: Hey! Just to be totally clear, this is not a NEW version of ARURF. This is a different take on both URF and ARURF, called Snow Battle ARURF. This is not intended to permanently replace ARURF! This is just a twist on the mode, geared specifically towards the Snowdown event. :) We do hear a lot of the feedback about the Limited Champion Pool, and are going to be monitoring this feedback from live as well. Depending on reception, we may limit the pool in different ways going forward. Or we may not limit it again, and keep to making just gameplay changes. We are very interested in seeing what everyone thinks once going live! (PBE has lots of valuable feedback, but even PBE has mixed results on this, and Live Environments have magnitudes more players). Thank you for your feedback and thoughts! I really appreciate the way that you wrote this up.
How do you stay sane responding to all these, Stephiroth?
: Okay well thread butchered, whatever. Game mode dead rip my christmas
sure you dont have all the champs but its still urf and fun why cant all y'all just play it and have fun. now you dont have to complain 24/7 about zed and shit play n have fun or dont. lmfao
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: Cant log in
same you know how to fix it or naw?
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: will ever in the next few years......
No, they won't. Maybe because PBE has such a small community as it is. As you can see by queue timers... It is not because they " Don't like their community " or anything. Lots of people in NA get lag too. Just gotta deal with it.
: Level eight = four games with S+ Level nine = 50-150 games played Level ten = 200-300 games played (and maybe 10 games with an S-,S,S+)
Nine.. No. 50 games with one champ isn't that much. I'd rather see that be at 80-150. Since if you are really dedicated to get that champ to level nine??? You'll have more than 50 games played regardless.
: Yep, it's currently broken :( We're working on a fix!
Is there a fix yet or, is that still happening?
: {{champion:22}} Reward me a Pax Sivir or Pax TF please XD
Same, I'd love a pax Sivir/tf xD
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: Always possible to throw out balance changes. Like Galio and the last version of URF.
: When Riot thinks it needs testing again.
Which, probably won't happen for awhile xD. Considering no one/no item needs to be tested.
: New client issue
I think you should take this to the " Client & New Features Feedback " tab xD
: [League client update] Testing loot, clubs and (soon) ranked! (Updated 9/7/2016)
Got a new comp and then realized the new client is out, dowloading/installing PBE right now so I can get in on this client xD
: Please add further balance changes/bans to URF.
To be honest, the only one there that should be perma banned is Sona. I played against her as nid and she legit press 1 button and I got one shot. Her and ryze should be perma banned and thats about it really. Others can be beat if played right.
: Anyone know how long the down time is going to be?
It'll probably get fixed in the next hour or so. Just be patient ^_^. Shouldn't take them much longer hopefully. [New] It just made me update it again right after I got done updating. A sign? I don't know. Hopefully.
: Yep - the coding and background logic as far as implementing CDR changes to a game mode is not that intense. In addition to this, Riot has the ability to take the game down as fast as the put it up. It will only be a matter of making that change, testing it, and bringing the servers back up. We are also in a "testing" stage, so I'm sure they will want to have the PBE server up as soon as possible as well. For now, all we can do is {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Yeah true, I thought it'd take longer due to it had a lot of things not working apparently. Didn't really take into account how easy it'd be for putting cdr in like that. Let the waiting commence! xD
: > [{quoted}](name=SlenderMelonPBE,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=mI4uu2nG,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-04-09T03:15:05.079+0000) > > Awesome! URF is definitely my favorite game mode. Too bad all my friends hate it. But even so, solo is fantastic. Thanks! You need new friends.
I agree, he does. How can you not like URF? Impossiburu.
: Will more than likely be fixed in the next hour or so.
Think so? Well, lets hope xD.
: its currently being fixed atm thats why the pbe is unavailible
Yeah I know, I'm just saying its unlikely they'll have it fixed anytime soon. Maybe. Who knows, riot has stepped up their game recently kinda.
: URF is broken!
Jeez, glad I didn't play today. Would've been dissapointed by the urf not working. Hopefully it'll get fixed tonight, although unlikely xD

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