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: Cant log in
same you know how to fix it or naw?
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: will ever in the next few years......
No, they won't. Maybe because PBE has such a small community as it is. As you can see by queue timers... It is not because they " Don't like their community " or anything. Lots of people in NA get lag too. Just gotta deal with it.
: Level eight = four games with S+ Level nine = 50-150 games played Level ten = 200-300 games played (and maybe 10 games with an S-,S,S+)
Nine.. No. 50 games with one champ isn't that much. I'd rather see that be at 80-150. Since if you are really dedicated to get that champ to level nine??? You'll have more than 50 games played regardless.
: Yep, it's currently broken :( We're working on a fix!
Is there a fix yet or, is that still happening?
: {{champion:22}} Reward me a Pax Sivir or Pax TF please XD
Same, I'd love a pax Sivir/tf xD
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: Always possible to throw out balance changes. Like Galio and the last version of URF.
: When Riot thinks it needs testing again.
Which, probably won't happen for awhile xD. Considering no one/no item needs to be tested.
: New client issue
I think you should take this to the " Client & New Features Feedback " tab xD
: [League client update] Testing loot, clubs and (soon) ranked! (Updated 9/7/2016)
Got a new comp and then realized the new client is out, dowloading/installing PBE right now so I can get in on this client xD
: Please add further balance changes/bans to URF.
To be honest, the only one there that should be perma banned is Sona. I played against her as nid and she legit press 1 button and I got one shot. Her and ryze should be perma banned and thats about it really. Others can be beat if played right.
: Anyone know how long the down time is going to be?
It'll probably get fixed in the next hour or so. Just be patient ^_^. Shouldn't take them much longer hopefully. [New] It just made me update it again right after I got done updating. A sign? I don't know. Hopefully.
: Yep - the coding and background logic as far as implementing CDR changes to a game mode is not that intense. In addition to this, Riot has the ability to take the game down as fast as the put it up. It will only be a matter of making that change, testing it, and bringing the servers back up. We are also in a "testing" stage, so I'm sure they will want to have the PBE server up as soon as possible as well. For now, all we can do is {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Yeah true, I thought it'd take longer due to it had a lot of things not working apparently. Didn't really take into account how easy it'd be for putting cdr in like that. Let the waiting commence! xD
: > [{quoted}](name=SlenderMelonPBE,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=mI4uu2nG,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-04-09T03:15:05.079+0000) > > Awesome! URF is definitely my favorite game mode. Too bad all my friends hate it. But even so, solo is fantastic. Thanks! You need new friends.
I agree, he does. How can you not like URF? Impossiburu.
: Will more than likely be fixed in the next hour or so.
Think so? Well, lets hope xD.
: its currently being fixed atm thats why the pbe is unavailible
Yeah I know, I'm just saying its unlikely they'll have it fixed anytime soon. Maybe. Who knows, riot has stepped up their game recently kinda.
: URF is broken!
Jeez, glad I didn't play today. Would've been dissapointed by the urf not working. Hopefully it'll get fixed tonight, although unlikely xD

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