on live =)
i want to buy chromas thats why im asking
: Nope~ Not like you need it, though, because all the skins and ward skins are 1IP. Chromas are only 1 RP, but there are currently no new chromas so those do not need any testing either.
chromas are 590 rp on my shop thats why im asking!
: Once you run out that's it. Sorry
there is no way to get?
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: I just verified, and they're all set to on.
: Hiya! This was accidentally turned off in the store. She's available again. :]
on me its still unavailable why? project yi it wasnt and now its ok arcade riven and blitz are down :/

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